Interview with the Fushigi Yuugi cast!

By: Amethyst Chou

A.N: Ellow guys! SOS! I'm going to need your help O awesome readers! I'm going to need a bunch of random questions from you that you wanted so badly to ask the FY cast. It must be outrageous, totally random and will make Host fall off my chair laughing. You can also ask a simple question like: Seriously, are you a girl or a boy? (We do know who we are talking about, ne?). Or "How often do you brush your teeth everyday?" or "What kind of toilets were there in ancient China time?" you know stuff like that. (Don't copy or else I'll track you down and stalk you.. Just kidding!.. or am I?). And the cast will try their best to answer your very "interesting" questions (especially the author.. oh nuuu!). I'll be counting on YOU!

P.S: you can also write a dare at the end of your questions ((evil cackle)).

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters that will be mentioned in this interview.

Part One: Introduction

Host: Hi everyone! Haha!

Crickets: ((chirps))

Host: ((eyebrow twitch)) So.. Welcome to the show everyone.. and to tell you, I need you guys to vote who's the best character of all that will be mentioned in this interview. So let's clap our hands for our first guest, Miaka Yuuki!

Miaka: ((waves)) hi

Host: Here's Tamahome!

Tamahome: ((smiles his 50 carat smile)) Hello

Fan girls: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! ((then faints))

Host: ((raises an eyebrow)) Owkay… Here's Hotohori!

Hotohori: Good day to everyone. ((smiles))

Fan girl: I love you Hotohori!

Hotohori: ((sent a flying kiss)) I love you too.

Fan girl: ((faints but no one caught her in time))

Host: okay, Let's move one. Here's ((blushes)) Nuriko! AAAAAHHHHH!

Nuriko: Hey. ((smiles widely that host almost fainted))

Host: he's so cute! ((realize that everyone was staring at her)) *clears throat* H-Here's Tasuki!

Tasuki: Yo.. Nice to.. see.. all of you ((glares at the fang girls)) *mumbles* I hate woman.

Host: Here's the kawaii Chichiri!

Chichiri: Ohayou no da!

Host: Here's Mitsukake!

Mitsukake: ((raised his hand)) hi

Host: Here's the little Chiriko!

Chiriko: ((pouts)) you don't have to rub it in! I maybe small, but I'm smarter than you!

Host: ((ignored what Chiriko said)) yeah sure. And now, let's move on to the Seiryuu bunch! Let us all welcome Nakago!

Nakago: ((silence))

Host: oh! He's so cool! ((dreamy smile))

Tamahome: Hey! Why's Blondie in here?

Host: so? You don't care! I wanted him to be here!

Fan girls of Tamahome: ((glares at the host))

Host: Stop glaring at Host! Nobody even likes you!

Fan girls of Tamahome: ((all gasp))

Host: so anyway.. oh my, I am so sorry! I skipped Yui "accidentally"! she does suppose to be the first one but.. hehe sorry Yui.. I still love you!

Yui: oh that's fine. Everybody hates Host anyway! ((sobbing))

Host: I'm so sorry! A lot of people loves you Yui!

Yui: ((stops crying)) really?

Host: Yes *in my mind: no* so let's welcome Amiboshi!

Amiboshi: ((waves his hand with the flute))

Host: Next is his twin brother, Suboshi!

Suboshi: ((still glaring at the host since she accidentally forgot about Yui)) I will tear your body in pieces.

Host: hahaha.. you're kidding.. right?

Suboshi: No. ((his yoyo spinning in the air))

Amiboshi: Brother, calm down. She already apologized and Yui forgive her already.

Suboshi: Fine. ((crosses arms and put his yoyo down)) but that doesn't mean that I won't keep my eye on you!

Host: *sighs* anyway, let's move on. Next one is Soi.

Soi: ((clinging to Nakago)) hello

Host: ((shivers)) next is.. Ashtare ((glares at Ashtare chained in the corner))

Ashtare: I will eat you

Host: I will call the dog catcher. Anyway, next is the cackling maniac, Tomo!

Tomo: ((glares at the host)) I swear I'll make you suffer.

Host: why do I get death threats from the Seiryuu people? Next is Miboshi.

Miboshi: Hehe–

Host: Let's move on.

Miboshi: Hey! I haven't finished my evil laugh yet!

Host: Nobody cares about your laugh! So I were saying, the audience (readers) will vote who is the best character and why! Just write it under your questions and I will count who's the best! And I promise I will not cheat and do what's right!

Hotohori: ((combs his hair gracefully)) we all know who's going to win, right?

Fan girls: ((squeals))

Host: Whatever. So I'll be waiting!