A/N PLEASE READ: Okay so, at first I had a plot, and I tried my very best to stick with that plot, but it ended up changing several times because my feelings changed. At first I wrote this because my emotions were geared towards sadness, angst, and all that jazz. But as time went on I...well it changed! So The story might be all over the place and perhaps a little pointless in some areas. I figured I should grace you guys with a warning considering this is going to be a long story. This is also a pre-written story, therefore, I will not be changing anything as of this moment. However, if you have kindtips then I will accept them as graciously as I can. I will not accept flames.

Summary: To put it short and sweet, since my Author's note is seriously long- it's about Zero being in love with Kaname and how their relationship changes in the span of half a year.

A couple of other things you guys might want to take note of-

Yuki is not related to Kaname- she's just in love with him.
Several (or all) of the characters will probably be...out of character.

My rambling is finished! Sorry for keeping you- please enjoy reading if you choose to!


Kaname always wondered what that moment it would be like. The moment when Zero finally fell and he could kill him with good excuse. The threat would finally be away from Yuki –and although the girl would be very remorseful, she would understand sooner or later that it had to be done. He always wondered what it would be like with Zero's blood on his hands, his dead body on the ground, blank lilac eyes staring back at him with no emotion –all of their fieriness gone. The pureblood always imagined how peaceful it would be without Zero's mouth going off on them, and somehow, that thought felt lonely. But he brushed it off and told himself that it would be better for them if he weren't there. Zero was a volcano, Kaname mused; he bottled everything up inside of him until it was too late, and then he exploded when the pressure became too much.

And Kaname wasn't just talking about his anger issues. Zero was volatile, yes, but Kaname felt that his vampire side was even more dangerous. It could hardly be kept in check with the pills, and Yuki had taken it upon herself to offer her sacred blood to him! That just made the pureblood's blood boil. He had confronted Zero on that matter obviously, making sure that he would never drink from Yuki again –how dare he put her life in danger? He offered his blood instead.

It took a few hours of persuasion and slight violence to make Zero succumb to his will. Kaname grit his teeth angrily at remembering that night. That was the first time his impatience had shown itself so quickly. Quickly, he calmed himself and resumed walking to Kaien's office –he hadn't even noticed he paused in his step.

The chilly autumn air brushed gently against his skin, lifting some of the leaves from the ground –making some of them brush over his shoes or his pants. He noted to have the gardeners sweep up the leaves. It made the grounds look very unkempt –also, it made them slippery. It would not do to have one of the students get injured just because they didn't clean up the foliage.

As he neared Kaien's office, a scent of sweet smelling potpourri hit his senses. It wasn't too overbearing, and it smelt a bit like cinnamon, as well as roses. Kaname wondered if Yuki knew how to make them and if she was the one in possession of the potpourri. He decided to take a little detour; Kaien couldn't possibly mind if he was a little late.

But when he got there, it wasn't Yuki that he found. It was Zero sitting on a bench with a cardboard box filled with potpourri ingredients –finished potpourri bags were laid out in front of him in rows. Kaname raised an eyebrow at the scene; he did not know that Zero had the ability to do something artistic like this. He wondered if Zero knew how to paint but quickly dismissed the thought. Anyone could make potpourri as long as they followed directions –drawing was a whole different story.

He growled lowly to himself when Zero suddenly started to complain about Yuki.

"How dare she leave me to do all of this myself?" Zero grumbled. "She told me that she would help me with a half of them! Not a quarter of them. What a lazy bum…"

So Yuki was here after all. Of course she was; there was no way that Zero would have done this on his own will. He turned away to head back on his course to Kaien's office. It was just Zero, nothing interesting. Kaname turned a heel, walking away.


Zero knew that Kaname was standing there watching him. He was too worn out to argue right now though, so he did his best to continue working and ignored the pureblood. He grumbled about Yuki to himself, hoping that maybe it would make the vampire go away. He was getting tired of all of this. Kaname berating him, reminding him that he was a disgusting monster –just like them. Yuki also reminded him that he was a vampire, though it wasn't intentional; she just wanted to help him in some way. But he couldn't help but feel the way he did.

He brought a potpourri bag up to his nose and took a deep breath, letting the scent wash over him. His back was turned to Kaname, but he knew that the pureblood was walking away.

"Damn my life." Zero cursed silently and continued to work on the bags. They were for a stupid party that Kaien wanted to throw –and the crazy man told him that he wouldn't make him attend if he did this. Zero wondered how much of that promise was true. Then again, Kaien wasn't that stupid. He probably noticed that something was off about Zero and would let him off this time.

He tied the bows onto the bags and put them all back into the box. The silver haired male wiped his hands on his pants, stood up, and dusted his uniform off. . Zero then bent down and carried the box on his side, heading in the opposite direction of Kaname.

He thought of Kaname often, but the reason why he was irritated at the pureblood all the time wasn't because he –Zero- fancied Yuki. That was just gross. How could he love that girl? He thought of her more as family and saw Kaname as a threatening figure –just like how the Kuran saw him. That's why he felt he had to protect Yuki from the threat. The reason why he was always irritated at the pureblood was because he was, dare he say it, slightly attracted to him. It was amazing that he had managed to hide it for so long. The hunter had always tried to keep his distance from the vampire for fear that he would do something stupid and "out of character."

Zero punched himself mentally over and over again. He hated himself for being attracted to the pureblood. He didn't even believe in his feelings at first, berating himself for even thinking about Kaname that way. Kuran Kaname was a monster and he was a hunter.Kaname was the bad guy and he was the good guy –with bad boy attributes. But when Kaname told him that he was also one of the, "blood-sucking monsters" he felt a strange pain in his heart. And when Kaname called Yuki affectionately, he couldn't help the large amount of envy that traveled up his spine. He had once called Yuki a "bitch" in his mind when he saw them together. Zero thought that he was officially going crazy.

He even thought of enrolling himself into an asylum when he started to have…dreams of Kaname. It wasn't the kind of dream where they were fighting, killing each other, or about the pureblood proposing to Yuki. No, it was the kind of dream where he was moaning underneath Kaname –and it wasn't the painful kind of moan, no, they were moans of ridiculous pleasure.Every other day he'd have new messed up pants that he'd have to throw into the wash –even the sheets had to be washed!

Zero's face reddened in embarrassment and he shook his head, hoping that the color of his face was normal as he approached Yuki and her friend, Sayori.

"Oh Zero!" Yuki said happily. "You finished already? You're fast!"

"You were supposed to help me so we could get it done faster." Zero growled.

"Whoops? Was I?" Yuki rubbed the back of her head sheepishly and laughed nervously, "I got…distracted after I went on my bathroom break."

Zero scoffed and put down the box harshly, causing both girls to yelp, "Yeah, I noticed. Well, it can't be helped, I forgive you."

Yuki and Sayori's eyebrows went up in shock, "Really?"

"Yeah, it can't be helped after all. You have the memory span of a goldfish."


The silver haired hunter smirked and walked away before Yuki had a chance to get him in the gut. Not that she'd be able to anyways .


Written by Cookie