The Girl Next Door

By Angelfan15

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Pairing: B/A

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Spoilers: This is completely AU

Rating: NC-17 maybe... I haven't decided yet.

Summary: Angel Sawyer has always been the most unpopular kid in school but his whole world changes when he meets the girl next door.

Authors Notes: I hope you all enjoy this fic, I am still working on She's A Star, it will be coming soon! Don't forget to leave feedback!

Sorry for the shortness of this chapter, I am setting everything up!

Chapter 1: Loserville

Angel Sawyer stood in the parking lot of Sunnydale High staring at Cordelia Chase. Cordelia is the captain of the cheer leading squad and the most popular girl in school, she would never even give Angel a second glance even if she didn't already have a boyfriend. Angel was the smartest kid in school there for no one liked him. His two best friends were his only friends, their names were Charles Gunn the kid from the wrong side of the tracks and Francis Allen Doyle the poorest kid in school. Everyone just called them Gunn and Doyle, though. All three of the boys were misfits at Sunnydale High School but this year Angel was determined to be someone. He didn't want his last year of high school to suck like all of the other years. This year he was finally going to get a girlfriend, have his first kiss and he hoped to have sex but if that was pushing it then the sex could wait. He was sick of being the kid who had never had a girlfriend, he was 17 years old and had never been kissed. It was just pathetic.

The girl he had his hopes set on was the one and only Cordelia Chase. She was the most beautiful girl he had every seen. Doyle agreed. They were both in love with her but they knew they didn't stand a chance. Angel hoped this year was different.

A short black haired boy wearing a ugly shirt walked along side a tall African American man with large muscles.

"Hey man, what are you doing?" The African American asked.

Angel tore his gaze away from Cordelia to turn to his friends. "Hey Gunn."

"Don't tell me you are torturing yourself because of Cordelia Chase. Give it up! Both of you! She is far to bitchy to even look at you, plus the girls got a boyfriend.." Gunn told his friends.

Angel knew Gunn was right. He was right about a lot. For a D student Gunn was smarter then Angel when it came to life. Gunn was the whole reason Angel started to work out. Gunn had told him he couldn't just sit around a mope all the time, he needed to get out and live life. So he started weight training with his best friend, he looked good now even if it didn't get him any girls he still felt a little better about himself.

"I know, you are right and I should give up."Angel nodded as they walked through the parking lot to Sunnydale High. "I just cant help it, I want this year.."

"To be different." Both of his friends said at the same time.

Angel looked at them. "What can I say, I don't want to be a loser anymore."

Angel and his friends walked through the hallway to their next class after lunch. Angel saw Cordelia making out with her boyfriend, Percy. When the warning bell rang Cordelia stepped away from her boyfriend and joined her friends to go to class as all the other students walked to their classes too. Percy stayed by the lockers with the rest of his football player friends. When they saw Angel, Doyle and Gunn walking down the hall Percy knocked Angel's books out of his hands and shoved him against the lockers while a few of the other football played took Doyle's backpack and started to go threw it throwing papers out on to the floor.

"Hey!" Gunn shouted.

Percy glared at Gunn. "This doesn't have anything to do with you street kid."

"They're my friends so it does." Gunn stepped towards them.

Percy didn't want to get in a fight with Gunn, he slammed Angel against the locker one time. "Stay away from my girl."

Angel bent down to pick up his stuff not saying a word. Doyle helped him while Gunn watched Percy and his jerk friends walk away. "Jack ass'. But he has a point, you are always undressing his girlfriend with your eyes."

"To do that I would have to know what a woman looks like with no clothes on... right?" Angel asked his bald friend.

Doyle stood up. "You never even looked on the internet?"

Gunn laughed. "Do it tonight. You wont regret it."

"Man, there are even girls that will let you watch them screw LIVE... for the right price." Doyle nudged Angel with his elbow.

Angel gave his friends a odd look. "Don't you guys have better stuff do do with your time? Like study? Oh! Shoot! We are late for class!"

Doyle and Gunn watched their friend hurry down the hallway in the direction of their class, they both shrugged then walked towards the exit of the school.

Angel made his way to the parking lot where he saw his best friends sitting in the bed of Gunn's old truck. "Where were you guys? You weren't in any of our afternoon classes."

Doyle laid back on the truck.

"You see man, the morning classes are just so we have somewhere to sleep. After lunch we are good." Gunn laughed.

Angel shook his head. "This is senior year! You cant pull this stuff again! You need to go to class so you can get into college."

"Not going." Gunn shrugged.

Doyle put his arms behind his head as a pillow. "That is what Community College is for."

Angel sighed. "Whatever. Let's go."

The three boys always drove home together after school but before they went home they stopped off at the convenient store. They always sent Angel in to get the snacks while they waited in the truck. Angel got back in the truck and passed out the snacks. Gunn unwrapped a twinkie, putting half of it in his mouth and pulled out of the parking lot. They normally went to Weatherly Park to hang out while they finished their snacks but Angel said he wanted to get home to finish his homework. His friends of coursed rolled their eyes at him.

As they turned down Revello Drive to Angel's house they saw a beautiful blonde girl walking down the side walk wearing a bikini top and shorts that showed the bottom of her ass. All three boys watched as she swayed her hips. She turned to look at the truck when she noticed it started to swerve to the other side of the road where there was a car driving. Gunn looked in the direction the girl was looking, grabbing the wheel turning back into the right lane he yelled "Shit!" When the boys looked back towards the girl, she was gone.

"You both saw her too right?" Gunn asked his friends.

Angel nodded.

"Fine piece of ass." Doyle smiled.

Angel looked around. "Where did she go?"

"I gotta find out who she is. I have GOT to get me some of her." Gunn said pulling into the drive way at Angel's house.

After Gunn and Doyle dropped Angel off he went upstairs to do his homework, he finished it faster then he thought he would. Angel turned on his CD player and laid on his bed singing the lyrics of the song to himself. He noticed a light come on next door but the last he knew no one was living there. The house next door had been empty for months. Angel sat up on his bed to get a better look out his bedroom window. He saw a glimpse of a small body moving around the room. Someone must have moved in, he just didn't know when. He got off his bed and looked closer. It was a girl. But not just any girl it was the girl from earlier that almost caused him and his friends to get in a car accident. He couldn't believe the hot girl that Gunn said he was going to hook up with was his new neighbor!

Angel's eyes widened as he watched her take her shirt off and throw it on the floor. Angel licked his lips not taking his eyes off the girl next door. She was wearing her bikini top under the shirt she had taken off. She reached back to untie the top of her small bathing suite, as it fell off her chest to the floor she turned. Angel started to breathe heavily when she turned, he could see the side of her breast. He started to get light headed, hoping she would turn all the way around so he could see her. Instead shimmied out of her tight shorts and grabbed a large shirt. When she put it on she turned completely around, Angel was a little disappointed that it was a mans shirt that she was wearing. He watched her leave the room, he went back over to his bed to lay down. He almost saw his first naked girl!