I am in Nirvana. I am in Heaven. I am in Aaru. I am in Elysium. I could go on, but I won't. I was FINALLY hit with the Mallet of Inspiration! Yeah, I've been getting hit with other stuff, but not what I've been wanting: a new epic Brex chapter fic. Well, my friends, here it is! I'd like to thank Madeleine L'Engle's Time Quartet series for giving me the seed of inspiration for this. Now, I want to make it clear that this does NOT take place in the Mending the Breach universe. This is COMPLETELY different. Here's the scenario: When Breach's portal took her and Rex away, it didn't take them six months into the future. It took them a couple billion years into the past, back when the Earth was still forming. Enjoy!

"I don't know if any of this was real... But it was nice...having a friend for awhile..."


For a split second, not even long enough for his brain to acknowledge it, Rex's skin was on fire. Then, for an even quicker instant, his entire body was encased in ice. Then, he was lying on a soft bed that kept shifting. Changing. It was almost as if he was on a surface of solidified air.

He could hear whispering. Confused voices. Then, a warm, gentle hand touched his chest. He could feel a pulsing sensation spreading across his body, as if his aura was becoming tangible. It didn't go away when the hand moved away.

'No...' Rex tried to reach for the kind hand, tried to bring it back. He tried to open his mouth and ask for help, but he couldn't move. 'Come back...'

A voice murmured something into his ear. It sounded almost like: "Fear not."

Then, he fell to the ground with a muffled thump. He tried to move, but his muscles still weren't ready to obey him. All around, the air kept alternating between unbearably hot and incredibly cold. He could tell that it was, but this new pulsing aura was protecting him from suffering any ill effects. The ground beneath him was a surface of soft stone. If Rex were to put his fingers into one of the many crevices, he could have easily broken off a few pieces and crumbled them in his hand.

The next thing he was aware of was the fact that he was being watched. Something smooth and dry touched his cheek while something smooth and moist nudged his neck.

"What isss thisss?" A cool puff of air brushed Rex's cheek.

"I thhhink it is a new one." A warm breath condensed on his neck.

"Why doesssn't it move?" The first voice asked.

"Maybe it died." The second murmured. The damp entity touched Rex's neck again.

"No. It'sss breathing." The dry being nuzzled his cheek. "Awaken."

At this, Rex's eyes snapped open. He failed to stifle a gasp of fear. The sky above him was aflame. Dark yellow clouds hovered menacingly close as reddish flashes similar to lightning shot across them. Somehow, he knew that it was darker here than he could comprehend. Yet, for some reason, he could see.

The two conversing beings had moved away when Rex's eyes opened. Slowly, as strength returned to his limbs, he sat up and turned his head to look at them. His jaw nearly dropped to the crumbling earth.

Just a few feet away were the two biggest and weirdest snakes he had ever seen in his life, and that included any Evo he had ever fought. One of them looked like a vibrant, solidified rainbow, containing more colors than Rex could possibly name. Its eyes were as white as pearls. The second was a mirage of black, gold, copper, silver, bronze, brown, and any other color that one would associate with the basis of earth. Its eyes were as dark as onyx. A thin sheen of moisture was visible on its scales. Both creatures had long heads and mouths, similar to those of a crocodile, but their faces were certainly snake-like. The white-eyed one then fanned out its scales, similar to how a bird would fluff out its wings, and gave them a shake before smoothing them down once more. The sound was like a thousand grains of rice falling through a rain stick.

"What..." Rex licked his dry lips before trying again. "Who are you?"

The two snakes bowed their long heads simultaneously.

"I am Deoxyr." The bright, white-eyed serpent hissed.

"I am Ibonucleic." The dark, black-eyed snake wheezed.

Rex nervously swallowed the lump in his throat. 'Okay...they speak English...and I don't think they're going to eat me...' "I'm Rex."

Deoxyr tilted its head. "King? You are King?"

"Huh?" Rex cracked his back. "No. I'm Rex."

"That'sss what I sssaid. King."

"No... What?" Rex started to open his mouth to explain. Then, finally, the events of the last few minutes hit him. "Where am I?" He stood up. The snakes moved up so that they were still eye level with him. "What's going on here?" Another horrible thought hit him. "Where's Breach?"

"Breachhh?" Ibonucleic blinked its eyes. "Thhhere are breachhhes everywhhhere. Look" It indicated the land beyond.

Rex turned and felt his heart sink. Under the yellow and red sky, the ground was an expanse of cracked, uneven, brown stone. Every here and there, a random hill disappeared into the sulfurous clouds. In other places, deep chasms yawned blackly. "What is this?"

"The Beginning." Deoxyr slithered over and moved up again on Rex's right side.

"Thhhe Dawn of thhhis world." Ibonucleic appeared at his right.

Rex blinked once before smacking a hand to his face. "Great! I've been blasted back before the dinosaur age!"

"Terrible lizard?" Ibonucleic's wet head shook once. "Whhhat do you speak of, King?"

"My name is-" At this, Rex stopped. 'Wait a second...' "What does it sound like when I say...'Ace'?"

"Unit." Deoxyr replied.

"How about 'Estrella'?"


He glanced at Ibonucleic. "Rouges?"




"Hm..." Rex nodded thoughtfully. 'I guess these guys automatically translate to English.' He looked over as a white tongue flickered out of Deoxyr's mouth. 'Now that I think about it though...' "Luz?"


'...it doesn't sound like they're speaking English. They're speaking some other language...but I can understand them perfectly. Why...?' He pushed those questions aside. There were more important things to worry about than the language of giant snakes. 'I gotta find Breach, so we can portal back home.' He swallowed nervously. 'That is...if we can portal home...' His fists clenched. 'And if Breach is still...' He shut down the thought before it could blossom.

Rex took a deep breath and looked out at the landscape once more. "So, this is the Beginning..." He tried to find words to sum up his feelings.

"Man, this is intense!"



She was in a warm bed. A soft blanket was wrapped around her shoulders. Her head was engulfed in a plump pillow. She was aware of a cool hand on her arm. "Rex...?" She mumbled.

"Not quite." A silken, honey-sweet voice replied. "But, do not be afraid. I will not harm you."

Breach opened her eyes and found herself staring into a pair of eyes that were a bright, clear, crystal blue. As her gaze focused, she realized that the eyes were on the face of a beautiful young man with pale skin and silvery blonde hair. He was wearing a gold robe and there was a silver band wrapped around his head, like a crown. Most amazing of all, sprouting from his shoulder blades was a pair of feathery, dark ruby colored wings.

The radiant stranger gently assisted Breach as she sat up and regarded him. "Who are you?"

The man tilted his head, his eyes glittering with kind amusement. "My name is Light-Bearer. It is good that you are awake and well, Breach."

"Where am I?" She looked around. "Where is Rex?"

Light-Bearer stroked her hair soothingly. "Rex is recovering in another room. And, to answer your first question, you are safe. That is all you need to know."

"When am I?" She asked, pushing the blankets back. Looking around, she realized that she was in a cave of shining obsidian. For some reason, the stones didn't seem shiny to her. Nor did the beautiful Light-Bearer, for that matter. Why was that?

"Clever girl." Light-Bearer flexed his red-black wings. "You are in a place where time does not matter. You are in a place that is...real."

Breach's head shot up and she stared at the man, her eyes wide with shock. 'How... Somehow, he knew that I...' She couldn't even complete her confused thoughts. "Where is Rex?" She asked again.

"Do not worry, Breach." He placed a white hand on her shoulder. Something about his touch made her cringe. "I will take good care of you."

Breach opened her mouth to reply when, suddenly, something changed in Light-Bearer's expression. He looked afraid. A shadow passed over the room.

All at once, Breach was wrenched from the bed and into darkness. She was aware of intense heat, intense cold, then silence. A cushion of air.

A hand touched her chest and her skin began to pulse with energy. She tried to reach for the hand as it moved away. Her arms wouldn't move.

Then, a voice spoke in her ear.

"Fear not."

This. Is. Going. To. Be. AWESOME! Who is Light-Bearer? Why are there giant snakes on the infant Earth? If you look really carefully, the answers are all there. Now, like I said before, this is NOTHING like Mending the Breach. This is more spiritual/fantasy based. But, don't worry! There WILL be Brex! That is a promise! Please review. If I wanna see this one through to the end, I'm going to need support from my readers. Peace out! ^_^