Alright.. UGH! Status: Dropped -_- i'm really sorry. and i just don't wanna delete it just like that. ( ¬,¬) besides this doesn't involve any of the main characters anyway.

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Hey there! This will be my first story here, so i hope you'll enjoy it!

(Bytheway,therearealittlepartsherethatisalittlehar dtounderstand,soifyou'repatienttowaituntiltheendof thestory,there'saspecialchaptercalled'Facts' 'sonlyashortstory,sodon'tworryaboutwaitingforsolon g,andi'mworkingonit...yeah.)

And one more thing, the characters here are not of any main characters, they're just normal villagers in Ys: The Ark of Napishtim.

So here it goes! ^^


Chapter 1: First Encounter

In Canaan Islands, there were two normal villagers which had strange relationship with each other. Cloa was new to town, he came with his sister, Rose, he was usually outside selling things, while Tise was a maid in Isaac's restaurant in Port Rimorge, she doesn't quite go outside, so both of them doesn't know each other. But one day, a friend of Cloa, Laru, went to visit him in Port Rimorge, he was from Quatera, he went straight to Isaac's restaurant and saw Tise. When Laru finally found Cloa he tells him about this maid he saw…

"Hey Cloa, have you seen the pretty maid in Isaac's resto?"

"What? I've never actually went there"


"My sister doesn't let me"

"Oh, come on! Are you a mama's boy? Or… sister's boy? You should go there you know, you'll miss a chance. There aren't many cute single ladies here eh?"

"Oh there is one"


"Maple. You know the maid who works for Baslam?"

"So, how is she?"

"We're good"

"You liar"

In Isaac's Restaurant, it was a little busy…

"Hey, Tise" Isaac called

Then Tise came up, "What?"

"I'm sorry to ask this to you, but can you please borrow a medicine from Sophia? Nali really needs one of those"

"Oh, sure, but…*sigh* alright, I can do it"

"Thank you very much, Tise. Please be careful"

"I will"

Then Tise walked passed Cloa who looks like having problem on his own, then finally at Sophia's house

"H-Hello, good evening…"

"*gasp* Hey mom! It's Tise! Tise what are you doing here? I've never seen you out of the restaurant!" Sia said

"Um, yeah, it was… an emergency"

"Emergency? For what?" Sophia asked

"Isaac's asking for a medicine for Nali, she doesn't feel well"

"Oh really? Well, please wait a moment; I'll get it right away"



After getting the medicine, Tise walked alone in the dark going to the restaurant. Then suddenly, she felt a little dizzy, almost falling…

"Whoa there!" A man said who caught Tise in his arms

"*moans* I-I'm sorry, I-I don't feel quite well…"

"It's alright. Want me to walk you home?"

"N-no! Please, I can walk alone"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, thanks"

That man…he just came in this town, right? It's the first time I saw him here…but, his hair… and his eyes, it's like I've seen him before…

Isaac's restaurant…

"Oh finally! Tise come in here! Hurry! Nali doesn't look well!"

In a room downstairs, Nali lies unconscious…

*dinks medicine*

"Oh, thank God, her fever went down" Isaac said, "Huh, Tise you don't look good"


"Your face was pale. Did you somehow… encounter someone outside?"

"Uh, n-no, not really" *looks out the window*