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Chapter 19: Miss. Hits-A-Lot

When the plane landed Buffy went over to the large screen with the flights listed to make sure Xander's flight was still on time. He was going to be getting in about a half hour after their flight. They made their way to Xander's gate to wait for him and then they would go to baggage claim. Doyle was worried someone else would claim his baggage, Cordelia made a remark that if someone else did end up claiming his then they would just find it in the dumpster later because no one else was deranged enough to actually wear those clothes. Buffy ignored the others bickering behind her and tried to look over and around the people walking past, trying to spot Xander. When Buffy shrieked Angel quickly turned his head to look at her, hoping nothing happened to her, the three others stopped bickering to look in her direction when they saw her take off running. They watched her jump into the waiting arms of a dark haired man.

"Jeez Buff, you would think I just got back from war or something'." Xander smiled, hugging his best friend close.

Buffy laughed and was about to make a remark back when her smile fell from her face, she didn't expect to see the person who had just walked off the same plane as her best friend. The person who was now standing there, watching her with a small smile.

Buffy pulled away from Xander and walked away, not knowing what just took place the four teenagers followed her. Doyle was excited when he noticed she was making her way to the baggage claim. When they got there Buffy told a man what flight they had been on and asked if their luggage had come out yet, he pointed her in the direction of some unclaimed luggage while Xander and his friend checked the board to see where their luggage was coming in at and made their way to Baggage Claim D. Once everyone had their luggage they used the Hotel Shuttle outside the airport because they couldn't all fit into a cab, even if it was a van.


Buffy stood glaring at Xander with her arms crossed over her chest while he checked into the Hotel Suite. Cordelia, Angel and his friends still didn't know what was going on. Gunn looked to the left where the still un-introduced member of their party was standing with an amused look on his face. "Angel, you know her a lot better than I do but Buffy being this quite isn't normal…right?" Gunn asked his best friend.

Angel narrowed his eyes at his girlfriend trying to figure out what could be bothering her. "It is when she is upset about something."

"You ready?" Xander asked everyone when he left the counter. "We are the top floor."

Everyone left their luggage as the bellboy started to put it on a cart, Doyle grabbed his luggage away from the man and gave him a paranoid look.

"My God! Just give the man your ugly suitcase, it's his job!" Cordelia exclaimed. "Besides, what is he going to do? Steal it? I'm sure he has better taste than that."

Doyle scrunched up his face in disapproval but let go of the suitcase as the man was lightly tugging on it.


All seven members of the group packed into the elevator to go up to the top floor where their Suite was. Buffy got in last with her arms still cross, Angel watched her very closely from next to her. While the Bellboy went into another elevator. Buffy was the first out and walked down the hall until she found the right door and watched for Xander to catch up because he still had the room keys. Once Xander opened the door she pushed past him grabbing him by the arm and dragging him into the closest room with a door on it, once they were inside she slammed the door shut. Angel walked over to the door and pressed his ear against it to hear what was going on.

"Why the hell did you bring him?" Buffy said in a harsh voice.

Angel raised his eyebrows at the tone of his girlfriend's voice, Xander's friend walked over to the Bellboy and took out a twenty dollar bill. "This might be awhile."

"Well sorry, I thought it would be nice for you to see him." Xander said back to her.

"After how things ended with him? We weren't even on a happy note!" Buffy said in the same harsh voice.

"You two had a good thing going for a while and last time we had an in depth conversation you and your little boyfriend were at a low point and you didn't know if he wanted to be with you." Xander said back in a harsh voice of his own. "So don't blame me for your lack of communication."

Buffy turned her back on Xander, walking towards the door. "Just keep your friend away from me."

"The only reason I'm friends with him is because of you!" Xander shouted at her back.

Angel took a step back when Buffy quickly opened the door, she walked past him and went straight for the man who was standing by the couch. "Ello Lo..."

Before he could finish she punched him in the nose causing him to stumble back slightly and hit the back of his legs on the couch. He fell back on the couch and touched his hand to his nose to see if there was any blood. "We good now, Love?" he asked, standing back up.

She punched him again. "Now I'm good." Buffy said walking out of the room. "And I'm not your love."

He touched his nose again, this time there was blood. "She still got that right hook."

"It's Buffy…" Xander said with a small smile, looking in the direction his best friend just stormed off in. "would you expect anything less?"

"Not at all." He smiled, going over to the freezer to get some ice.

Angel didn't know if he should go after her or if she was in a really bad mood that he might get punched too.

"Okay." Xander said turning to the four teenagers. "Long over-due introductions. I'm Xander and this here is my friend Spike, which you can tell by the gross red stuff now gushing from his nose Buffy doesn't like him very much."

"Why?" The brunette girl asked.

Xander shrugged. "They had this whole dating thing going on and it ended badly. You must be Cordelia."

The girl nodded.

"And you…" Xander pointed to Gunn.

"Gunn." He filled in then pointed to next to him. "This guy with the death grip on his suitcase is Doyle and the Edward Cullen look-a-like here is Angel."

"Hey!" Angel interrupted. "I look nothing like Edward Cullen."

"Angel, huh." Xander held out his hand for his best friend's boyfriend. "I have heard a lot about you. I actually wanted to meet you when I was in Sunnydale but Buffy said you were out of town."

Angel nodded shaking his hand. "I wanted to meet you also. Buffy talks about you a lot too."

"That girl is a talker." Xander laughed


Buffy sat out on the balcony, she went out there to cool off. She got pretty upset when she saw Spike but now she was calm and watching the people down below near the pool. She wondered what everyone else was doing and if maybe they wanted to go down where the groups of people where.

"'ey Goldilocks." Spike cautiously came out of the sliding glass doors that lead to the balcony.

Buffy glanced over at him and let out a sigh. "Hey."

"Still pissed?"

Buffy shook her head. "Not completely."

"Calm 'nough that I won't need medical attention if I sit?" Spike asked pointing to the chair next to her.

"No promises." She said looking back off the balcony then turned back to Spike. "It felt really good hitting you, like REALLY good."

Spike laughed. "Felt like you enjoyed it."

"I might have to do it again." She smiled. "Soon."

"In that case…" Spike tossed something at her. "I might have to actually keep my white flag."

Buffy looked at him confused but caught it, it was her bikini top. "Hey! You went through my stuff!"

"Not my fault. Your new boy toy was putting your stuff in the dresser." He shrugged. "It was just sitting there, I couldn't resist. He's a little young for you isn't he?"

"Have you been talking to my mom?"

Spike smiled. "Actually, yes."

Buffy narrowed her eyes playfully. "He is young compared to you."

"Touche." He laughed. "Can you believe it…I am going to be the big three oh."

"Yeah, actually… I can." Buffy leaned in closer and looked at his hair. "You've got a little…" she touched her hair near her own temple. "gray, right here."

Spike glanced down at her lower half of her body. "Yeah, and you look a little rounder in the hip area."

"That punch is quickly approaching." She smiled.


Buffy walked back into the common area in the hotel suite with Spike right behind her. "Wow, now that I am actually looking at the place it's pretty nice."

"That tunnel vision you get when you're pissed." Spike smirked. "All you could see was me, just like in your dreams."

Buffy reached back and swiftly punched Spike in the stomach without looking at him. "Don't make me throw up." then smiled at the rest of the group. "After I check this place out you guys want to go down to the pool?"

"Yes!" Cordelia smiled. "I need to work on my tan!"

Doyle looked over at Cordelia, wasn't she already tan?

Buffy smiled back at her friend and walked further into the common room. She tried not to laugh when she walked past the large white corner couch that Spike had landed on not very long ago. She always wanted a corner couch but the way her living room was set up she couldn't have one. She walked around the silver bar counter that separated the kitchen from the common area. "I think this is nicer than my own kitchen." She saw a coffee maker on the counter and pointed to it. "This is just like my coffee maker… or the one I used to have before it went and broke."

"The coffee maker I got you broke?!" Xander asked a little upset.

Buffy nodded. "But Angel got me a new one. Speaking of…" she glanced at Angel. "Whatcha makin' me?"

Angel smiled, knowing exactly what she meant. "Anything you want."

"Yay!" Buffy jumped in excitement. "but first… care to show me the bedroom?"

"Here we go." Gunn muttered as Angel made his way over to his girlfriend and put his arms around her waist. "We are never going to the pool now."

Angel glared at Gunn as he guided Buffy in the direction of their room.

"You should really get a huge sign that says you are having sex and put it on the door. I don't need to be walking in on that again." Doyle shouted after the couple.

"Again?!" Cordelia, Xander and Spike all said in unison.

Gunn threw his hands up. "Don't go there, I don't need the image back in my brain."

To be continued…