Interview with the Fushigi Yuugi Cast!

By: Black Michaelis

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Part 8: Host in PMS

"Fucking hell" the Host muttered angrily. She's been doing this job for a very long time and she made her first mistake. "I forgot Akimoto Tsubaki's question.. FFFFFUUUUUU – " she growled angrily as she slammed a bottle of milk. Hot steam was seen above the Host's head as multiple vein marks throbbed on her head.

Miaka leaned to Nuriko "Is she alright?" she whispered, fearing that the Host might hear her. The Host smashed the bottle of milk against her forehead angrily but did not once wince in pain as she continued her rampage.

Nuriko shrugged his shoulders "Who knows? She might have lost it." He whispered back as they watched the Host grabbing something behind her couch. Once she got it, she held it up for everyone to see. It was a large tennis racket looking thing that has a bolt sign on its net. They all gasped when they saw the racket spark. It was an electrifying racket for insects.

A brave camera man went up to the Host to stop her madness. "Hey Abby, please stop th – " he was interrupted when the Host swung her racket and the camera man flew out of the studio.

The Host sighed as she ran her fingers through her raven hair and chucked her electrifying racket back. Someone yelled from the backstage, maybe electrocuted. "Now" the Host sat on her couch, crossing her leg. "Let's begin."

The FY cast were huddling each other, in fear of the Host. They all turned blue and sweat drops appeared on their forehead.

The Host gave everyone a happy-closed-eyes smile and her surroundings sparkled "Hi everyone~!" No one greeted back, still terrified. The Host opened her eyes and her smile not present "I said, HI!" the whole room seemed to shake as if an earthquake just passed by. The people were startled.

The Host massaged the bridge of her nose, feeling another headache coming up. The Host shifted uncomfortably on her couch.

"Why are you looking so… irritated?" Soi asked. The Host shifted again, growling slightly.

"I know eh. Is it because you forgot to ask the question? Or someone stuck a ball up your ass?" Tasuki added.

The Host grimaced "I got PMS." She answered darkly.

"So?" Tasuki don't really get it. So what if she has PMS? That's not a reason for her to act like an asshole.

The Host looked at him "What do you mean 'so'? Do you know how hard it is? Do you know how these pads makes my *censor* itchy?"

Nuriko joined the conversation "Yeah but, that doesn't mean you have to be so hot tem – " Before he could even realize it, he was now face to face with the angry Host, steaming in anger. She trapped him with her arms in each side of his head.

"You don't have the right to say that to me you faggot! You don't know what I have to go through when I'm having my periods! Do you know how hard to stay in the same position at night because you don't want your white bed sheets to have blood spots? Do you know that I last night was my niece pool birthday party and I jump into the pool, and the water turned red, they thought I killed someone or I'm a freaking crocodile eating stupid people. So you don't have the right to say to me that I can't be hot tempered! YYAAAAHHH DDDDOOOOONNN'TTTTTTTTTT!" The Host heaved after her loud outburst.

The Host went back to her couch, laid a newspaper that she got out of nowhere, laid it down on her couch and sat down. "We have two askers for today due to my previous mistake. They are, Akimoto Tsubaki and Hardcore Anime Fangirl. Welcome once again. Here's the thing I've missed from Akimoto: Here's the dare for Nakago, you have to watch all the Twilight movies and you have to form a fan club with you as the president of Team Edward." The Host stared at the question, wondering what the hell she just read. She couldn't and could NEVER imagine Nakago like that. She looked at Nakago and found the blonde man sitting calmly on the couch with his eyes close. "Sorry Nakago, it's your dare."

Nakago breathed heavily and walked out of the room then stop in mid-way. He looked back and the camera focused on his handsome stoic face and stared hard at the camera. "This isn't over." He spoke in a calm yet threatening manner. Then turned around and walked out.

The Host shifted again on her sit "Our next asker is Hardcore Anime Fangirl. The question is for.. hnnn?" the Host raised an eyebrow "Sebastian. SEBASTIIIIAAAAAN!" she called out and the handsome butler clad in black entered the room.

The butler wore an irritated expression on his face "It is not proper for a lady to be raising her voice in such a manner. A young lady should never act like a barbarian." He lectured her, his English accent emitting in his words.

The Host scoffed "My ass. Now, Hardcore Anime Fangirl (such a long name) wanted to ask you if you like puppies."

Sebastian gave everyone a blinding eyes-close grin "Absolutely not. I despise them with such hate and they're such a vile putrid creatures, you see. Now, is that all my lady?" he asked politely. The Host nodded and waved him off and the butler left the room.

"Her next question is for Tamahome." Tamahome groaned. The Host smirked "Stop doing that sound Tamahome. You're turning me on."


"Anyway, her question is: How do you feel when you were kissing Soi?"

Miaka glanced at Tamahome in the corners of her eyes that flashed with sadness and a bit of jealousy.

Tamahome sighed "I feel nothing. Nothing at all. Because my heart belongs to Miaka and her only, nobody else." Tamahome took Miaka's hand and caressed it gently, looking straight at her sparkling emerald eyes lovingly. "I would never love another woman except you, Miaka." Miaka smiled as she leaned her head on the crook of Tamahome's neck.

Tomo whipped out his camera "Facebook~!" he took their photo.

Nuriko waved his hand in the hair "Hey, hey tag me!"

"You're not even in the picture."

"So what? Just tag me as the couch!"

The interview day ended well.. well.. except for one person.

Nakago sat on the couch with his leg on top of the other while watching Twilight. He was just staring at it but his mind was somewhere else.

"You'll pay dearly."

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