Hi everyone! So this story is set when Emily first came to the BAU (season 2), everything that happened on the show up to season 2 is canon. It will eventually catch up to the present (probably in sequels) I hope you enjoy:) Please review and tell me what you think. This is my first real slash fiction, so bear with me a little.

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"If you want a happy ending that depends, of course, on where you stop your story."

- Orson Welles

Jennifer Jareau was not one to get flustered easily. She grew up with an older sister, she was an all star soccer player, grade A student, FBI agent, Communications Liaison, and yet here she was, red faced, blushing, and at a loss for coherent words. Silently, she cursed the raven haired woman in front of her causing this reaction. JJ had never had a problem with women before, she was always the suave one, calm, seductive, never taking anything too seriously; so what was wrong now?

She had been instantly attracted to the brunette the first time she saw her in Hotch's office weeks before, but shrugged it off and focused on the case. When Hotch informed her that the mysterious, cheerful – incredibly sexy – woman was going to be on their team and JJ needed to brief her on protocol, she was a little taken aback, but not worried about it. JJ didn't sleep with people from work, not a big deal.

She had liked the woman from the first moment they officially met. The brunette had introduced herself with a beaming smile and a strong handshake, but clearly a little nervous. It was adorable. JJ took a deep breath and tried to shake the thoughts from her head, this woman was going to be a colleague and she needed to get it together.

They had spent the rest of the afternoon downing cups of coffee and going over basic, dull protocol. Despite that fact, JJ was having a great time. Emily Prentiss was a mystery, one JJ was very interested in solving regardless of her attraction. From the small talk they shared, JJ had learned that she was wealthy, hated politics, and was ready and willing to prove herself and work hard. She would be a great addition to the team, wether Hotch and Gideon thought so or not.

Hearing Prentiss speak Arabic her first day was certainly a shocker to everyone, JJ couldn't help but be impressed. Knowing Spanish, French, or Italian was one thing, they were much more widely used, but Arabic? This woman was defiantly going to make things interesting. JJ shared a look with Garcia who mouthed, "who is this chick?" with a grin on her face. JJ just shrugged back and continued briefing the team. She found herself oddly proud when Emily proved herself on the case to Gideon, to her, it cemented her to the team, and onto the list of people JJ couldn't take home. That bit disappointed her a little, and to blow of steam after the case she hit the bars and picked up a different brunette to take home instead.

Emily Prentiss was not used to feeling inadequate. Her upbringing – while not ideal – had given her many opportunities, and she had often come up on top, in control. She was not in control. Aaron Hotchner did not want her here and his resentment was felt, strongly. She did what she knew best, put it into a compartment and forgot about it, it was the only thing she could do. She would simply have to prove herself, she could do that. She was a Prentiss, she deserved this job, she belonged in this unit, and she would show them all that. Emily hated being the new kid. She had done it a million times throughout her childhood, new country, new language, new school, new classmates, but hardly ever new friends. She was lonely, but she wasn't about to show that to anyone, she would show up, do her job and do it well, then go home and repeat it again in the morning. She wasn't looking to make friends, she wanted a job; but the blonde communications liaison seemed to have other ideas. She was friendly and bubbly from the moment Emily stepped into her office and it was contagious. It didn't hurt that she was downright beautiful. Emily did her best to ignore that fact though, she wasn't here to make friends and she certainly wasn't here to start up a relationship with a coworker. Besides, Jennifer Jareau was most definitely straight and Emily had just come out of a rather unpleasant relationship.

Emily listened intently to everything Hotch and Gideon told her, she made eye contact with the team, placed a smile on her face, and focused on her job. It paid off. Everyone looked at her oddly as she began reading the transcripts out loud. She cursed herself for drawing unwanted attention and kept her head down. But Emily couldn't help smiling a little to herself at the impressed look on JJ's face.

The case had been difficult, but at the end of the day she felt proud of what she had done and wanted more than ever to prove herself to the entire team. Gideon was a confusing man to know, she was never really quite sure what he was thinking or how she stood with him. Reid seemed like a person who would accept just about anyone – even a boy who might grow to be a serial killer – and Emily found him easy to get along with. Garcia was definitely the most flamboyant person she had ever met, and she charmed her instantly. Emily was a little wary of her as she seemed to be fantastic at getting people to open up to them, but Emily liked her. Despite not knowing Morgan very well, Emily felt strongly with the others that he would not commit a crime and she worked tirelessly to help defend him.

As the weeks and cases went by, Emily felt herself feeling more and more comfortable with these people, if nothing else, she enjoyed their company and trusted them in the field. It was outside of work when she questioned things. Garcia was adamant about spending time with her 'family' as she called them. More specifically, Morgan and JJ than anyone else, but Reid – and recently Emily – were always invited as well. Not wanting to grow too attached, and figuring the more time she limited her interactions with JJ the better, Emily had declined more than once. After the case with Morgan though, all of them wanted to spend time together, and she found herself accepting Garcia's offer.

She went home to change and had a difficult time deciding what to wear. She didn't want anything too revealing or flashy, but she wanted to look good. In the end, she chose her best pair of dark jeans that showed off her ass, and a red, backless tank top. Donning a light jacket, and grabbing her keys, she headed out to catch a cab, rather than drive herself and get lost.

Emily was not a big clubber. She was a nerd. She liked to stay home and read books or watch sci-fi tv shows. When it came to dating, she always found herself awkward and uncomfortable, wether she was on a date with a man or a woman. For this reason, she rarely dated; finding that opening up to people just wasn't easy for her, and meaningless sex was not her style. The few dates she had been on were almost always forced upon her by her mother. Hoping for Emily to settle down with a respectable man and make babies was her dream. Despite the many times Emily told her that she preferred women, and didn't see marriage or babies in her future regardless if she was with a man or a woman. As the cab pulled up to the club Garcia had told her to meet them at she swallowed nervously. It was loud, and very busy. Emily planned then and there to go in, make an appearance, have a drink, make some small talk and get out of there early. She would come up with some excuse, pull out a function with her mother if necessary, just as long as she got out.

"What time did you tell her to meet us?" JJ asked Garcia for the third time that evening.

"Jayje, she'll be here, relax."

"I'm relaxed."

"You don't look it."

"Well I am!"

"Umm, hum." Garcia said with a smirk as she sipped her drink and wiggled her eyebrows at her best friend.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Jayje, you totally have the hots for our newest member."

"I do not!"

"Please sweetie, I have seen the way you look at her. Tell me honestly, if she didn't work with us, if you had just met her in a bar, would you have jumped her bones already?"

"I don't really like what you're implying."

"Jayje, your a womanizer and you know it, you're also avoiding the question."

"Womanizer is a harsh word. I like to have a good time."

"In bed, with various women."

"Penelope!" JJ yelped. Sure, JJ got around, but it wasn't like she had a different woman in her bed every night, or every week for that matter. Garcia exaggerated like no other, and the last thing JJ wanted Prentiss to hear what that she was a whore.

"Oh come on JJ, you've got a way with the ladies, I love you for it. Stop avoiding the question."

"What question?" Morgan asked as he and Reid returned to the table with their drinks.

"Nothing." JJ said quickly. She glared at Garcia to keep quiet.

"Is Emily coming?" Reid asked.

Garcia raised her eyebrows at JJ before answering him. "Yep. She said she would meet us, should be here any minute."

Spotting her Morgan whistled loudly. "Damn Princess, you sure clean up good." He yelled over the music with a grin plastered on his face. His grin nowhere near matched the one currently etching onto JJ's face however. Prentiss looked stunning. She felt Garcia pinch her side and squirmed away slightly, almost smacking Emily as she approached their table. JJ glared as Garcia only smiled innocently. Returning the favor, JJ delivered a swift kick to Garcia's shins as she greeted Emily.

"Ouch!" Garcia yelped. Everyone looked at her oddly. "Whacked my knee." She explained feebly.

"Scoot over Reid." JJ instructed him as she made room for the brunette profiler. As she slid into the seat JJ had to hold back a gasp when she noticed that her tank top was backless. Avoiding Garcia's gaze, JJ bit her lip and stared down into the bottom of her drink.

"Who wants to dance!" Garcia asked. Reid vehemently began shaking his head and after Emily politely declined, claiming to not be much of a dancer, JJ did the same. Garcia frowned, JJ usually was always up for dancing, but just sighed and pulled Morgan with her onto the dance floor, leaving the three others alone. JJ was fighting a losing battle and she knew it. Sitting next to Prentiss in a club, with her dressed like that, two drinks in, JJ wanted nothing more than to lean over and kiss the brunette with everything she had. Thankfully, Reid spoke up saving the awkward silence that had been there since Garcia and Morgan left.

"Do you like DC Emily?"

"I do, thanks."

God. JJ thought. Her smile is beyond adorable.

"Did you know that the population in DC is roughly 587,867?"

"No, I didn't know that Reid." Emily answered politely. JJ smiled. Not many people humored him, and for some reason the fact that Emily did made JJ like her even more. She had a soft spot for Reid; he had had a crush on her when they began working together. She had even gone on a 'date' with him to a Redskins game, but she had told him that she also liked women and they had become close friends instead. The three of them sat quietly for a few moments, JJ couldn't believe that she was having this much difficulty coming up with something to say. Her job was in communications for fuck's sake! Again, Reid saved her, and it took all her control not to reach over and hug him for it.

"Do you watch Doctor Who?"

"Yes!" Emily answered enthusiastically. Reid's face lit up and the two of them began discussing something called a TARDIS, Nine, Ten, time travel and a woman named Rose. JJ was completely lost; Reid had tried to get her to watch that show on more than one occasion, but she had never gotten around to it. Now though, from the look on Emily's face, she just might have to. Dear Lord, Emily was a complete nerd. JJ couldn't find her more adorable right now if she tried. She didn't even mind that the brunette wasn't paying any attention to her. Watching her and Reid animatedly discuss their favorite episodes with goofy, giddy, expressions on their faces suited her just fine. Before she knew it, she found herself leaning forward, her chin in her hands, watching Emily as the two of them talked.

Emily was extremely aware of how close JJ was to her. It took all of her concentration to focus on her conversation with Reid and not the heat radiating off of the blonde inches away from her. The night had started off awkwardly and Emily was just about to make an excuse to go home when Reid brought up Doctor Who. It was one of her nerdy guilty pleasures, and she could fangirl with the best of them. Before she knew it, hours had flown by. Garcia and Morgan had come back, danced, pulled JJ out with them, and returned again without a pause in Emily and Reid's conversation. Once they finally noticed the late hour, Emily found herself reluctant to go home. She was actually enjoying herself, and it wasn't only to do with Reid. JJ smiled at her every time their eyes met, causing Emily to catch her breath a little; and Garcia and Morgan were great company. Emily actually liked these people, beyond work, and that frightened her. Getting attached was never a good thing. Emily moved on so much in her life to have learned that by now. While she had no intentions of leaving the BAU anytime soon, one could never be too sure. She bid everyone goodnight and hailed a cab, cursing herself for letting her guard down yet again.