Star Force Reborn!

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Chapter 1

Geo was standing on a mountain. "Well, this a good thing. I can still Denpa Henkan. I can't use the Tribe On since Mu is still sealed, and there is no noise, so no Noise Change. At this point I needed the Battle Cards to Transform, so I figure that's out." He thought for a moment. "No harm in trying is there?"

He looked out towards Echo Ridge from the mountain. "Denpa Henkan! Geo Stelar, On air!"

He transformed into Star Force Mega. It's similar to the original Megaman, but Omega-xis is not present on his arm. It's just a Transer, that doesn't open. "Time to find out what works, and what doesn't." He jumped up to a Wave road. "Star Break! Ice Pegasus!" He was surrounded by a light and ended up in his old Ice Pegasus form.

-In space-

A Denpa being was looking to the earth. "Something is not right here." the voice said.

"What do you mean?" Another voice said.

"Someone has accessed my power, and I didn't even give it to him." The first one said. "Wait, it was dispelled after a few seconds."

"Lack of a good medium?" A third voice asked.

"Probably. We shall find him and watch him." The first voice replied.

-with Geo-

Geo was kneeling on the Wave Road. "Looks like I can't channel it properly without Omega-xis. I'm willing to bet the same will happen with Leo and Dragon. Let's Tribe On."

"Tribe On! Thunder Zerker!" Nothing happened. "Damn. Looks like Tribe On is off the list of usable forms. Noise Change... There's no noise right now. I won't be able to Noise Change."

He sighed. "Alright, let's go to Amaken. I'll be heading to Mr. Boreal. I've got several hours until I have to meet up with Sonia, should she get my message."

-with Sonia-

Sonia was just strumming to one of her old songs. One that no one around her would recognize. She was strumming to Heart Wave while humming the lyrics. Her manager came in. She stopped playing.

"Where is he?" Sonia asked.

"He gave a message back, thinking you'd understand it." He told her. "I don't get it one bit."

"What's the message?" Sonia asked. He repeated it. "Hmm... I get it. Make sure I've got nothing until 2 days from now, as I'm going to be out late tonight. And tell the Satella Police to keep out of Vista Point tonight. There won't be anything of interest to them. Now get lost."

"What about our deal?" He asked, his tone dangerous. "I'll be meeting him tonight, but I'm going alone. You're not coming along." She went back to strumming.

"Are you trying to upset me?"

"You lose me, you lose a lot of money, which I know, full well, that you don't want to lose." Sonia told him. "If I am not satisfied, I'm out, and you know it."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me." Sonia glared at him. He shrunk back, and left the room.

"He has no idea I have him wrapped around my finger." Sonia mused. 'Kaneda, you're a massive fool. I know that you're obsessed with money, and that will be your undoing. I know this for a fact, since you die trying to save your own money. That was when Lyra became my manager.'

-with Geo-

Geo landed right outside Amaken. 'I wonder how Mr. Boreal would feel about what truly happened...'

He walked up to the garage area, where a guard stopped him.

"I'm telling you, I'm not lying. I do know Aaron Boreal. He's a family friend." He told Tom.

"Maybe you just came to steal my research."

"Please, sir. I have no interest in whatever you're building right now. I only want to talk to someone I know I can trust." Geo told him. 'I hate having to play the idiot.'

"Ah, Geo." Mr. Boreal said, as he walked up to them.

"Do you know him?" Tom Dubious, the guard, asked.

"Yes, Tom. His father was my colleague. I've been a friend of his family ever since."

"I need to talk to you about something, Mr. Boreal. I can't let anyone else hear it though."

"Why not talk to your mother about it?"

"Because it has to be someone I know I can trust, and I don't want my mom to think I'm either crazy, or worse. You're the only other one that fits in that category." Geo replied.

He nodded. "Well then, since the designs for the engine have been decided, I can afford a short break. Let's go."

Geo nodded, and they both walked off to his office.

"Alright, what do you want to talk about?"

"A lot of things, and one of them involves my father." Geo replied.

"I've told you all I can. There's nothing else I know."

"I know. However, I know more now than I did last time I came here. A lot more. Of all people, I think you should know. It's best if my mother doesn't know, as well."

"Why is that?"

"Knowing her, she'll get overprotective, and try to stop me from doing what I have to do to bring my father back."

"What do you mean? I mean, what could you possibly want to talk about that would make her go like that?"

"Dad's alive. I know he is. He's on the remnants of the Shuttle he was on."

"Then he would be..."

"No. He's not dead. I know this because... Because I have memories of what's going to happen. I even know the full story of what happened. My father is alive, however he doesn't have a physical body anymore. He's now a Denpa Life Form. He's keeping what's left running, as is the rest of the crew. But that's not the worst of it." Geo stated.

"What do you mean? That is great news!"

Geo shook his head. "Right now, I'm the only one who can get to him. I'm also the only one can stop what's coming. Last time, and I can say this for a fact, I was doing so on my own. This time, I've got someone else to count on. I'm meeting with her tonight, and we're going to beat back the invaders. I already know she remembers everything, and in the future, we were a couple. If one didn't know any better, we would be married at that point." Geo explained everything about the FMians. "That's all about that particular matter."

"How did you stop all of that?" Mr. Boreal asked.

"You actually believe this?"

"Geo, I've heard a lot of crazy stuff, and this one takes the cake." He paused. "But the way you said it all, I can't help but believe you're saying it as if you were there."

"That's because I was, and I wasn't. A different Future. One that won't end like it did before." Geo stated. "I was older by a few years, saved the world 3 times, and Planet FM once. The second time I tried to save Planet FM, my opponent tried self-destructing. I ended up going back to the beginning. Sonia Strumm, and one other were coming along as well. I'll only be trying to change things physically, and won't be sharing most of my knowledge, except with those who know already. Meaning, Sonia Strumm and Solo are okay. You, because I actually trust you implicitly, are also allowed to know."

"Who's this Solo character?"

"If he shows up before he did last time, I'll tell you then. If not, when Mu is on the verge of being Unsealed, I will explain it to you." Geo stated. "This is something I have to do, so I hope you don't take it the wrong way."

"I see. You know about the future, but if you let too much slip, it might not happen, right?"

Geo nodded. "Then I'll back you up in any way I can. Your mother won't know about it unless she finds out herself. I won't say a word." Mr. Boreal stated.

"Thanks. I knew I could count on you." Geo said, before looking at the clock. "Wow, it's almost 7:30."

"Time sure flew by, didn't it?"

"That it did. Now I have to meet up with Sonia. I have the spot picked out already. Last time I saw you in my past life, you already knew about this." Geo said, standing up. "Denpa Henkan! Geo Stelar, on air!" He disappeared in a flash of light. He then reappeared right in front of him, but he was in Megaman form.

"What did you just do?"

"The Denpa Henkan. It happens when a Denpa Life Form merges with a Human. I'll give you a list about who's who tomorrow. I'll have to draw it up, first. Just be careful of Tom Dubious. He's the chosen one of Cygnus, who wants to destroy the planet. He also has trust issues, so make sure he doesn't realize it. I'm out."

"Wait!" He was already gone. "That kid is gonna be in a lot of trouble real soon." He then noticed the sun was setting.

-Vista Point-

Geo was laying down on the grass at Vista Point, watching the stars pop out. Someone was walking up to him, since it's been 25 minutes since he started.

"I say don't be late, and you come early." Geo said, not even bothering to look at the arrival.

"You know you like the fact that I found you quickly." A female voice stated.

"Yeah, I know." Geo said. "So, how are we gonna do this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Omega-xis is bound to come tonight. I wanted you to be there tonight. We both know that the Forced Denpa Henkan can be overridden by an excessive amount of Emotions, and that's why I wanted you here. You can help me regain me consciousness, if needed." Geo explained.

Sonia sighed. "So that's that's why you wanted to be here with no one else. Are you sure there wasn't another reason?"

"I'll admit I'd want something to happen, but right now, I don't think it's a good idea." He took off his visualizer, and handed it to her. "Put these on. They're not as accurate as they were when we got sent back, but that will change after a while."

"You're letting me use your father's visualizer?"

"Why not?" Geo replied. "Among everyone in this time period, you're the only one I'd trust with it."

"What about you?"

"I've still got the Denpa Vision ability. I'm good. I can also become Star Force Mega, but without Omega-xis I can't even control the power of the AM Sages. That's the main problem."

Sonia nodded, and put them on. They both laid down, side by side. "What are we looking for?"

"Two wave signatures that seem to be fighting. Maybe this time I'll find out who he was fighting before he tried to take me over." They both looked to the sky.

It didn't take long for them to find it. "Hey Geo?"

"I see it, too." Geo replied. "Looks like it was Cygnus."

"Yeah, I can see that." Geo looked at her. "What do you mean?"

"The visualizer is pretty clear. The wave roads aren't completely visible, but I can see Omega-xis and Cygnus fighting."

"That's better than last time. All I saw was a bunch of shapes." Geo admitted.

"Wait... Omega-xis is heading this way." Sonia stated.

"Back up!" Sonia wasted no time, and swapped places with a small rock. Geo was hit by a light spiral. He was in his old Megaman form. The one he used with Omega-xis. His eyes were shadowed out.

"Geo!" Sonia yelled for him. His eyes came into view, and they were open. The hand then looked at them both. "Get lost!"

"Not a chance, Omega-xis." Sonia stated. The head tensed.

"How do you know who I am... and why am I not talking through the body's mouth?"

"Because I already know how to gain control, Omega-xis." Geo told him. "And I know all about you. AMian."

"What are you talking about?" Omega-xis asked.

"Looks like he doesn't remember, huh Sonia?"

"Seems that way."

"That means Lyra won't either." Geo said, deactivating the Denpa Henkan. "Hide in my Transer. You'll be safe there. Satella Police are going to find your presence as a threat. I've already got an excuse lined up for when they find us."

Sonia looked at him. "I already told Kaneda, my manager, to let the Satella Police know that nothing here tonight will interest them."

"They will still take what happened here as a threat." Geo replied.

"I guess I should thank you. But you better explain things later on."

"Don't worry, I intend to." Geo said, as Omega-xis went into his Transer. "Just stay quiet, and don't say a word. No back talking, until the other FMians start attacking."

"You... You know?" That was a sight to see.

"Now there's a sight I never thought I'd ever see." Sonia stated.

"Tell me about it. He never stuttered last time around." Geo continued.

There were sirens nearby. "There's the Satella Police. Omega-xis you're gonna need to be silent. Sonia, we were just watching the stars. Mainly to forget our own problems. Since we're so close, we came together." Sonia nodded, and then turned to the Sirens.

"Split up and search!" a man in a green trench coat ordered the others.

"Sir!" They all split up.

One of them came up to the couple. "Is something wrong, officer?" Sonia asked.

"Yes, there was an abnormal Denpa reading around this area."

"Well, we didn't notice anything until we heard the sirens." Geo stated. He looked to Sonia. "Too caught up in what we were doing."

"Are you sure about that?" He asked. "I can smell a lie a mile away. Right now, you're lying."

"No I'm not." Geo said. "I'm just stating the truth. I know full well that a Police officer is supposed to train themselves to detect lies. So why would I lie to someone that has gone through that particular training? Especially when I know they've been through that training." he shrugged.

The man analyzed his face. "Damn, that was the truth." He sighed. "Is there anyone else here that could help?"

"Not likely." Geo stated. "This place is normally secluded from 7:00PM to almost 10:00PM. I come here often. I should know this."

The man sighed. "You'll have to speak with the leader of our squad."

"I see." Sonia stated. Then she remembered something. "Didn't you guys get a call saying that nothing that would interest you guys would appear here tonight?"

The cop tensed. "How did you know?"

Sonia sighed. "I'm the one that sent in that call. Or rather, my manager did at my request. I wanted it to be a completely alone time between Geo and myself. This just ruined my night."

"The one that called in was the manager of Sonia Strumm. She wouldn't be alone if she were here."

"The press doesn't know of my relationship with Geo, and I'd like to keep it that way as along as possible." Sonia deadpanned.


"She doesn't like the press, as they never give her any privacy. I kind of help her out in that regard." Geo told him. "I tend to hide from the other students at a school they think I should go to, when I've been home-schooled for the last few months."

"Well, you can tell Detective Copper about this." The cop said. It was at that point said Detective walked up to them.

"Who are these two?" Copper asked.

"The only ones that seem to be in the area, sir."

"So, you're Detective Copper of the Satella Police, huh?" Geo asked. "I figured you wouldn't have that Antenna on your head, though."

"This Antenna allows me to find abnormal Denpa Readings. There was definitely one in this area, but now I can't sense it. It's not even going off anymore."

"Then wouldn't that mean that Strange Denpa reading is gone?" Geo asked. "If that's the case, then I think you don't have anything else to do here, and my time with her is limited, so..."

"What do you mean limited?" Copper asked, his tone cold.

"You don't know who she is?" Geo asked.

He examined her. "Sonia Strumm... That's why you were out here? To be with her?"

"Yeah, I called her out here, because I know no one else comes from 7:00 to 10:00 every night. I'm a usual visitor, so I should know. Best spot to look at the stars every night." Geo told him.

Copper groaned. "You better have an excuse for your mother, young man." He grabbed Geo's wrist, only to hear a twig snap.

"No need." Geo stated, standing on the other side of him. "She already knows I'm out with a friend, as I told her when I left Amaken to come here."

"How did you get behind me?"

"Kawarimi." Geo stated. "Sonia and I are closer than anyone else knows, and we'd both like to keep it that way. If anyone found out, the press would not only hound her for information on me, but they'd also hound my mother, and I don't want that happening, either. She can't get away from them easily. We can."

Copper grabbed both wrists, but ended up breaking two twigs. "You know, that's probably the 6th time my wrists were grabbed today."

"6th?" Sonia asked. "Why so many?"

"Luna, once. My mother once, Tom Dubious at Amaken, also once, and him for the last two times. I'm counting that last grab as two, since he grabbed both of them. So, technically he grabbed it 3 times. That's 6." Geo explained. "Unless I have my math wrong."

Copper examined him. "That is 6. I'm taking you both home. It's dangerous at night."

"We can both do Kawarimi." Sonia stated. "Someone catches us, we switch with something, and get out of there. I used it a lot when trying to get away from the press."

"And as you can see, we can be grabbed, and still get out of it." Geo added. "We're good."

Copper huffed. "I'd like to talk to your parents, kid."

Geo sighed, and gave him the number for his house. "That's the house phone. My father was claimed KIA a few months ago, and if my mother isn't home, which I highly doubt at this hour, then you should be able to find out the number for her Transer pretty easily, being a Satella Police Detective. Am I right on that?"

Copper nodded. "If you find anything out of the ordinary, call us up." He turned to his subordinates. "Men, we're leaving."

"Sir!" They all piled back in their cars.

After they were all gone, Geo and Sonia looked at each other. "That was a lucky break." Sonia stated.

"Well, now you see the next reason I wanted you here. To make that story plausible." Geo told her, before opening her Transer. "Alright, kid. You better talk."

"We'll talk about this later, Omega-xis. You might want to close your eyes and cover your ears. If I'm correct, you won't like what we're going to do now." Geo stated.

"Why should I listen to you?"

"Because you're likely to gag when you see it." Geo replied.

Sonia looked at him. "You serious?"

"Would I be telling him that, knowing full well he wouldn't like it, nor would he understand it, if I wasn't serious?" Geo raised an eyebrow.

"Point taken." Sonia said. She walked up to him, and they went for another kiss.

Omega-xis then closed his eyes and covered his ears. He had one thought. 'The kid had me figured out before I even told him about anything? Just who the fuck is this kid?'

They pulled apart. "Alright, let's go. I remember how to get around without others noticing. Our training at the Ninja Village helped a lot with that."

"No kidding." Sonia told him. "We probably should get going."

"See you soon, Sonia." Geo told her. She walked off, knowing where she'd be going. She stopped in her tracks. "I should give you the current number, since it changed from the last time we saw each other."

"My number has been the same, so just send me a message. I have no real reason to change it, you know." Geo replied.

"Alright then. At least I memorized your number before the jump. That will help." Sonia said, before running off.

"Alright, Omega-xis. You want answers, get out here, and I'll show you." Geo stated, before Omega-xis left the Transer.

"Alright, show me."

"Denpa Henkan!" Omega-xis had his eyes widen. "Geo Stelar, On air!"

"You already know of the Denpa Henkan?" Omega-xis asked.

"And I can do so on my own. After a while, I believe you should gain that ability again."


"Another story for another time." SF Mega stated. "Last time you had to tell me about the FMians. This time, there's no need for that. I already know which FMian takes over who. I also know more about you than you do."

"How so?"

"This may be our first meeting, but I've been working with you for years on my end. Mind and Experience from the Future, with the body from the past, if that makes any sense." SFM stated, before turning back to Geo. "You should combine with me again. You won't be able to take over my mind, since I've already stopped you from doing so once. Not to mention that in the future, we worked together for years."

"Fine." Omega-xis stated, as they fused properly. "Alright, let's get out of here before those cops get back."

"Agreed." Megaman said.

He went up to the Wave Road and flew off.

"You seem used to this, kid." Omega-xis said, as his left hand.

"I told you, didn't I? Body of the past, mind and experience of the future." was the reply.

"You know what kid?" Omega-xis started.

"I'm more useful than you originally thought?"

"Okay. That's just creepy." he paused. "But yeah. You're interesting."

"I already know how to handle this form, and even if we were both like this, but separate bodies, and yes it is possible, then we'd actually stand a chance against Gemini without Star Break, Tribe On, or Noise Change. We'll be trying out Star Break tomorrow. I know I can access it, but I figure that I didn't have a proper Denpa Medium to use it completely. Or it could be the fact that the first time I was able to use it, it was through those Battle Cards they turned into. I'm not completely sure to be honest."

"Kid, you're a lot better than I thought. You and I are gonna be great partners in crime."

"Just know that I don't approve of the way Planet FM is handling the Brotherband System that my father is using to connect Earth with Planet FM. It's also trying to purify it, so you know. We'll hold them off and hide the Andromeda key, which just so happens to be inside your body, long enough for Cepheus to completely purify himself, and recall the order to kill you and get the Andromeda Key so they can destroy Earth. After that, we'll be good."

They both stopped in front of a house. "This is my place, but we'll have to separate on the ground."

He jumped off and landed outside the gate to his house, deactivating the Denpa Henkan, Omega-xis returning to the Transer. "Don't talk around my mother, and make sure she doesn't become aware of your presence. You may not like it, but it's best that way."

"Fine." They walked into the house.

"Mom, I'm home."

"How was your run in with the Satella Police?" Hope asked.

"It could've been a lot worse. If I wasn't with my only friend, I probably would've been taken with them, and you would've had to get me from the station." Geo replied.

"True as that is, he said who your friend was." Hope stated, before her expression went into teasing mode. "I had no idea you've been hanging out with Sonia Strumm."

"Keep it on the down low, please. Neither of us want it to get out. Her manager had just found out this morning, apparently, and she's likely to have already wanted to take him out, or at least get away from him. That's why I hang out with her. We're close, mom. Really Close." Geo told her, his voice filled with determination.

"Well, how far have you gone?"

"No farther than lip lock, though the first time was tonight." Geo told her.

"Alright. Get ready for Bed, and hit the sack."

"Luna's bound to be here tomorrow morning, if I'm right." Geo stated. "She's going to be a pain, and I'll be leaving pretty early tomorrow. I've still got a few things to sort out before I head out with them, so it's best to leave early, and avoid her. No doubt she'd know me on sight, now that she's seen me." He walked upstairs, and hit the sack.

'That boy is starting to worry me.' Hope thought.


Chapter 1 is complete.

I hope you're at least somewhat happy with this. This is going to follow the Anime at first, as I never played the first game. I did play the second one, and the Third one. I've gone through Zerker, Saurian, and Ninja, along with Red Joker and Black Ace.

I have never played Leo, Pegasus or Dragon, but I have the Whole series on my laptop, so I'm basing the beginning of this story on the Anime, with a few of the Game elements that I know are there. There will be a few changes, but not many, so if you know the Anime well, then you will be good as a basis.

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