"Tenten?" said Hinata bewildered.

"That's right blue pubes. Now prepare to have some real fun." And with that, Tenten sprung into the house, slammed the door, and flung open her trench coat to reveal a thick six inch dick. And this was a real one. It wasn't a flimsy dildo glued onto her waist or a vibrator as Sakura had donned. It was a fleshy stick of meat that protruded from Tenten unnaturally yet was somewhat enticing at the same time.

Sakura started to ask questions but Tenten ignored her.

"Fuck now, ask later" said Tenten grabbing Hinata and pulling her back over to Sakura.

Ino dried her red eyes with her umpteenth tissue and gave her nose a hearty blow. Splayed out on her bed she couldn't care less of what was happening out there, but she had heard a door open and close. Was that Hinata going home? Or was Sakura going out to buy an extravagant dildo for her new lover? After tossing and turning for a bit she thought best to check. It wasn't quite what she expected but then again who would expect Hinata to be gagging on what looked like Tenten's dick while Sakura worked feverishly on the blue haired girls pussy.

Out of the edges of her eyes Sakura saw Ino with a twisted look on her face. It was up to her whether or not she would join in; Sakura was not going to waste a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity just because Ino was being a jealous bitch. Focusing back on what was at hand, or tongue rather, Hinata tasted sweet. Like blueberries laced in a delicate honey she thought. Although, Sakura was not eating Hinata's pancake toppings, she was having a far better dish.

Hinata started to squirm as she slowly reached climax. Having Sakura between her hot sex and Tenten's meat in her mouth was very satisfying, yet also tiring. Hinata slowed her head motions, greatly displeasing Tenten.

"What's up blue pubes too much cock for you?" Tenten spoke fiercely but with a smile on her face. Withdrawing her saliva covered dick from Hinata's mouth she gave it a few strokes before she ejaculated her hot load all over Hinata's face. Hinata shuddered with disgust instinctively moving her hands to her face, in the process becoming unbalanced on top of Sakura. Hinata could not see in her position what had happened but she heard Sakura moan. Perhaps by chance she was suffocating on her pussy, Hinata thought. Again Sakura let out a deep sound of pleasure. Going with her gut Hinata started to grind her crutch on what she presumed was Sakura's face. In her mind she tried to make out Sakura's features as she slid up and down. A slight bump would be her nose delving temporarily into her. Smooth glossiness signified Sakura's cherry blossom lip nibbling at Hinata's lower flesh.

An onlooking Tenten stood attentive as did her freshly erect penis watching the glorious fantasy. She had not noticed Ino before when she intruded on the love making festivities, but now she furiously stroked her erection as she focused on the blond giving oral to Sakura. Hinata seemed to be enjoying herself too, oblivious to the fact that Sakura was almost at climax with Ino's tongue inside her.

Sakura desperately tried to continue to fuck Hinata without unleashing her orgasm, she was never one to finish before a job which was not yet complete. However, she found this extremely difficult. Was this what Ino did when she was upset with her? Give her amazing, mind-blowing sex? Sakura made note to make Ino pissed off more often.

"Owwhhh" wailed Hinata in her high whiny cum voice signifying orgasm. At last Sakura could let her barriers to be broken. Already on an incredible sexual high, she massaged her upper pussy lips to push her over the edge, as Ino continued to whirl her tongue inside her. A rush of bliss shot throughout her body as her back arched in delight.

Sakura glanced at Ino who was wiping her mouth. Ino met her gaze and they held an eerie silence. Sakura tried her best to decipher what Ino was thinking, looking into her shimmering blue-green eyes. She saw glimpses of anguish and sadness but for the most part Ino gave nothing away.

It was clear however what Tenten was thinking.

"My god you lot, that was outstanding!" she praised. "Now who is gonna' let me fuck em'?"

When nobody volunteered she turned to Hinata.

"What about you blue pubes, wanna' have a real cock inside that tight vag of yours!" said Tenten bluntly still tugging her erection.

Hinata burnt red and shook her head.

Tenten sighed. "Sakura?"

Sakura too did not say a word, simply getting up to start searching for her clothes.

"Take that as no then." Tenten turned to Ino. 'I don't spose' you..."

Ino parted her legs. "Go on then. Have me."

Sakura did a double take as she reached for her shirt.

"Ino are you sure you are ready...after Kiba and all I thought you might not-"

"Shut up Sakura!" yelled Ino.

Sakura mumbled something under her breath and left the room, still half naked. Hinata shot nervous looks all over the room before declaring her leave as well, hurriedly getting dressed before making an exit.

"Listen Ino, I don't know what the fuck is going on, besides I'm horny and about to cum" burbled Tenten.

"Well then, I'd say you better finish off" said Ino, implying that she was ready. Tenten did not hesitate again, mounting Ino in a flash. Her breathing started to quicken and her voice sharpened, "Just a little more" she panted.

Ino was forcing herself not to cry in pain. This was terrible. Why did she have to be so headstrong and defiant towards Sakura? Memories filled with dread and horror exploded in her mind. A sound of tenderness escaped her lips in fear.

"Oh baby you're gonna cum too!" grinned Tenten, still thrusting her throbbing stalk into Ino.

"OH GOD!" cried Ino in agony.

"OH GOD!" cried Tenten in a moan of heavenly relief, releasing her hot semen into Ino's aching swollen cunt.

Ino had not moved since the ordeal was over. Her eyes followed Tenten as she retrieved her coat, over one delicate shoulder and then the other. Adjusting the front so her tits would not fall out and then turning to Ino.

"I trust this has taught both of you a lesson" said Tenten manner-of-factly.

"Huh?" said Ino, brow raised. "What do you mean?"

"Oh puh-lease" said Tenten leaning over the top of Ino. "I know it was Sakura who stole my summoning scroll"

Still Ino did not understand.

"Don't play dumb with me missy. The Sexy Armoury Summoning Jutsu. That was mine. You don't honestly think anyone else-let alone Sakura, could make such an extensive tool summoning jutsu."

Something clicked in Ino's brain as she remembered...yes of course that would make sense...but...

"How did you know it was Sakura who took the scroll?" Asked Ino suddenly jumping up.

"A girl has her ways," smirked Tenten, before planting a wet kiss on Ino's cheek and dashing out of the door.

Ino began to ponder the events that had just taken place, but did not get much of a chance. Out of nowhere a wave of shocking torture tore through Ino's body. The pain was too much, she could not physically stand. Falling to the ground everything became blurry. She heard Sakura racing back into the room, pleading Ino to stay awake, but soon enough Sakura's pleas were drowned out by a strange fuzziness that inhumed Ino.

Author's Note: *Gasp* Tragedy! Obviously a sequel to the three-some, but with an inspired nasty twist (to some that is). And as some of you may have picked up I included an Easter Egg, see if you can find it! Also, there are still some questions left unanswered that will be resolved in the FINAL three tales. Alas, the next Tale will be about how Sakura and Ino started these erotic adventures, and hopefully those of you are somewhat interested in the plot will be pleased with the end result. I can safely say I will never attempt a three-some (and plus) scene again as they are murder to write. To extend one of my classically long Author Note's I would just like to say a big thank you to my reviewers and reader for being patient, and as to why I have decided to cut the series, what some would call short, is because I would like to devote my full attention to another Tale, one of which I hope to release shortly after the end of this one. I can assure you it will be like nothing done before!* Cheers guys, hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a brilliant New Year.

Your Lover,

-Sage of Tosaku-

*At least to my knowledge based off five minutes of research.