"Is she going to be alright?"

I ignored the sound of someone's concerned voice that rang loudly above my head. It was comforting, yet the volume of it made me want to punch a wall.

"Yes, I'm quite sure. She has quite a large bruise on her head," I was sure that someone was banging a pen against a clipboard, "but I'm sure that won't be a problem in terms of her memories." The deeper voice seemed to echo slightly in the room I was in. There was a short silence in the room before the deep voice spoke again. "How did you even find her?"

A female voice spoke this time. I could recognize this annoying voice anywhere.

"We were in the park and split up..." This time, the concerned voice spoke up.

"She must have went to the outskirts of it and wandered really close to the private anime reserve." There was a pause because it continued. "I hadn't seen Camille in a long while, so I went looking for her at night

Emergency backpack... Tch, that sounds a lot like Logan...

"I see... Yes, it was reported that a gang of drunk teenagers had wandered there just a few days ago..." The deep voice sighed heavily. "They must have made that as some sort of sick joke. But it's a miracle you got Ms. Camille out, how did you even do it?"

A voice laughed heartily,"it was lucky I had my emergency backpack with a rope in it."

Tch, 'emergency backpack,' that sounds a lot like Logan...

"LOGAN!" On reflex, I jolted out of bed, my eyes snapping open in a flash. The three people that stood above me flinched at my sudden movement.

The doctor smiled at me, looked down at his checkboard and back again. "Well if you're this energized, you can leave when you wish." I blinked in surprise, but it was to no surprise that Logan had hugged me until my ribs almost broke. I had started to wheez in order to actually get oxygen to my lungs.

A hearty laugh came from the doctor. "Maybe not if you choke her to death!" The doctor's face broke into a smile as Logan sheepishly let go of me. "Well, I'll leave you troopers be, eh?" With that the male doctor exited the white hospital room.

"Time's a wasting, lets get us out of here!" Logan grinned, yanking me by my wrist until I stood up. His happy aura was really contagious, I could tell a smile was on my face.

"Shouldn't we grab her jacket first?" Logan and I spun around, a little surprised that Mary was there... I realized she had spoke just before, but I didn't actually acknowledge her presence until now.

I wasn't really sure how to react to Mary. A thousand questions and thoughts rushed through my head at the same time it was rather difficult to actually process.

Did she make the massive hole that I almost died in? How did Mary even manage that herself? Did she plan for me to get trapped? Or was it just a coincidence that she had pointed me in that specific direction and I had wandered off too far? AND WHY AM I ASKING MYSELF ALL THESE QUESTIONS, DAMNIT?

"Uh. Um. Yeah," I blurted out just to break the short silence that had filled the room.

She handed me my dark blue jacket and strode out the door. Logan followed after her.

"What are you waiting for, Camille? C'mon!" Logan grinned his usual grin. But this time, it didn't irritate me. This time, I smiled back.

"Coming." I slipped my jacket on and walked towards Logan and Mary with a slight spring in my step.

The walk to Logan's car was probably the most awkward thing I've ever been through. It felt like forever, and Logan bombarded me with questions. I mean if anything, I appreciate his concern for me, but my mind was already occupied by so many unanswered questions. Although it might be the last thing I wanted to do, it looked like I needed to have a one on one talk with Mary.

" - for the song I'm going to write." There was a pause from Logan, his speech stopping for a brieft moment. "Camille? Camille, are you even listening." Logan frowned as he entered the front of the car, his keys jingling as he unlocked the doors.

"Hmm," I grunted in reply, getting in the back with Mary.

I could hear Logan sigh, he knew that there was no point in trying to talk to me when I was in this state. A little part of me was surprised that he knew me this well.

The car started up, the motor humming quietly. I gave all my attention to the scenery passing by, as if it was the most entertaining ad most interesting thing in the world. Which in a way, I guess it was because the silence in the car was so freaking awkward.

Before we reached the Palm Woods, there was a quiet sobbing sound coming from next to me. In my worry, I immediately looked at Logan but he seemed perfectly fine with his watchful eyes staying on the road. Next I turned my view slightly to the right.

Oh, Mary's just crying, I thought to myself. Wait. What.

What is this. This is defying the rules of the universe. Mary isn't supposed to cry. All the buzzing questions were pushed aside, this was far too strange for me to ignore, my logical brain had overpowered that side just this once... Which was quite strange seeing that my logic had practically went out the window years ago.

"..." I hesitated before I spoke. "Mary?" I saw her body tense up, slowly bringing her head out of her hands.

Logan glanced at the rear view mirror to see the two of us. His eyes showed a small amount of surprise as he saw Mary's tear-stained face.

Mary spent a large deal of time sobbing before she began to talk. "I'm... I'm so sorry Camille!"

The car slowed down as it reached a traffic light.

"What do you mean?" I inquired with interest. "You didn't really do anything wrong." Although I hated her, I didn't lie. She really didn't do anything to me for once and even if she did, Mary would never apologize.

But she just sook her head and buried her face back into her hands. "No... This was all my fault."

Okay, now this was more than weird. If she apologized one more time I honesly think that the nation will cry, the earth will shake in terror... If not, the universe will implode... just casually without any warning whatsoever.

"Oh cheer up, I'm sure you're just blaming yourself." Even though I couldn't see him, I was sure that Logan was smiling warmly.

Mary's sobbing stopped abruptly. "No. It is." Her voice was stern and harsh, much like a mother. "That... hole-trap-thing... I'm sorry..."

Logan and I grew silent, both of us giving off a bad aura paired with a piercing glare. This raised even more questions for me, and I'm sure that Logan also had the same feeling. He had taken his eyes of the rear view mirror and was intensly staring at the road ahead. I on the other hand directed my view to the window again, not taking any of the sceney in, although I'm sure that Logan was now purposely making wrong turns so that we could continue this little discussion that we had going.

"What do you mean by that?" Logan's voice was different from his usual kind tone. "Spill it." The very sound of that cold tone sent shivers down my spine, but I wasn't going to allow his unusual behavior waver me.

"You didn't by any chance plan for me to fall in, did you?" I set my eyes back onto Mary.

This time, she seemed more stronger. She was prepared for the questions.

"I was involved - " Mary took a pause to survey Logan and I's expressions. "but not as you may think."

"Elaborate." Logan stopped at another traffic light.

"You know how the hole was covered with grass and leaves so it was hard to see?" I gave a quick nod in Mary's direction. "My friends and I..." She paused before continuing. "Had stumbled upon that ditch, so we weren't the ones who actually dug it."

I sighed in relief, releasing a breath that I didn't realize I was holding.

"But we thought it would be funny to cover up the hole and trap one of our friends, since he didn't arrive yet." Mary scoffed at herself before shoving her head into her palms out of shame. "Smart right?"

As Mary said the last few words, we had pulled up into the Palm Woods' parking lot. Not a word was exchanged until we all had exited the car.

"Please... keep this to us, okay?" Mary asked quietly, her voice almost cracking.

Logan smiled warmly back at her. "Sure," his voice was now calm and comforting.

I too gave her a grin. "Yeah. Some thing's are better off a secret, right?" I laughed lightly. I honestly don't know what made me forgive her, usually every fibre in my body wanted to punch her in the face. Maybe there was just something about her that reminded me of myself.

After our talk with Mary, I had just stayed inside my apartment. I didn't really have anything to do, so I just ended up reading a thick book until it was seven at night... but then I was distracted by some music.

At first it was just a quiet hum that no one could notice but it started growing louder and louder by the minute while my patience withered. Even though the tune was probably very quiet in reality, to me it was so loud and infuriating that I wanted to pull my hair out. Just as I was about to open the door and shout down the hallway "WHO IS THE IDIOT THAT KEEPS SINGING," but I had suddenly realized that this tune was scarily familiar...

I couldn't quite put my finger on it though...

And of course, that just irritated me even further.

Finally, I had gotten up from my couch and stomped to the door and just as I was about to place my hand on the doorknob, the door swung open so that it had almost wacked my head if I didn't jump back.

I was interrupted before I could yell at who bashed the door open.

"Camille?" Logan's voice rang softly, yet loud at the same time.

I groaned, closing the door behind him as he lept inside before I said anything. "Why yes, come in," I remarked sarcastically. He grinned sheepishly and sat down near the kitchen counter. "Oh please, make yourself at home."

"Okay, okay, I get the point." Logan held his two hands up to show that he wouldn't do anything. "I'll be more polite next time."

"Damn straight, you will." I plopped down on a chair opposite to him as he took out his Ipod. "You came all the way here just to get me to listen to a song... You've got to be kidding me."

Logan didn't reply, instead he just plugged the earphones in, then handing me one earbud while he kept the other.

Now naturally, we both had to lean in a bit so that the wire wasn't stretched. He seemed unfazed by the whole thing, I on the other hand felt my cheeks warm up a bit, although I quickly disregarded it.

A tune began to start playing, however there were no lyrics.

"Do you find this song familiar?" Logan asked, making direct eye contact, and since we were both leaning in, there was hardly any distance from the two of us.

"Uh... yeah," I mumbled as I quickly directed my view to my right.

He laughed lightly. "Yeah, when I found you in that hole, I swear that you were humming a tune." I looked back at him, now unable to break the eye contact. "And every so often you would mumble 'It's like I'm falling in love all over again. For the first time and I know that it feels right.'"

"Yeah... I remember that..." I said quietly, thinking back to when I had fallen asleep. (Refer back to end of Chapter 11 if you can't remember)

"I'm pretty sure you had drowned me out when we were walking to the car... but..."

Come to think of it, I do remember him saying something.

"So I took what you kept saying, the tune and wrote you a song." He gave me a warm smile that almost made me melt.

I could hear the song replaying, but this time Logan sang along.

"Still got the same look that sets me off.

I guess there's just something about you.

I got these feelings can't let'em show

cause I went and let you go.

I shouldn't have let you go.

You asked me for closure

before and girl I told ya

it's over, it's over, It's not over.

So here we go again."

He closed his eyes, I could hear him tapping his feet to the beat under the table.

It's like I'm falling in love all over again.

For the first time and I know that it feels right.

I think I'm falling in love all over again.

Love at first sight,

do you know how I feel

to the left, left, left.

On the right, right, right.

to the back, back, back

On the side, side, side.

To the left, left, left.

On the right, right, right.

to the back, back, back

On the side, side, side.


I too closed my eyes, smiling as I listened to his soft singing.

I know I try not face the truth

but no one can love me like you do.

Your love is static, it pulls me in

like a song when it first begins,

I Just don't wanna let you end

You just take me over

and you are my controller.

I told ya, I told ya, told ya

I'm ready to go again

I felt Logan put his hand on mine, although I didn't mind this time.

It's like I'm falling in love all over again.

For the first time and I know that it feels right.

I think I'm falling in love all over again.

Love at first sight,

do you know how I feel

to the left, left, left.

On the right, right, right.

to the back, back, back

On the side, side, side.

To the left, left, left.

On the right, right, right.

to the back, back, back

On the side, side, side.


to the back, back, back

On the side, side, side.

To the left, left, left.

On the right, right, right.

to the back, back, back

On the side, side, side.


As the song trailed on, I started to feel like we were the only two people in the world. Nothing would be able to ruin this right now.

Baby, it's something that you did that holds me on.

maybe there's something that just keeps me from moving on.

The moment I see ya,

I know it's gonna be ya,

I got this figured out.

I slowly started to understand the lyrics. It was creepy that it described our situation perfectly... but because of that, it was perfect

It's like I'm falling in love all over again.

For the first time and I know that it feels right.

I think I'm falling in love all over again.

Love at first sight,

do you know how I feel

to the left, left, left.

On the right, right, right.

to the back, back, back

On the side, side, side.

To the left, left, left.

On the right, right, right.

to the back, back, back

On the side, side, side.


The song came to an end, the music faded out before replaying yet again. But this time, Logan didn't sing along.

But just for the record, I let him run his fingers through my hair.I let him lean in, thus invading my personal zone. I let him kiss me for a spell or two.

He pulled away, his face broke into a cross between a smile and a grin. I on the other hand diverted my eyes awkwardly, trying to avoid bringing any attention to my blushing face.

Logan laughed heartily. "I guess I win the bet, eh?" He leaned in, smirking at me.

"Hmmm..." I shook my head, it was my turn to smirk now, smartass. "If I recall correctly, the bet was limited to ten days, am I correct?"

He cocked his head to the side in the most adorable fashion. "... But, this is the tenth day." He frowned slightly. Damn, he was good at the puppy dog face. Gotta be prepared for that nex time.

"Oh really?" My smirk grew wider. "Tenth day and a half."

"That's such a cheap trick." He rolled his eyes.

"Don't be such a sore loser." I grinned at him.

Then he leaned in again, and I let him kiss me one more time.

Logan, I thought as I smiled against his lips. You lost the bet from the beginning, idiot - because I've always loved you all this time. Forever and more. Until death do us apart.

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