An Ode to Sirius Black

(A/N: Also known as an ode to a friend who writes too much fanfiction and needs to get over a fear of cookies.)

(To the tune of "Silent Night")

Fanfiction night

Every night

Padfoot, stop. Go to sleep.

See the clock? It's 12:55.

You need to sleep or you're going to die

Sleep with cookies in mi-ind!

Sle-ep with cookies in mind!

Your friends have all called

They want to hang out

But you write, all night long

Fifteen chapters and seven one-shots,

All within the time of one month

That's a lot, it's absu-urd!

That's too mu-uch, it's really absurd!

Cookies have come

They march in your dreams

You type a cry out, but you're caught in the stream

There's so many cookies, but you won't eat them

You in fright as they fall in your hands

"Eat me, please," they all sa-ay!

But you scream like a girl and ru-un away!