Hello, everybody! Let us meet Mason Dimalanta and Sheila Frantic! Play the Cutscene Theme from Sonic Rush Adventure. Here we go!

The bright noon sun shone high in the sky as a little raccoon/human girl with tan skin, a plain green T-shirt, thin black shorts, green flip-flops, black hair to her elbows, bright blue eyes, and brown raccoon ears and a tail stepped onto a stone along a rocky shore. "Oi, avast, first mate! The treasure be on the other side of that there cliffside, eh?" she exclaimed, aiming a wooden toy sword.

A black haired boy with dark grey eyes and black swim trunks limped forward. "Can't we take a break, Sheila? This whole 'pirate' thing can be really exhausting, y'know."

The chipper raccoon girl jumped down to him and said, "C'mon, Mason! 'ave a little fun, ya grumpy old poisonbender!"

"Shyah, but just because you're a lightbender, you gotta be so peppy!"

"Well, at leas' Ah know how ta have fun! Mate, what's wrong with you? You've been downer than two chubby seagulls who drink beer and eat their own kind, eh?"

"What is that-Oh, forget it! Ugh, it's about that kiss. Don't you think it was a littleā€¦ out of nowhere?"

"Aw, come on, Mate! What's so bad abou' a li'l ol' friendly kiss, eh?"

"Well, the fact that Dillon spied on us and got it all over the news, for one thing. Now, they're all making fun of us."

"Well, 'o gives a choker on what they think, eh? We're jus' a couple of mates playin' around! Besidesā€¦ you're a pretty good kisser, eh?"

He smiled and chuckled. "Well, you are, too, I guess."

"Mm-hm! Now, c'mon! Le's go find that treasure! Adventure awaits!"

"Aye-aye!" With that, the poisonbender followed the energetic raccoon girl across the rocky shore.

The two of them came to a hidden area below a small cliff (that looked similar to Pride Rock) and found a strange conch shell necklace under a rock. "Aw, strewth! We found the treasure, Mate!"

"Yeah, but what is it?"

"Oi don't know, but it's treasure! Le's show it to our parents!" With that, she grabbed the necklace and the two ran over the rocky shore and back to the beach.

"Mom! Dad!" Mason yelled as they ran over to their parents, Yin and Matthew Dimalanta and Elijah and Marine Frantic, who were lying on towels on the beach. Yin wore a blue one-piece bathing suit, Matt wore black swim trunks with dark blue stripes on the side, Elijah wore black swim trunks, and Marine just wore her usual clothes.

"Look what we found!" Sheila yelled, holding up the necklace.

The four sat up to look at it. "A necklace?" Matt asked.

"It's beautiful!" Yin followed.

"'ey, I know what that is!" Marine exclaimed. "That's the necklace a friend of mine gave to her boyfriend years ago! It's supposed to give you good luck when you go in the water. He was a bad swimmer, so that's why she made it."

"Does it work? 'Cause I'm not really the best swimmer." Mason said.

"It works with the power of love!" Marine replied.

"Oh, please!"

"Oh, Elijah!" she yelled, punching his arm. "You old drongo!"

"Well, I may not be the one who made it," Sheila started, "but I think Ah'll give it ta Mason. Ya know, ta 'elp with 'is swimmin'." With that, she put the necklace around Mason's neck.

"Thanks! Hehe." Mason blushed.

"Come on! Le's go find some more treasure!" With that, she dragged him along as they ran off, leaving the parents to lie back down and smile.

"Oh, our kids." Elijah said.

"I say they look sweet together." Yin said.

"Well, as long as she treats him well, I'm okay with it." Matt replied.

"Oh, you can trust our daughter! She's jus' like me!" Marine exclaimed. "It's your son we're worried about! Former villains!" With that, the four adults laughed.

Ooh, two one-shots in one night! Time to get to bed. Later!