"I don't know why I bother to watch movies with you," Jasper huffed. "Do you have any idea what is even going on?"

"I know you have a raging hard-on for Ryan Reynolds and that all of his movies follow basically the same inane plot," Edward responded, not looking up from his laptop. Jasper stretched his legs out towards the other end of the couch and planted his feet in Edward's lap. He did a little crotch-toe-wiggle for good measure.

"A hard-on, huh?" Jasper said, grinning and palming his dick that was, in fact, quite hard.

Edward refused to take their fake relationship to the next level, always spouting some bullshit about not wanting to ruin their friendship. Jasper was about to explode, though, and really couldn't take much more of his priest-like behavior. He knew Edward was starting to cave; just the other night after a definitely-not-platonic-friends hug his lips lingered on Jasper's neck and he could have sworn he felt teeth.

"What are you even doing over there?" Jasper asked, taking his feet out of Edward's lap and scooching up next to him to try and get a glimpse of the computer screen.

"Nothing. Internet stuff. Stop creeping," he replied.

"I'm not creeping. Jesus, Edward," Jasper gasped as he saw a tumblr feed full of cock and ass and pretty boys with scruff. "Are those people you know?"

Edward laughed and turned a delicious shade of pink. "No. I mean, I think some people post pictures of themselves, but those always kind of weird me out."

"Oh they do, huh?" Jasper said as he wrapped his arm around Edward's neck and tried to crawl into his lap. Unfortunately the stupid computer was in the way. He tried to shove it onto the floor but Edward grabbed his wrist before he could "accidentally" break it.

"Uh huh. Watch my computer," Edward replied, putting it on the coffee table as Jasper settled on top of him and bit down on his earlobe.

"So do you think it would be weird if, you know, there was a picture of this?"

Edward groaned and began kissing and biting and licking up Jasper's neck.

"There are a bunch of perverts online, Jasper," he growled. "I don't think I want to share you."

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