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Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.
Andy Warhol

The breaths were frantic; the air was hot and filled with anticipation of passionate sex. Words were not necessary and actions were voluntarily. Shirts were hurriedly removed as were bras, pants unzipped and flung across the room. Underwear was slipped off by the blonde girl but the large breasted Sakura did not have the need as she had not worn any.

Sakura pulled in her lifelong friend Ino as they embraced in a kiss. They pulled apart only for the need for air before resuming their love making ritual. Slowly they made their way onto the bed. The pair fell as two bodies but landed as one. Sakura on top assumed the role of the more dominant role and felt her way around the beautiful landscape of Ino's body. Ino on the other hand was not content just laying there, she herself making use of her hands as her tongue danced with Sakura's. Shortly it had reached the point of the wall-That frustrating yearn of desire to do more than just kiss or feel one another up. Ino had already started to tease Sakura by moving her fingers delicately up and down her inner thigh. Sakura was struggling not to yell at Ino just to fuck her already. Her sex was burning with anticipation of what was to come. The gasps of the women had started to become more noticeable as the teasing continued. Sakura began nibbling lightly on the nipple of the blonde. Ino on the other hand had decided to finally pleasure Sakura. Her fingers moved up and down the entrance to Sakura's womanhood. This gave Sakura pleasure but not as much as what was about to happen.

Ino spread the lips of her friend's pussy and began to finger her which caused Sakura to stop snacking on her breast.

'Just fuck me you bitch' moaned Sakura taking heavy breaths. Ino now had two fingers entering Sakura's pussy with her other fingers. They shared a hungry kiss, Ino continuing to pleasure Sakura.

'Oh-my-God' was all Sakura could say. Ironically all she could think of was how much better Ino did it than Naruto did. She felt more comfortable with Ino and got more pleasure out of the experience. She also gave more pleasure too. Sakura shifted positions slightly causing Ino to stop. Sakura moved her head down to Ino's neck where she began to gnaw. Ino simply could not restrain herself. She popped her drenched Sakura-scented fingers into her mouth and savoured the taste as she began work on her own clit. Sakura was moving down slowly, kissing everywhere... breast... stomach... waist...thighs...and then she stopped. She had never gone down on a female and had not planned to, but caught in the heat of the moment it would be cruel not to. Ino seemed oblivious to it all trapped in her own fantasy land of bliss. Sakura thought if she left now Ino wouldn't realise for at least another ten minutes. But no, she had to do this...she wanted to do this.

Sakura didn't know what quite to expect. She had heard rumours of how it smelt and taste. She recalled a sketchy memory of when she overheard Naruto bragging about their love making sessions to Shikamaru. Words like "salty", "fishy" and "musky" sprung out to her. However so far it seemed alright. Her tongue whirled around inside her friend who seemed reluctant to keep fingering herself whilst Sakura ate her out. Sakura was feeling too nervous to breathe through her nose in fear of tasting what she had just done. After a few gulps of air she went back down on the shaven pussy. Her tongue resumed work of exploring the foreign place. It reached around the sides of the labia but Sakura quickly learnt that the clit was the part of pleasure. Ino screamed shouts of praise as well as letting out many encouraging moans. Sakura was so aroused by all this that she herself had started to get wet in between her thighs though Ino was not touching her. Ino however was at a far further point then just being wet. She was on the point of climax.

'I-I'm bout' t-to cum!' she whined. Sure enough in the next few moments of furious fucking she did. Her orgasm ran through her entire body, her sensitive areas in an electric euphoria. Sakura had moved back up to face Ino. 'That was...amazing' said Ino still coming down from her sexual high. The pair leaned in to embrace and Ino withdrew from the kiss tasting herself on her lips. The women laid in each other's arms, moulded into one. Legs interlaced so that their genitals touched and their breasts were squished together. 'Let me repay the favour' said Ino enticingly. Sakura would have obliged but she remembered her husband.

'I'm sorry Ino' said Sakura jumping off the bed to search for her clothes, 'but Naruto will be coming back from a mission soon and I have to get dinner ready.' Ino wanted to argue but she knew it would be best if Sakura went now.

'Same time tomorrow?' Asked Sakura pulling on her pants. Ino let out a smile, 'Sounds good.'

'Tastes better' said Sakura cheekily, before leaving a naked Ino to herself.

Author's Note: So that's the first instalment of Erotic Tales of Sakura and Ino. Tell me what you liked and disliked about this first part. This was just a warm up of things to come. I also would like to know if anyone would be interested in knowing how Sakura and Ino started to have sex daily. AND, I can include some particular fetishes if you like. I'll write about pretty much any fetish as long as it has nothing to do with bugs, cos' that stuff is just...whack. Please leave a comment so I know at least some people want to read more. Oh and timeline wise, this is about 7-8 years in the future from Shippuden. And yes, Sakura and Naruto are married. Thanks for getting horny over my writing,

-Sage of Tosaku-