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Breach looked around. The sky above her was a beautiful nebula of dark gold clouds and scarlet lightning. The ground under her feet was hard and crumbly. She scuffed her shoe thoughtfully on the fragile dirt as a deep rumble spread across the air and earth, moving beneath her feet. It was apparent that the temperature kept rising and dropping. However, an odd pulsing energy seemed to be surrounding her, protecting her from the majority of the air's deadly force.

'This place is real.' She thought to herself, gazing at the shiny red flares. 'This place is very real.'

Another tremor shook at her feet. A sensation traveled up her spine, causing her eyes to widen in surprise. 'Huh?' She looked down at the ground. After a moment, another minor quake passed across the earth, slightly more forceful than the last.

'It's almost as if...these are footsteps.'

Thump. Thump. Thump.

'I hope it isn't Light-Bearer.' Breach shuddered as she thought about the ruby-winged creature. 'He wasn't right. He was real, but not shiny...'

She still wasn't sure what had taken her away from that overly-cozy lair. She still had no clue where or when she was. She still didn't know where Rex was.

'Rex...' Breach closed her eyes and exhaled loudly. The sound seemed to echo across the barren land. 'I need to find my favorite.'

THUMP! A puff of hot air ruffled her hair.

Breach looked up and found herself staring into a pair of golden eyes on a tawny face. She took a startled step back. The face was that of a very tall lion. Its mane was a light brown color and its eyes were wild and fierce. Yet, Breach knew it wouldn't hurt her. Its expression was one of pure curiosity.

Then, an emerald green snake slithered over the lion's shoulder and blinked a pair of garnet eyes. A forked tongue darted in and out of its mouth.

'Huh?' Breach took a step to the side in order to see the creature's full profile.

The snake's green body went on until it ended at the base of the lion's spine, acting as a tail. Sprouting from the creature's back was the black head of a frenzied, blue-eyed goat. The red light in the sky reflected off of its horns as it blinked nervously at her. The lion tilted its head as the snake moved forward, so its reptilian snout nearly touched Breach's nose.

Most people would have been afraid. Breach, on the other hand, simply reached up and touched the snake's cool head. "Who are you?" She looked at the snake, lion, and goat heads in turn as she spoke.

The snake winked an eye before withdrawing. The goat bleated loudly. The lion licked its chops and spoke.

"We are the Chimera. We are the bringers of the fire that rests within the shell of this land. We create the fissures that will divide earth and sea."

Despite the fact that it had a mane, the lion's voice was feminine. Breach puzzled over this for a split second before asking another question. "Where am I? When am I?"

The Chimera sat back on her haunches. "You are on the planet that will be known as Gaia. This is the beginning of this world, and we are here to see that the land is ready to hold the fire and water that it will soon bear." The goat let out a "Bah!" of affirmation. The snake was silent. It seemed that only the lion's head was capable of speech. "Now, answer us this: how did you get to be here, so many years before your time?"

Breach was taken aback. 'The way she asked that... It's like she knows what I am.' "I came through a portal." She looked at the ground. "My favorite is here too."

"Your favorite?" The Chimera scratched at the ground with her front paw. "I assume this is another one of your kind."

"Yes! Have you seen him?"

"No." The large creature stretched luxuriously. "But, if you survived, he probably did as well. It would appear that the Burning Ones have granted you their protection. Your aura pulses with their energy."

"Burning Ones?" Breach blinked. For some reason, that name caused a calm sensation to enter her skin and bones. Did they have something to do with the subtle vibrations that have been emanating from her body since her arrival? "Are they the ones that took me from Light-Bearer?"

At this, the Chimera looked up sharply, nostrils flaring. "What do you know of him?"

Breach took a step back. "H-He had me in a room when I first came to this time. He scared me, but...something took me away."

"I see." The creature visibly calmed down. "Now, child... You hold us at a disadvantage. You know our name, but we do not know yours."

Relieved that the Chimera was no longer angry, Breach replied. "My name is Breach."

"Breach..." The lion's head licked her chops thoughtfully. "What an unfortunate name..." She turned and looked at the stormy sky. "You are not meant to be in this time, Breach. We need to find out how to send you and your favorite back to when you came from." She looked back toward Breach. "First, we should find him. Figuring this out will be easier if you are both in the same place."

"Thank you." Breach moved forward and placed a hand on the wild creature's mane.

"Do not thank me yet, child. I am not doing anything for you that you cannot do alone." The Chimera stood up and turned away. "Follow me."

"Okay." Breach hastened to follow, feeling a tiny ray of hope blossoming in her chest.



"So, Deah...Dean...Dexter...um..." Rex looked at Deoxyr's rainbow form for a moment before turning to Ibonucleic. "So, Ivan...Ibu...Ib...er..." He breathed a sigh. "Okay, can I give you guys nicknames?"

Deoxyr tilted its head. "Nicknamesss?"

"Yeah. It's a shorter name that's easy to remember. It's something your friends call you."

The serpents looked at each other for a moment before nodding.

"I am glad to call you friend." Ibonucleic blinked an obsidian eye.

"I agree. King isss our friend." Deoxyr made a happy noise in its throat.

Rex smiled despite his current worries. 'These guys aren't too bad. I never would've thought that a pair of long-jawed mutant snakes could be so cool. Then again, I never would've thought that there would be a pair of long-jawed mutant snakes living here during the creation of earth...' "Okay..." He looked at Deoxyr. "I'll call you Dex." He turned to Ibonucleic. "And I'll call you Nuke. Dex and Nuke. Does that sound okay to you?"

Both reptiles bobbed their heads.

"Yesss. They sssound good."

"I like thhhem."

"Sweet!" Rex grinned before growing sober once more. "So, Dex and Nuke, did you guys see another person like me, except with white skin, black hair, and four arms?"

Deoxyr blinked its milky eyes. "You are the firssst of your kind we have ssseen."

Ibonucleic bowed its metallic head regretfully. "We know little. We were put hhhere withhh thhhe instruction to simply survive and wait."

"Who put you here?" Maybe, if he figured out who the higher-ups were in this time period, he would be able to learn more.

"The Burning Onesss." Deoxyr did a swaying dance as it spoke the words, as if feeling the need to pay these Burning Ones a tribute.

'Yeesh... That sounds intense... I hope they aren't giant flaming lizards or something like that... Or worse: rabbits!' "Um...okay... Where can I find them?"

"Thhhey come whhhen thhhey see fit."

"Of course they do..." Rex groaned. "Okay, I guess I should try to find Breach first. Maybe she can either portal us back home or use her weird zen riddle mumbo-jumbo powers to come up with a plan."

"We will help you!" Deoxyr hissed eagerly. "We want to help our new friend, King!"

"Yes." Ibonucleic twined itself briefly around Rex's torso before moving back. "We will accompany you."

Rex smiled. "Thanks, guys." He looked out at the bleak, dry landscape ahead of him. A long distance away sat what looked like a large hill. 'That's as good a target as any...' "Let's go toward that hill first." The snakes fell into step with him, Deoxyr slithering on his left, Ibonucleic on his right.

"Hey, Dex? Nuke? I have another question: What exactly are you?"

"We are the Firssst." Deoxyr replied.

"And thhhe Last." Ibonucleic added.

Rex rolled his eyes. "Great...I'm in a time when everyone talks like Breach..." At that moment, a low rumbling sound caught his attention. "Say, guys? There wouldn't be a pizza joint anywhere nearby, would there?"




Noah groaned and shoved his head deeper beneath his pillow. "Five more minutes, Mom..." He mumbled.


"It's a Saturday. Go away..." He buried his blonde head underneath the covers.

"You are needed, Noah."

'Wait...that's not my mom's voice...' "Dad?"

"Not quite."

The voice was a male voice, but it was light and soft like the wind. Noah sat up, looking around. No one was in his room. 'Must be dreaming...'

"You are not dreaming."

Noah jumped up, his eyes darting back and forth. "Who are you?"

"Do not worry. I am here to help your friend."

"Which friend?" Noah sat back down, still glancing around his room suspiciously. "And why does he need help?"

"I am speaking of Rex. Now, listen carefully..."

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