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"Fuck me till' I cum!" screamed Ino in bliss. Sakura continued to mash and grind her sex into Ino's. "Does that feel good, huh does it?"

"Oh please Sakura more, more, more!"


"Like it when I do that?"


"I'm bout' t-to to..."


Waking up from her dream she was face to face with Sakura. "I'm sorry to disturb you" she said, "but you started to squirm around and I thought you were having a nightmare."

"Far from it"

"What was that?"

Ino shook her head. "Nothing." Without even needing to touch herself she knew she her panties were wet-and not with pee either. The dream had that effect on her? Never before had she doubts about her sexuality until the past twelve hours.

"Anyway I just wanted to see if you were alright, I'll visit you again tomorrow morning before I go to work." Sakura was already at the front door before Ino had built up the courage to shout out.

"Wait, Sakura don't go!" Ino had no idea what she was going to say next, but as long as Sakura was in the house she still had a chance of purveying these fantasies and curiosities further. "What's up?" Sakura returned quickly in fears that Ino was indeed not well.

"Can we just talk for a bit?"

"I'd love to but Naruto will be waiting for dinner, his got some big mission tomorrow so I don't want to keep him waiting."

Ino motioned to the side of her bed. "Just sit down for a minute I'm sure he won't-

Sakura walked over to her friend and placed her hands in hers. "Sweety I know you are worried about Kiba, just don't think about it, OK?"

"One more thing" said Ino pivoting up and around so she was sitting on the edge of her bed. Slowly she stood up. Only slightly taller than Sakura she felt no need to bend down. Simply moving in closer until she entered some weird world, where time stopped and all that could be heard was Sakura's sharp intake of breath and Ino's pounding heartbeat as she kissed her best friend gently on the lips.

Ino was first to pull back to see Sakura's reaction. A shroud of shock and bewilderment covered her face like a pall.

Before Ino had a chance to announce that she would be committing suicide immediately on terms of extreme embarrassment, her mouth became occupied with entertaining the sweet cherry lips that could only belong to Sakura. Ino could literally spend the rest of her night devouring Sakura's delicious lips; however she was slightly taken back when she felt the presence of a foreign tongue in her mouth. Perhaps Sakura wanted to experiment too?

Ino felt herself be nudged onto to the bed, her eyes still shut in fear that this was yet another teasing dream. Alas it was not. Kissing until there was a need for air, the two had a slight glance at one another before continuing. Things from there started to move quickly. Hands were touching breasts, and small gasps were elicited between breaks of passionate kissing. Shirts were removed in haste, revealing Sakura's black bra, and Ino's naked busty chest. Sakura on top, began to explore with her hands feeling the mounds and groves of her friend. As the curious fingers moved over Ino's erect nipples, and into her sweatpants.

Ino had only ever had herself in her pants. Kiba didn't count. She suddenly grew sensitive to every touch Sakura was making down there. What should she do? Just enjoy it, or return the favour somehow? This was all so new and exciting. Sakura tilted her head from Ino so she could focus all her attention on something else. Pulling off Ino's sweats, whom was almost naked save for a pair of full cotton red panties, Sakura moved her head down Ino's body, making sure to stop along the way. Breasts...Nipples... Stomach... Waist...Thigh...Ino didn't know how much more she could bear. All the anticipation was pushing her close to orgasm, and Sakura hadn't even touched her sopping cunt yet! Feeling her panties moved aside, she waited anxiously. She wanted nothing more than to have Sakura's tongue swirling inside her pussy. The wait felt like hours, but in reality it was no more than seven seconds.

"Ino I can't" Sakura said, pushing herself off the bed, grabbing her shirt and making her leave. This wasn't what Ino had expected, nonetheless she followed her friend. "Sakura hold on!" Making a move to get off the bed fast was the wrong decision. She wasn't quite healed yet. Ignoring the gripping pain she waddled after Sakura. She finally caught up to her as she was pulling on her medic's coat. "Did I do something wrong? I'm so sorry Sa-"

"No I'm sorry Ino. It's just I've been so horny lately. Naruto has either been away on missions or been spending the few nights I am at home at the sake bar. I didn't mean to take advantage of your situation."

"Did you forget it was me who went to kiss you"

"Oh please Ino, I practically forced you into it. Why else would I come here this late at night? You would've been right till' tomorrow. I really just wanted to see you." And fuck you, she thought.


"Please forget this happened, Ino. I gotta' go. I will check on you tomorrow though-But strictly professionally. I hope you still trust me." Sakura left before Ino could object further. Suddenly she remembered she was almost completely naked and felt stupid. Childish. Idiotic. And something else she couldn't quite put her finger on.

Sakura opened the door to her modest apartment she lived in with Naruto. "I'm home" A grizzly Naruto appeared in front her in the kitchen door way. "Did you pick anything up to eat"

"Well no, I thought I'd cook you something homemade since-"

"It's almost midnight. Forget about it. I'm going to the bar, don't wait up." Sakura bit her lip to resist crying. "Kay"

She had to think of something else rather than her failed marriage with the once village hero. Anything...

Somehow Sakura found herself on her bed stripping off her clothes. It had been a long day and she needed relief. Stretching out on the sheets she began to fantasize. She knew she shouldn't but all she could imagine was Ino. Her luscious blond long her, and cute furry cunt, waiting to be delighted. Sakura moved her hands down to her own sex and began to rub. She wouldn't mind if she could grind her own pussy into Ino's. Oh yeah that was the stuff. Two girls in unison pounding themselves on each other, the gooey sound of their juices in combination with their moans being the soundtrack. Sakura's other hand moved over her tits and underneath her back finding her ass. She traced the outline of her asshole, still continuing to pleasure her front. She was close now. One more thought of Ino was all she needed. Picturing Ino's cum cry as she tensed into her own powerful orgasm she let out a breath of pure relief and satisfaction.

Tomorrow she would have to try again. She would have to go back on her word. If the pure thought of fucking Ino did that to her, she could not imagine what would happen if she managed to maintain herself, and finish the job this time in real life.


If only Ino had known what Sakura felt the night after their first attempt. The emotion was raw love that needed to be cared for. She wanted Sakura bad. Not only for the physical side but to call her, her partner. Girlfriend. Whatever. It could never happen though. Not with the way things were. Ino started to feel quite ill.

"Sakura I need the toilet"

"I'll help you up" Sakura said kindly. But before Ino could accept the help, instinct and adrenaline kicked in as she realised she was going to be sick. Pushing Sakura aside and bolting to the bathroom, Ino just made it before releasing the contents of her stomach. Sakura was not far behind. "OK that's it, I'm taking you to the University to get you checked out."

"But-" Ino managed before she was forced to stick her head in the bowl again.

"No buts, I think you may be really sick"

After cleaning Ino up, Sakura carried her to the door. "I can walk, I'm fine" Sakura shook her head. "Too risky, you could collapse if you exert yourself".

As the pair made their way to the Medical University, neither of them could fathom the thought of what disaster was about to be delivered to them.

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