It had been 4 years. The 'magic' had worked and a 4th child was born. This child inherited the Neko features. Ichigo had named the Neko child Kuro because of his black ears and tail. Kuro also had orange hair, like his mother and golden eyes, like Shiro.

Ichigo had been alone with his mates until a few minutes ago when Yoru, Sora, and Kuro came rushing in, forcing Jackal along with them. Kuro, being the 'baby' of the family got picked up and cradled by Ichigo.

"Where's Gin?" Grimmjow asked, annoyed that the kids had to interrupted their play time.

"…In the closet" Yoru waved off.

Ichigo had started to coo at the three-year-old toddler in his arms and seemed to be ignoring everything else. He hadn't been able to really raise his kids through their toddler stages and he seemed to love being able to do so with Kuro.

Kuro adored the attention, reaching his arms up and squealing. He couldn't really talk very well yet and sort of just babbled.

Grimmjow was trying to figure out why the kids came in and how to get rid of them. He wanted to play with his beta.

Ichigo leaned in close, touching noses with the small boy and purring. Kuro squealed and gently grabbed Ichigo's hair. His eyes went wide and his mouth shaped into an O as he tugged at the soft hair in his fists.

The oranget chuckled, nudging him slightly with his nose before hugging him close. Kuro purred as he nuzzled closer to his mother.

Shiro sat on their large bed, not sure which was more amusing; Grimmjow trying to get the kids to leave or Ichigo being all cuddly with Kuro.

Ichigo glanced at Shiro before smiling and scooting over to him. He picked Kuro up and put him in Shiro's lap with a small chuckle.

Shiro smiled at the child. Kuro blinked a few times at the sudden change in holder. Then he scooted forward and started to try to climb Shiro's shirt with his claws. Shiro watched in amusement, having his arms just below Kuro in case he fell.

Ichigo grinned, laying flat on his stomach and resting his head in Shiro's lap. Kuro made a cheering noise when he reached the top of Shiro's shirt. The albino scooped up the Neko, smiling at him. Kuro clapped his hands.

Ichigo chuckled. "I wonder who he's gonna take after..." He mumbled.

Kuro blinked before he pointed at Ichigo. "I think he wants to take after you" Shiro chuckled, getting a nod from Kuro.

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Would be nice," He chuckled.

"Yeah" Shiro nodded. "Mmm" Kuro purred. Ichigo glanced behind him at Grimmjow and giggled slightly.

Grimmjow wasn't having any luck in getting rid of the children. "Oh, just give it up Grimmjow." Ichigo chuckled with a small smile.

Grimmjow huffed while Yoru ducked under him and jumped onto the bed next to his other parents. Sora followed, dragging Jackal as well.

Ichigo grinned, sitting up and grabbing Yoru. Yoru squealed and hugged his mom, sending a pouting Grimmjow a teasing look. Grimmjow sighed. It was hard to get the children back from Aizen but it was impossible to get the children to leave them alone for a short playtime.

Without warning, the oranget started to tickle his son, chuckling a little. Yoru squealed louder, grabbing the bed sheets to try and pull himself away from Ichigo. After a few moments Ichigo reluctantly stopped, though he didn't release him. He leaned over and nuzzled him. Yoru laughed for a minute before he grinned and nuzzled his mom back.

"How was your day?" Ichigo asked, chuckling a little.

"Pretty good…Gin taught us some kido" Yoru grinned.

"God no" Grimmjow muttered.

"What kind of kido?" Ichigo questioned.

"A bit of defense, some attack…and a few bondage ones" Yoru chirped.

"What?" Ichigo asked, his eyes wide.

"…You know like ropes and stuff so people don't escape…maybe Gin could teach daddy those too" Yoru giggled.

Ichigo scowled. "Shush."

"But dad told me you like bondage…what's wrong with me suggesting Gin to teach them it" Yoru pouted.

"I said no such thing" Shiro huffed.

"…Didn't said which dad...pervert" Yoru laughed. Shiro huffed and didn't respond.

"Shiro..." Ichigo growled, looking up at him.

"…I have a child in my arms." Shiro gulped, holding up the smiling Kuro.

"... Put Kuro down so I can hurt you." Ichigo growled.

"No thank you" Shiro replied. Kuro looked at his angry mom. Then he bit Shiro's hand, was dropped onto the bed and he crawled behind his mother, giggling the whole time.

Ichigo leaped at Shiro, his expression angry. Shiro cursed and tried to run away. Grimmjow smirked and watched in amusement.

Shiro had no such luck because Ichigo actually bit his arm and refused to let go. Shiro pouted, trying to not let the oranget know it was painful.

After a few moments Ichigo growled and release him, scowling angrily at him. Shiro dropped his ears down and tried to make his eyes as big as possible. Then he started to nuzzle Ichigo in apology.

Ichigo sighed, giving in. The albino then grinned and with a purr, gave his mate a quick and loving kiss.

Ichigo kissed back, but after a few long moments he broke the kiss and ducked out of the way, picking Kuro up at the same time. Kuro giggled, snuggling up to his mother's chest. The oranget started to purr, hugging him close. Kuro giggled louder, nuzzling his mother.

Then Gin came in, sort of hopping since he was bound together with glowing yellow ropes of light. "Yoru, take these off of me" he demanded before he tripped and fell to the floor with a groan of pain.

"You got out of the closet…good job Gin" Yoru laughed.

Ichigo rolled his eyes a little. "Yoru," He sighed, holding back a smile. "Release him." Yoru pouted but he snapped his fingers which made the light rope blink out and disappear. "Now, what do you say to Gin?" Ichigo asked.

"Don't piss me off" Yoru chirped.

Ichigo scowled. "No, your supposed to say 'I'm sorry'."

"I'm sorry you pissed me off Gin" Yoru corrected himself.

"That's not what I meant." The oranget snapped. "You tell him your sorry for what you did."

"I'm sorry for using kido to bind you Gin…please do forgive me" Yoru bowed his head to Gin from the bed, his hand near his boot.

Gin gulped. "I forgive you" he responded, not wanting a knife to be thrown at him. He knew too well that Yoru kept extra weapons in his boots.

Ichigo rolled his eyes, reaching over and pulling Yoru close to him. Yoru hugged his mom with an innocent grin. Kuro giggled and reached over to tug at Yoru's hair. Ichigo nuzzled them both. Sora pouted before she climbed onto the bed and quickly attached herself to Ichigo's back as she played with her mother's tail. Ichigo nearly fell over, but he laughed anyways and looked over his shoulder at Sora. The little girl grinned like her blue haired father.

Ichigo rolled his eyes, using his tail to pull her closer. She giggled and hugged her mother tightly. "MOM" Yoru suddenly squealed as Kuro continued to tug at his hair, rather hard on it.

"Oh, no Kuro, you don't do that to your big brother." Ichigo scolded, pulling the young boy away from Yoru.

The orange haired child whined and reached out to try and grab Yoru's hair. Yoru quickly scooted to the other side of the bed, glaring at his little brother.

"No, Kuro." Ichigo hushed him. Kuro shushed and stared up at his mother. "Ma" he called as he reached up to his mom. Ichigo smiled, letting Kuro get a hold of two of his fingers. The child was quick to hold the fingers tightly with a cat-like grin. Ichigo started to purr, leaning forward and nuzzling the top of Kuro's head. Kuro giggled.

"Has anyone had dinner yet?" Ichigo asked after a moment, his purr faltering slightly as he glanced up through both his hair and Kuro's.

"Were we supposed to?" Yoru asked.

He shrugged a little. "I was just wondering. It must be time to eat."

"Fs" Kuro screamed.

"I think Kuro wants fish" Yoru snorted.

Ichigo rolled his eyes, moving to get off of the bed. Kuro clung to his mother's shirt and cooed. Ichigo cooed right back as he got up and left the room, headed for the kitchen. Yoru and Sora got off the bed and followed their mother, dragging Jackal along with Shiro and Gin tagging along. Grimmjow sighed and followed as well.

Jackal merely sighed. "So what are we going to have?" Yoru asked.

Ichigo shrugged again. "Whatever I can find to cook."

"Fis" Kuro blinked.

"If I can find it." Ichigo replied. Kuro nodded, hoping for fish to be in the kitchen. He liked fish. A lot.

Ichigo smiled to himself. He couldn't have wished for a better family.

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