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As such, I'm going through this myself. From here on out, it's time to


Chapter 13

It's been 4 months since the Star Carrier was produced for Star Force. In that time, Geo had been working at Amaken under Aaron Boreal, learning what he can, and helping with even more.

Solo had not even enrolled in school, but also had evaded all truancy officers, who were not informed that he was not to go to school. He spoke with Luna on occasion, and let her know what he's been doing.

He was never caught.

Taurus had been training Bud in the usage of Denpa Henkan, and his skill had returned to where Geo, Sonia and Solo had went back from, though the technology wasn't that easy to accommodate for.

Sonia had continued to go to school for the rest of the year, alongside Geo. She still performed concerts, and was even asked to perform in a few shows as an actor. She always asked Geo what he thought of them, and he was there watching a few of them.

Pat had spent more time with Geo, Luna, Bud and Zack recently. He had also gone to train himself, along with Rey to work independently of each other, knowing that it would be necessary when Bud went off to train.

Hope was working from home, and managed to land a few jobs, allowing her to do a lot more. She had also begun exercising with Geo in the mornings. Bud continued to work out, but not lose the pleasingly plump form he had.

Luna had been keeping an eye out for things on Mu, and other ruins, as did Zack.

And our story continues here.

Zack, Bud, Luna, Geo and Sonia were all on the roof of the school. Pat had to go home earlier, so he couldn't join up with them. Geo looked at Zack. "Zack, you mind explaining why you called all of us up here?"

"It's about some ruins that were found recently. They say that they found something eerily similar to matter waves last week there. It's going to be on display in the Willshire Hills Museum. They're thinking it was a piece of Mu history, and the exhibit opens in 3 days." Geo looked at Sonia, who had a smile on her face. "Unfortunately, scientists aren't allowing civilians into the ruins, but they have been sending items for an exhibit to the Museum already."

Sonia's face deflated slightly. Zack then pulled out tickets. "And this gets us in there on the first day. No one can go in on the first day without an invitation, so I figured that, if Sonia can't get to the ruins going here would hopefully help out. I've got 10." He handed one to Sonia, Geo, Luna, and Bud. "That leaves 5 more to give away."

"Actually, I think my mom would like to come." Geo pointed out.

"And Solo would probably also like to come." Luna added. "He's been on the run from Truancy Officers, when he isn't even supposed to go into schools. That means 3 left."

Geo looked at Sonia again. "How has your manager been taking the news?"

"Pretty good, actually. He say he understands my position, and, for some reason, he thinks I can handle it." She replied.

"What about Pat?" Bud asked.

"That leaves 2." Zack stated.

Just then, Geo got a call. He turned around and pointed his Star Carrier out. "Browse." A holographic screen showed Solo's face.

Geo, Stage 1 has begun. He said.

"And to think we just got word of the exhibit."

I see. And when are you planning to visit?

"First day. You can't get in without a ticket. Zack managed to get 10 tickets."

Is Luna there?

"Yes, I am."

Hold on to one of the tickets. I'll be coming to get it myself. I figure your father will want to come as well.

"That only really leaves one ticket left." Geo pointed out.


"Counted for."


"Not interested."


"Could try. Doubt it, though."


"Too busy with his own work. He's been working on new forms for Matter waves with Tom. I've been helping out with ideas, and forms, but that's just part of it."


"Too uptight. He wouldn't know how to enjoy himself. Besides, I doubt he'd stay focused long anyway."

I'm afraid I'm at a loss. Ask Damien, and see if he will come. If not, then you might as well give it to someone that wants it. Solo stated.

Geo nodded in response, and then Solo hung up. "He never says bye to me." He grumbled. Luna then got a message. She checked it and giggled a bit. "He calls you, and says bye to me in a message."

Geo rolled his eyes at that. He was about to call Damien when he got a message. "Speak of the devil."

Hey, Geo

My girlfriend and her father were invited to the opening of some exhibit in Willshire Hills. I was hoping you could manage to get a ticket for me. It opens in 3 days, and they both want me to come, but there were no tickets for sale.

I know it's not your style to pickpocket, but if you could get me one, I'd be grateful.

Please and thank you

Damien Wolfe

Geo read over the message again, and shook his head. "Zack, hand over the last ticket. Damien is in."

"You never told me who this Damien is. Care to share?"

"Well... you'd see him there anyways. I'd point him out." Geo replied, and Zack nodded.

"I know your hiding something, but I figure you have a good reason to. I'd better find out what it is soon, though. Otherwise, I might go snooping."

Geo raised an eyebrow, but chuckled all the same. Sonia giggled a bit, while Luna gave a small smirk, as did Bud. Zack handed out the last of the tickets, before hearing a stampede, and turned to the other side of the roof.

Where the stairs were located. "Sonia, Situation F. Code Orange." She immediately got up and put her backpack on, before looking at him, her eyes determined, as were his. They both nodded, and a pair of pebbles fell to the ground where they stood.

In exactly 6.2 seconds, a mob of males and females were at the top of the stairs, while the elevator opened to reveal more. They were all looking around, and spotted them. Luna spoke before they could move another muscle.

"They left school grounds some time ago. You're a little late. Sorry. Geo and Sonia are two of the only ones that I can't follow everywhere. But at least I know they are where they need to be when they have to. He did say something about a project, though. Could be anywhere." She shrugged. The mobs looked at each other and went back down slowly.

"Why do you always cover for them, Luna?" Zack asked.

"Because they're friends. I'd do the same for you two, should the situation arise. Besides, they can't handle them all the time." Luna admitted. "That's what friends do."

Zack nodded.

-garden maze-

Damien was sitting on the ground with his girlfriend nearby. "Saya?"

"Yes, Damien?" She replied.

"I had asked a friend to see if he can get me a ticket to the Exhibit. He was always interested in them, so he would probably have one himself. He might have gotten an extra or two. I'm seriously hoping he did." He told her.

"If he got an extra then why would he give one up?"

"I can only hope he did, but I'm not sure if he does." At that point, his left ear twitched. He turned his head to the entrance of the area, and saw Geo and Sonia walking into the area.

"Who are you?" She asked.

Damien put a hand up. "Geo, did you already get my message?"

"The exhibit was an Invitation Only for the first day. A friend of mine got 10 sent to him. All but one were accounted for. The moment you sent that message, was the moment the tenth one was claimed."

He looked down a bit, before hearing Geo toss something his way. "That's the one we got. Is it the same event?"

The girl looked at the ticket, as did Damien. "It is." She looked at him. "How did your friend get ten of them?"

"I didn't ask." Geo shrugged. "So, your relationship still going strong?"

Damien nodded. "Who got the others?"

"Most of us already have a ticket. Tom wouldn't want to come."

"What about Solo?" Damien asked.

"You mean the one that was always running from the Truancy officers?" Saya asked.

Damien looked at her with a raised eyebrow, and then a Geo with a confused look. "Yeah, he's been doing that. He's doing what he can to prevent everything from being weakened too much. He and Luna have been getting a lot closer recently. They've met in some weird places. Some of which I wouldn't like being in if I can help it."

Damien nodded. "Why has been avoiding the Truancy Officers? Or more importantly, how?" Saya asked.

"You know about me being Wolf Woods. He is Rogue." Damien stated, without any hesitance before covering his mouth. "S-sorry."

Geo chuckled. "I figured you'd tell her if she asked. As far as I know, only one member of Star Force isn't coming. That's Cygnus Wing." He showed off his ticket, as Sonia did hers.

"Wait a minute... you're Sonia Strumm, aren't you?" Saya asked, earning a hesitant nod. "I see." She looked at him. "I saw that special on Bunta's Secret Revealer. Nice acrobatics, by the way. I was a Gymnast in my youth as well, you know?"

Geo looked at her, as his eyes went up and down. "Yeah, I can see it." Sonia gave him a slightly dangerous look. He didn't notice, and looked at Damien. "You might want to ask her a thing or two on the subject. It might help you out."

Damien looked at Sonia and saw her face. "What's got your gears grinding, Sonia?" he asked.

Geo shook his head. "I knew she would be at least a little jealous when I was seeing how much of a gymnast she could be. She's not at our level, but if she had continued, she would easily be able to top us." He looked at her and saw her face. "I told you before, I may look, but I'd never touch. Not even under hypnosis. I'm trained against that."

"Wait, you were trained to resist Hypnosis?" Sonia asked, somewhat surprised.

"Not resist. Break. I even went to professionals and asked them to make me do weird, crazy, and insane things. I was able to resist it a few times, but the hypnosis was stronger each time. It took me 34 tries. I was caught, and then I broke it through sheer force of will power. After that, he kept increasing the strength of it, and I broke out of it each time after I was caught under it. I took 2 steps to do it, and I broke out of it." Geo explained. "Comes in handy, actually. Remember that one time with the strange EM Being? The one that tried to take over my mind?"

"Yeah. He almost did it too. You almost hurt me because of it."

"Mind Control is harder than Hypnosis, but I can still break out of it. That was the result of the Anti-Hypnosis training I went through. There is one major difference I saw between the two: Hypnosis is a one time deal. Mind Control, you have to overpower the other will to take complete control. Then you have to force it out." Geo explained.

She then smirked, and planted one on his lips. "You should let your mom know what's going on."

He nodded, and left in a flash. She shook her head. "He doesn't realize it, but that is one way I can control him. It doesn't work with anyone else though."

Damien shook his head. "Kid's got a stronger will than I do. That much is certain."

Saya looked cheekily at Sonia. "Using the feminine charm, eh?"

"He lets it happen. I know he does. But it still works." She replied with a smile.

"Well, let him know I said thanks. We'll see you there, Sonia." Damien said.

Sonia nodded, and left in a flash. "How many people can do that?" Saya asked.

"Not many. Just Star Force. That's about it."

She planted a smooch on him at that point. "I'm glad you could come as well, Damien. Maybe I can make up for what happened last time."

"I told you, you don't have to worry about it. It was my own fault for doing so."

-3 days later, Willshire Hills Plaza-

Everyone that had gotten a ticket had met up in a group. Aaron Boreal and Tom Dubious also came, showing they had invites. Geo and his friends, along with the rest of Star Force, Luna's father, and Saya, along with her father were in the group.

Solo was missing, however. "Where is he? He's going to make us wait." Luna grumbled.

"Who, exactly, are we waiting for?" Saya's father asked.

"My boyfriend. And if he's not here in 30 seconds, hell will break loose." Luna growled.

She didn't have to wait much longer, as, 5 seconds later, Solo ran up to them. More specifically, Luna. "Sorry, if I made you wait. I had more trouble dodging them than the last few times. I had to go around 7 cities, in 3 disguises, before finally losing them, and coming here."

Saya's father recognized him instantly. "You're the one that always dodges the Truancy Officers." He pointed out. Solo tensed up ready for a fight. "I'm impressed. Not many can lead them on a wild goose chase for 4 months like you did." He looked at Luna. "That's your boyfriend?" She nodded. "I hope you can keep a hold on him. He's more slippery than a snake."

"Actually, they're about the same." Luna admitted. "But once the snake has its fangs in someone, that person isn't getting away."

"Like I would run from her." Solo smirked slightly. He turned and walked towards the exhibit. "You coming or what?"

Everyone had got to the entrance, and showed the invitations. After they got in, Solo and Luna stuck together, while Mr. Platz stuck with Hope. Geo and Sonia stuck together, as well. Damien and Saya stuck together, while her father watched from a distance. Damien knew, but never let on. Bud, Zack, and Pat stuck together as well. Tom and Aaron stuck in a group as well, mainly inspecting the Mu Star Carriers that were found.

Geo, Sonia, Solo and Luna came across each other at the Sword of Zerker, where it was on display. Mr. Platz and Hope walked up to it as well. "The Sword of Zerker?"

"It's the Heirloom of the Zerker Tribe. A symbol of their power." Solo explained. "It's still dormant, however. However, the seal on it seems loose. I'd wager a good 3 days before it breaks, and attracts a horde."

"I say 2 days from now." Geo stated. "3 days would be if no one messes with it. Someone will. You know that as well as I do."

"The seal will have to break, before we can perform the transfer." Solo pointed out. Geo nodded. "Until then, we will have to wait. I never got the chance to ask. How have Omega-xis and Lyra been holding up?"

They both left their Star Carriers. "Pretty good, actually." Omega-xis replied. "She's a screamer."

Solo raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Mega!" Lyra blushed heavily. Sonia also had a slight blush.

"I believe I should say this now. So is Sonia."

"Hey!" She blushed heavily.

"Sonia isn't a screamer." Geo retorted. "She's a Singer. Screamers have little to no sense of rhythm when it comes to vocals. Singers do."

Hope and Mr. Platz raised an eyebrow. "Young man, are you implying what I think you are?" Hope questioned.

"Uh... I think that depends on what you think I'm implying." Geo replied. Hope got close to his ear and whispered into it. He blushed slightly, and shook his head.

"Oh? And what did you mean?"

He got next her ear. "It was actually a double meaning. Could be taken either way. Yes, it could mean that, but I worded it like that to keep others guessing. It's a yes for both meanings, though. She really is."

She looked at him incredulously. "Now or later?"

"Uh... Later." Geo replied. She nodded. "Good. I don't have to give you The Talk then."

He shook his head, before both Sonia and Geo ran off. Luna looked at Solo. "You still got that video?"

"Of course." He smirked. "Mrs. Stelar, would you like to see their first time?"

"You recorded it?" Solo nodded. "Send it to me. I'll take a look at it and see for myself."

"You watched them for their first time? And they already have done that?" Mr. Platz asked.

Solo nodded. "I was there, yes. I watched it, yes. I didn't record it, myself. Laplace did. As did Lyra."

"Wait, you told you me you recorded it."

"Laplace is an extension of me. I told you that as well. Besides, Lyra sent her copy to me without anyone else knowing. Sonia didn't expect a thing."

Luna opened her mouth, but closed it and nodded. "So the one you showed me was the one Lyra captured?" He nodded. "Her video had better audio than mine. Probably a point of her I can't match."

"No argument there."

"So, Solo? How accurate are they here?"

"Not as much as I had hoped, but better than I expected. I expected them to be at least 80% wrong. There's really only 48% wrong. Archeologists know quite a bit of things that were lost in time, and put things together with amazing accuracy. That much is certain. I'll be keeping an eye on the area after this. When the horde appears I'll send a message out. You and Geo will be the first to know of it."

He opened up the file and sent it to Hope. "There's the video. Check it out when you get time. And make sure that Geo doesn't know you have it." He then got a message. "Hn." He checked it out. "On second thought, go ahead and let him know you have it. He just asked me to send you a copy if I still had it."

Hope had a small grin on her face, and it slightly scared Solo, but he managed to shake it off. "I'd suggest you watch it when he isn't around. The only ones that were there would be me, and them. Luna is also aware of it, because she saw the video herself."

"You showed her?"

"It was my request, father." Luna told him. "Anyway, I think we should continue to walk around. We'll see you after the exhibit closes." she dragged Solo off, and he was silently thanking her for this.

Hope was looking at her Star carrier while Mr Platz was looking at it as well. They both watched it right then and there, and were slightly shocked. "If that's his first time, then I'm pretty sure that he could give any star a run for their money in that department."

"That can't possibly be their first time."

A message came from Geo. "Huh..."

She opened it.


If you have already seen it, I should let you know that it has actually happened 4 times, and only the first is known by anyone other than us. The first one was recorded, apparently twice.

In any case, Sonia and I are experienced. The Talk isn't necessary, but we're putting that off for as long as we can. We may have the minds for it, but we are too young for that. No kids until we are 18 physically. And it was all the result of a bet. It was either that, or Solo shoves a sword down his throat.

I just thought you should know.


She blinked a few times. "Wow... That really must be his first time. And to think it was a bet that got them to do it."

"I don't see how... Wait, rewind that." Mr. Platz stated. Hope complied, and paused it when he said to. "Zoom in. Right there." He pointed to a certain spot, and it showed a small amount of blood leaking out from Sonia. They looked at each other, and then back at the zoomed in picture.

"That really was..." They never finished the sentence.

A few hours later, the exhibit announced that it was closing. Everyone had gathered in the food court. The adults, meaning Hope, Mr. Platz, Aaron, and Tom, were sitting at one table. Saya, her father, and Damien were at another nearby table. Luna was with Solo, Bud and Zack. Geo was with Sonia and Pat.

They had all stuck together, for the most part, but they all went their separate ways, though Luna, Solo, Sonia and Geo lost the others even Hope while they were leaving the area to go home.

Hope and Mr. Platz were somewhat surprised at this, and Mr. Platz was worried slightly. "Don't worry. The only time I'd actually worry is if Geo ended up in the hospital. If that happens, then the others will be in a bit more danger. He wouldn't let his friends get hurt if he has anything to say about it."

-Rift in space-

Somewhere in the darkness, there was moans and groans.


There is a giant shadow covering an area, where Moans can be heard. If you pay close attention, there are also singing angels somewhere in the area.

-the next day-

Hope and Mr. Platz, along with Zack, were wondering what happened to Luna, Sonia and Geo. Bud was also there, but no one else was.

"Hope, I think I know what Geo and Sonia are doing, as they were out all last night." Mr. Platz stated.

"You don't really think that they..." She started. He simply nodded.

Bud suddenly got the message. "Wait, you mean that they're..." Hope and Mr. Platz raised an eyebrow. "They are, aren't they?" He deadpanned. Hope nodded. Bud then got a message. "Prez!" He opened it up and read it.

"What does it say?"

Bud scratched his head. "Zack, you think you can understand this?" Bud showed it to him. Zack went over it a few times, and his mouth went slackjawed.

"She didn't... He didn't..." Zack looked at Bud, and then Mr. Platz. "Luna will be gone until school kicks up again. She's got training to do."

"That's what it says?"

Zack nodded. "There is more but... I don't want to incur the wrath of the Platz family."

"Then tell me what it is." Zack whispered into Mr. Platz's ear.

"It's only a theory, and I hope I'm wrong, but... the way it was worded says that it is."

Mr Platz nodded. Hope then got a message from Geo. She read it, and raised an eyebrow. "Bud, it looks like it's time to get everyone else in gear. Also, Zack is to be informed."

"Informed? Bud, you knew?" Zack questioned.

"Uh... Which one?"

"Special Forces." Hope stated. "Geo thinks it would be a good idea if Zack knew now rather than later. Quite frankly, I figured it would've come at least a month ago."

Bud nodded. "Alright, I'll fill him in. Zack, I've got a lot to say, and I don't know if we have time for it."

"You, Luna and Sonia are a part of Star Force, aren't you?" Zack asked. Bud just went slackjawed, while Mr. Platz raised an eyebrow, and Hope shook her head.

"How long have you known?" She asked.

"I figured it was possible, but I was waiting for them to tell me, knowing I probably wasn't supposed to know. I never knew for sure, though. You just confirmed it." Bud shook his head. "So, who else is in? I could probably find out if someone would go after them from a safe spot."

"Well, I think you should ask Geo that question. Aside from the fact that Mrs. Stelar is a part of it, and so is Solo. Luna got him to join." Bud shook his head. "Anyway, what else have you figured out, or at least can guess?"

Zack hummed in thought. "Well, there's the fact that Geo could have Split Personality Disorder, but... I couldn't find any proof he does. Only through actions. He seemed to get rid of it too quickly, so it might have been on purpose."

Bud looked at Hope. "It did happen, but at the time I didn't know. I knew something was up, but I also knew that there was more to it than that. It was merely keeping up with an image that was supposed to be there, but really wasn't the truth anymore. He went from a emo kid to a mature adult in seconds. Now, it's just the Mature adult with a lucky boy."

"Next thing is... Sonia might have been deflowered by Geo. That's just a guess on my part, but really, it's possible, when I think about it."

All of them nodded. "I was hoping I was wrong on that one... Solo is from Mu, and happens to be its Guardian."

Hope nodded. "Okay... Geo is from the future."

Hope tensed up, while Bud was slightly confused. "What do you mean from the future?" Mr. Platz questioned.

"Well, when I think about the Mature adult thing and how it appeared so suddenly, along with the fact he always seems to know what's coming before it happens, one could get suspicious. I figured that if Geo isn't from the future, then he's either the one starting the events, not his cup of tea if you ask me, has an informant on the inside before it happens, or he is from the future, sent to a younger body of his own."

"Kid, you've seen one too many SciFi flicks." Mr. Platz stated.

"Actually..." Everyone looked at Hope. "It's the last one."

"No... way..." Mr. Platz said, his voice shocked. "When was this?"

"Before the FMians first attacked, his behavior was a lot better when a virus was messing with the microwave. Then he went back to the way he was for the month before, but for some reason, I could tell it was faked, partially."

"He faked his emotions?" Zack asked.

"It was real, but I could tell the reason for it was different. I thought it was just faked, because nothing else had happened. It wasn't until weeks later that I found out why. He had the mind of his 18 year old self. The experience and maturity came as well." Hope explained.

"Wait, so I wasn't just over-thinking that one? I was actually right?" Hope nodded slightly. "I'm willing to bet that Sonia and Solo did as well." Zack continued.

"What makes you think that?" Bud asked.

"Think about it. The two of them never meet before a certain time. If they both went back, wouldn't it make sense that they would use some kind of code to let them know when they get back?"

Hope thought for a moment and realized he was right. "And Luna said you had a lot of brains, but little, if any, common sense. Looks like she was wrong."

Zack nodded. "I can piece things together, a lot more than she seems to realize." He pushes up his glasses. "I may not act like it at times, but I can figure out anything if I'm given a reason to do so. Prez seems to have been roped into something, and I tried the hardest I could to figure it out. When it comes to that, I'm like the wind. If I focus hard enough, nothing will stop me."

"No kidding." Bud slapped Zack on the back knocking his glasses loose.

-2 days later, 8:00 PM Willshire Hills-

Satella Police officers were gathered around, because of a massive virus disturbance. Copper took out a weapon design and placed his Star Carrier in a slot. "Hello, Viruses. Say goodnight!" he fired a few shots, and deleted viruses. A few more officers were joining him with their own.


"Flying Knuckle!"

Two voices shouted at the same time, earning the attention from the officers. "Star Force has arrived, but do not slack! Open fire on the Viruses!"

SFO and Rogue were right next to each other. "Looks like Mega was right, eh?" SFO stated.

"Heh. I was betting on tomorrow night. Looks like he wins that one. Mu Wave!" He swung his blade causing a few ripples.

"Fire Ring!" SFO's right arm launched a spiraling ring of fire taking a few of the others, before a Red color appeared on the Buster. "Mega Card: Sirius V3!" Sirius appeared, and used his Satellite blazer to take out several Viruses at once.

"Still using the Sirius Card?" Rogue question, cutting another Mettenna in half.

"It's better than the others, sadly. Turning Apollo Flame into one isn't exactly helpful. Just a Giant ball of fire. Not worth it. I prefer his Flametongue attack, or his flame barrier." SFO admitted. "You remember General Auriga?"


"Good, then you've never met what I call a truly hopeless case." SFO admitted, before the final virus fell. "Looks like that's the last of them."

"We'll need Geo here in order to get the transfer done properly." Rogue pointed out. "Let him know to come tomorrow."

"There is no school tomorrow, either. He can come straight here." SFO stated, before they both jumped to Copper, who looked at them both, the gun in his hands. "I see the EM Rifles work."

"You can thank Amaken for that, Mega."

SFO held up the buster. "Omega. Mega has his on his left hand. Mine is on the right. We had to change mine from left to right so others could distinguish between us. He's the left hand, I'm the right, and Megaman is together."

"I take it you already know what caused this?" Copper questioned.

"The Sword of Zerker. We figured it would be 2 or 3 days before the seal on its power broke down. What just happened is the result. We already have a countermeasure ready, but it requires Megaman to complete it. Together, we are the only one that can handle it besides Rogue, who..." He turned to see that Rogue was gone. "I hate it when he does that. Anyway, Rogue and Megaman are needed for what happens. It's a power transfer. It'll unlock more of our sealed abilities. Help us better protect this planet. This time, from its past."

Copper nodded. "Let him know. It'll be cut off, and Amaken labs will be allowed to figure out the cause. If he comes with them, it'll work."

-the next day-

Geo, Aaron, and Tom came to the Museum to check out what happened. Solo, showing off a Satella Police Badge, was allowed to pass by. He looked at Geo, Tom, and then Aaron. "Alright, Geo, you ready for this?"

"Well, last time, I gained it because Omega-xis swallowed it. You sure this will work in this way?" Geo asked.

"It'll only work for Zerker, we'll need to find the other 2 in order to get them acquainted with you." Solo admitted. "Until then, you can only use Zerker."

"The Shinobi Village is already familiar with me and my mother. After this, provided Yeti blizzard and Dark Phantom don't interfere, I should be able to use Zerker. From what I can tell, the Shuriken of Ninja is still sealed. Jackie found it on his own and showed me. I let him in on what it was, and what to look for, and gave him a number to call for when those signs happen."

Solo nodded. "Alright, let's do this." Several others from Amaken were combing the area, though one of them looked at Geo, and the group as they began. The Sword of Zerker glowed, before an orb formed and landed in Solo's hand. "Power is extracted. Time to transfer." The light split into two, and went into both Geo and Omega-xis. Geo got a major headache from it, but he shook it off.

He noticed that others are watching. "Until we can meet with Star force, I'll have to hang to it." Solo, catching the wording, nodded. Tom and Aaron also nodded, for the same reason. "Anyway, let's go. Before any more threats show up. Extracting the power of the Zerker Tribe could attract some trouble."

It was at that point that Viruses began to attack again. "I just had to say something." Geo complained. "Tom Aaron, get the others out of here. We'll hold them off."

They both nodded, and rounded up everyone else. One of them asked about Geo. "He'll be fine. He's got more experience taking out viruses than some Satella Police Officers. We were aware of what could happen here, when we did that, so that's why the exhibit was closed."

-with Megaman-

Megaman was punching and kicking the Viruses while using the Wide and Long sword to take others out. He kept it simple, but still kicked the Mettennas. Rogue just kicked a Mettenna, and actually grinned as it took out a Dark Joker. "That's gratifying."

"They may be useless for training, but they are more for comedic relief, or something like that." Megaman said. "Besides, I'm waiting for the Zerker tribe to assimilate. This fighting isn't helping any."

He then felt a tinge of power in his head that surged through his body, and jumped back. "there it is! Tribe On!" He was surrounded by the usual flames. "Thunder Zerker!" He came out in Thunder Zerker. "Right on!"

"Heh. Time to massacre." Rogue said, earning a smirk from Megaman.

"You know it. Thunder Bolt Blade!" 2 horizontal slashes, followed by a downward slash got rid of the majority of them. The rest fled. "Heh. Ninja training in the mountains helped immensely. Jackie got my skills with a katana up. They pass over as well."

Rogue nodded, and they were about to leave, before they heard another explosion. Megaman left Tribe On, and looked around, trying to remember who the frequencies were. "No... Yeti Blizzard and Dark Phantom." He split.

"Star force! This is Megaman. Attack on Mu has begun. I repeat, the Attack on Mu has begun! Willshire Hills Museum! If you're in the area, converge on the site at once!"

-3 miles out-

Pat received the message. "Gemini."

"You know it."

"Denpa Henkan! Patrick Spriggs, on air!"

-with Bud, Luna and Zack-

Bud heard the call. "Zack?" he nodded, He looked at Luna. "Prez?"

"Denpa Henkan! Luna Platz, on air!" She turned into Queen Ophiuca.

"Denpa Henkan! Bud Bison, on air!" Taurus Fire.

Hope was at work, when the call came in. 'I'm sorry, Geo. I can't come. I have to maintain my cover.' She turned back to her students, before one managed to knock the other one out. She got up and checked on him. "Unconscious... Normally a blow like that would kill." She turned to the perpetrator. "Why did you use a killing strike?"

"That was a killing strike?" The boy asked, confused. "Wait, does that mean I..."

"He's not dead, but a hit to that spot would normally kill someone. I'm one of the only ones that won't die from a strike like that. My son can, and has, along with one of his friends." The boy groaned. Hope looked at him. "You alright?"

The boy nodded. "That hurt... How am I gonna explain this to my sister?"

Hope was confused. "You have a sister?" He nodded. "Her name is Tia."

'Wait a minute...' "I don't believe I caught your name." Hope pointed out.

'Oh no. Sis will kill me for sure if she finds out.' "J-jack."

"You're a foreigner, aren't you?" Hope asked.

"I'm not welcome... here. I get it."

"It's not that, Jack. What I teach here is not how to fight, but how to protect. I was a martial arts champion in my youth, I just haven't had time to go for another one since I had a family. My son volunteers with Amaken, but can hold his own. Here, I'll help you to the infirmary." She helped him up and walked him over a few rooms, and into a bed.

As she bandaged him up, he asked a question. "Why are you being so nice to me?"

Being as no one else was in the area, and the door was closed completely, she sighed. "Have you ever heard the name Corvus?" Jack managed to tense up at that point.

"How did you know?"

"There's a reason, my son and I can shake off the strike Koshima dealt you like it was nothing. We've been hit with worse. Far worse. How long since you met him?" Hope asked.

"How do you know him?"

"I don't know him personally, but my son does. I take it Virgo is with your sister, right?" Hope asked.

"Y-yeah... Do you even know who they are?"

"I only know of them, but I do know for a fact as to what they are. FMian outlaws." She activated her Denpa Vision as she finished bandaging him up. "Corvus, I know you're in the area. Come on out."

An orange Denpa life form that had armor resembling a bird appeared. "Heh. It's not like she could see me."

Hope looked right at him. "I beg to differ. Not after a little incident with my son, regarding someone you may know."

"Hold on, you can actually see him?" Jack asked, surprised.

"Of course. Corvus, I'd suggest you and Virgo lay low. There's an organization called Star Force. They'd go after you if they knew you were already around."

"Heh. I'd tear them apart."

"All things considered, I think you'd be the one torn apart. Especially if you faced off with my son... or a friend of his. All 3 of us have the gift of the Murians, while only one of us really is one. If you find yourself against Star Force you've screwed yourself over. Remember that."

"Why would we be torn apart? And How would you know?"

"I'm a part of it. You're not a threat right now, but from what I know, you don't have much in terms of money. I'll be willing to waive the pay for a few months, but I won't be including your sister. Stay away from the enemies of Star Force, and you should do fine. Make sure your sister knows of the warning, and that this is a more local position, as it's been staying around this area so far, so if she hasn't heard of us, that's probably why. Make sure she knows not to become an enemy of Star Force." Hope told him. "You'll be fine in about 30 minutes. I have to get back to the others, and continue teaching them. This is my job, you know?"

Jack nodded. Hope got up, and set a timer. "When this goes off it should be okay to move, just no quick movements." Jack nodded in agreement, and she left the room. He looked at Corvus. "Corvus... who do you think she meant by, "Someone you should know?" I don't know much about your past, or how she knows, but I figure she found out from someone that knew you, and knew you well. Who would know you best from your past."

"Heh. If that boy were here, there's nothing he could do if we faced off. I was always better than him. His name is Omega-xis. He isn't even worth a fight. Still..." Corvus looked at the door. "She spoke as if she knew what she was talking about. Almost as if she was expecting me to say that."

"So, she thinks that this Omega-xis is more powerful than you think he is?"

"I'd have to find out, if we ever meet him. I'll also have to let Virgo know about this. At this point, it's best that we stay under the radar."

Jack nodded in agreement.

Just outside the room, Hope was listening to them both, and then walked off. 'So, Jack and Tia have entered the country, and Jack and Tia already partnered up with Corvus and Virgo. This is at least a year before the Noise incident.'

She looked at her Star Carrier, and found that the recording was sent. 'Geo, I hope you understand the repercussions of changing the Time Stream. I think what you've done will not help the world one bit.'


Chapter end!