Okay, so I may have lied. The original way I had planed to end this story has changed. I had the wedding planed out differently, but while writing...it kind of morphed into something else. Unfortunately for you its shorter...so this is the last chapter of this story... I apologize for lying and I'm sorry to hit you out of nowhere with it, but I hope you enjoy this chapter (and have enjoyed this story regardless). I have the first chapter of the sequel written and posted already:) Its called The Usual Rules, just check on my page. It says in the description its the sequel. Again, thank you all so much for all your feedback and support for this story, I had a lot of fun writing it, and can't wait to dig into the sequel:) It was the story I originally wanted to write, but I wanted to show how Em and JJ got together beforehand. So, thank you and without further ado...

"Emily are you going to call them?" JJ asked for the fifth time. She looked over at her fiancée and frowned at the brunette who was pacing back and forth, ignoring her. "Em?" JJ prodded. All she got was a glance and then more pacing. "Emily Elizabeth Prentiss!" JJ yelled.

Emily froze and turned to look at JJ. "What?" She asked.

JJ sighed. "Did you hear anything I just said?" Emily shook her head. "Are you going to call your parents?"

"Oh...uh...I was thinking no." Emily said twisting her hands together. JJ frowned and glared at Emily. "JJ, I really don't care if they're at the wedding. They'll just make me uncomfortable and I want to actually enjoy it."

"So will we be having a secret wedding?" JJ asked sarcastically. Emily laughed and flopped down on the couch next to JJ. JJ lifted Emily's legs and placed them on her lap.

"No. I just...JJ you've never met them, you've just got to trust me on this one."

"You don't think they'll like me?"

"They'll hate you." Emily said immediately. JJ couldn't hide the hurt that crossed her face and Emily froze instantly. "JJ, my mother wants me to marry a man, so she will hate you simply because you have the wrong body parts. She'll never get past it. My father just goes along with whatever she says; to him, its not worth the headache."

JJ sat watching Emily as she stared up at the ceiling, refusing meet JJ in the eye. JJ smiled at her and gently flicked the leg in her lap. "Hey, look at me." She said to the brunette. Emily glanced over with a pout on her face that caused JJ to break out into laughter.

"Mean." Emily said, as JJ continued laughing. JJ just smiled and crawled up Emily so she was laying on top of her.

"I'm sorry." She said, still laughing. Emily frowned but the corners of her lips were turned up and she was trying to bite back a smile of her own. "Em, they're your parents. If you don't want them there that is fine with me, its your call."

"Truthfully? My mother will be worse if we don't invite her, I just don't want to hear her nag forever. She'll want to plan all this ridiculous over the top crap, invite all her political friends, it will be a nightmare."

JJ ran circles on Emily's cheek with her finger while she contemplated what the brunette was saying. JJ really didn't care who was there, or what anything looked like as long as they got married. Since she had always been vehemently against commitment, she never pictured or cared about weddings. She kind of hated them. JJ knew Emily was a little more invested, but she also knew for the older woman, it was more about marriage than the wedding. "What if we elope?" JJ asked a minute later.

Emily's head snapped forward almost colliding with JJ's. "What?" She asked.

"Elope." JJ said sitting up so she was straddling Emily rather than acting like a blanket for her. "You know I don't care about weddings, we can invite the team. I'll call my mom and see if she wants to come, cause I'll never hear the end of it if I don't at least give her a heads up; and we can forget all the hassle. Plus, we could do it way sooner!"

Emily sat up, causing JJ to fall backwards slightly. "Are you serious Jayje?"

"Yeah." JJ said with a smile. "Why not? Unless you think its a horrible idea? Then I am totally fine with whatever you or your mom wants."

Emily laughed and wrapped JJ up in a tight hug, practically pulling her up off of the couch. "I think its a fantastic idea! Lets do it tonight!"

"What! Em, no!"


"Emily!" JJ said with a laugh.

"It was your idea!" Emily protested.

"How about this weekend?"


"Em, that's three days from now."

"Jen, never underestimate my mother. She could find out before then and then find some way to ruin everything." Emily stated seriously.

JJ laughed. "Okay, Saturday, no exceptions and just in case your mother finds out, I'll get Garcia to make up some crazy back up plan. Sound good?"

"Sounds very good." Emily said climbing on top of JJ and planting her with a kiss.

JJ sipped her coffee happily as she watched Reid swivel around in one of Garcia's chairs. "You guys are really eloping?" He asked again. JJ just nodded while Garcia banged on her keys, planing out everything they would need for the next day. Three days had gone by extremely fast, and once JJ had told Hotch of their plans, he had made sure the team was off rotation for this weekend – and for Emily and JJ – the next few days as well. JJ and Garcia were figuring out all of the wedding stuff, which really wasn't much other than booking hotel rooms for everyone and a place to have the reception. Reid was ecstatic that they would be getting married in his home town. JJ had called her parents and they were a little shocked but happy to come along. JJ was pretty sure that her mother was just happy JJ was actually getting married. When JJ had called her weeks before to tell her that she had proposed – as had Emily – her mother had had a hard time believing her. JJ spent a good four hours on the phone with her talking about how she wasn't freaked out by commitment anymore. She was sick of running when things got tough, or being lonely. Emily made her feel whole, corny or not, she was happy with her, and she trusted her, for JJ, nothing else really mattered.

"Alrighty my loves the wedding of Jennifer Jareau and Emily Prentiss is all good to go! We are all booked in a fabulous looking hotel with the reception being prepared in a ballroom there as we speak!"

"Ballroom? Garcia, its just the team and my parents, we don't need a ballroom."

"Its small, they just call it a ballroom."

"Oh, okay. How expensive is this fabulous hotel?"

"That is top secret information."

"Excuse me?" JJ asked raising her eyebrows. Reid made that little frowny face he always did when uncomfortable and swiveled around away from the two blondes. Garcia just ignored JJ. "Garcia! What do you mean top secret?"

"Emily gave me a limit, I didn't even go anywhere near it!" Garcia yelled. Turning back to her computer she mumbled, "not yet anyway."

"Garcia, I am paying too!"

"No you're not. Its a rule."

"A rule?"

"Yes, made by Emily and your mom."

"My mother! What?"

"Em called her, I dunno, its rule number three. You just have to show up, look stunning, repeat what the priest says, kiss your woman and then dance and have fun. Its very simple really."

JJ pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. "I am slightly regretting this decision."

"Marrying Em?" Garcia asked frantically.

"What!" JJ said looking up at her friend. "No! Not at all. Why would you assume that?"

"Well you're a commitment-phobe." Garcia said with a shrug.

"Garcia, we already had this conversation, weeks ago, back before I even proposed."

"I thought Emily proposed." Reid piped up.

JJ glared at him. "I proposed first."

"Only you two would propose to each other at the same time." Garcia said with a laugh.

"It is a pretty funny story." Reid said with a smile. JJ glared at him, but as she got up to refill her coffee, she ruffled his hair lovingly. JJ poured coffee into two cups and handed one to Reid before heading out of Garcia's lair to go find Emily. They were basically done for the day and she wanted to get home and pack. Morgan and Rossi were talking in the break room and each man gave her a nod as she walked past them. Emily was nowhere to be found. JJ headed up to Hotch's office, knocking gently on the doorframe.

"Hey Hotch, have you seen Emily?" She asked.

"She just left, was heading to your office I believe."

"Okay, thanks." JJ turned to leave, but Hotch called out to her.



"I just wanted to say congratulations and I'm happy for you."

JJ smiled and placed her hands on her hips. "You really are just an old softy."

Hotch looked slightly horrified, but gave JJ a rare smile. "Don't tell anyone." He deadpanned.

JJ smiled and gave him a small wave. She turned around and headed back to her office. Seeing Emily behind her desk, hunched over and frowning at the laptop in front of her, she grinned and sipped her coffee. "Get your own office Prentiss."

Emily looked up like a child caught doing something wrong and laughed. "Hey, so I am looking for honeymoon places. I just talked to Hotch, he gave us the whole week, anywhere you've always wanted to go?"



"Em, are you paying for everyone to stay at some fancy hotel and our honeymoon? Because I was under the assumption that marriage was supposed to be equal."

"I'm not. I'm paying for the honeymoon, its part of my wedding present to you, my mother is paying for everyone's hotel fees and the reception." Emily said with a devilish grin.

"Your mother?" JJ asked as she pushed herself off of the wall and made her way over to Emily. "I thought the whole idea of this was mostly about keeping your mother out of it?"

"It is."

"I'm confused."

Emily wrapped an arm around JJ's waist and pulled her in closer. "My mother set up this fund for me years ago, and she forgot about it. I'm using it to pay for the wedding."

"Oh your very rebellious." JJ said sarcastically. Emily gave her a swat on her hip and went back to her computer.

"So, where do you wanna go Miss Jareau?" She asked.

"I was thinking about that..."


"No, not about that..well, yes tropical would be fantastic, but I was thinking about the Jareau thing."

Emily kept her focus on the computer and bit her lip in the adorable way that drove JJ crazy. "Humm...what do you mean?" She asked, scrolling through vacation spots.

"What do you want to do with our last names?"

"Huh?" Emily finally looked up. "Oh, umm, I honestly hadn't really thought about it. Why? What do you want?"

"I wouldn't be upset if I was a Prentiss..." JJ said shyly.

"Really?" Emily said with a laugh. "You want to be a Prentiss? Its not really the greatest family in the world."

JJ shrugged. "I dunno, the one I know is pretty fantastic..." She said with a grin. JJ watched as Emily beamed.

"Yeah?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'd keep Jareau professionally, or else work could get confusing, but legally...it would be nice. If you don't mind?"

"I'd kinda love that actually."

"Well good! Get your butt up Prentiss, we've got things to pack and places to be."

"What about the honeymoon?"

"Surprise me, as long as its tropical and your in a bikini, I could care less."

Emily ran as fast as she could while weighted down with five bags. JJ and Garcia hot on her heels, each clad in bags of their own. Somehow they had managed to be late for their flight, there had been no free cabs around once they arrived in Vegas, and their wedding was supposed to start in half an hour.

"Prentiss! You're an FBI agent, flash your damn badge!" Garcia yelled.


"Emily! Do it!" JJ yelled in a tone that Emily knew not to screw with. Dropping one bag onto Garcia, she pulled out her badge and the man behind the counter all but threw their keys at her and ordered a bellhop to help them. The three woman bolted up to their rooms and got busy changing their clothes. Garcia had ordered two wedding dresses that she promised would look fantastic to each woman, apparently she had secretly gotten their measurements and given them to a renowned seamstress friend she had.

"You two can't change together!" Garcia yelled frantically.

"What? Seriously? Garcia we're late, who cares?" JJ asked.

"It is a tradition!" Garcia shoved JJ into the bathroom and threw her dress in with her. Emily just sighed and shucked her clothes, changing into her dress. This was insane, and she would be lying if she said it wasn't fun. Garcia had really outdone herself, Emily had to admit, she looked great.

"Garcia!" She exclaimed. "How did you..."

"I'm fantastic." Garcia said, not looking up. She was still changing herself. As she blonde stood and caught sight of Emily she shrieked.

"WHAT'S WRONG!" JJ yelled from behind the bathroom door. "I'm coming out!"

"NO DON'T!" Garcia screamed. "Every thing's fine. Your future wife just looks fucking fantastic."

"Well, then I really want to come out."

"Not yet." Garcia said firmly. "Prentiss, don't move. I want a picture."

"Ugh, Garcia..." Emily whined.

"Stay still." Garcia warned. Emily complied, but after the seventeenth photo she had to remind Garcia that they were running late. JJ was impatiently pounding on the bathroom door asking to be let out. Garcia had trapped her in with a chair after she tried to break out twice. "Okay, Emily, get your butt outside, Morgan is waiting for you. And I need pictures of Jayje."

"What about me?" JJ yelled in a muffled voice.

"You can't come out until Emily leaves."

"That's not fair."

"I'll see you later Jen." Emily called out. She could hear JJ kicking the door and cursing at Garcia. She laughed as she walked out of the room to meet Morgan. He whistled.

"Damn Princess, you clean up good." Morgan said offering his arm. She smacked him, but took it with a smile.

"Thank you, so do you."

"You ready for this?"

"Yeah." Emily beamed.

"Well come on then!"

The two of them headed down to the chapel and Emily stood allowing JJ's mother to fawn over her, it was kind of nice. She found that she actually really like Mary Jareau. She was very similar to JJ. The actual ceremony went by insanely quickly. All Emily could focus on was how amazing JJ looked. Garcia had really outdone herself. Emily never took her eyes off the blonde. She didn't hear a word the priest said, somehow she just repeated whatever he told her. After the kiss, Garcia and the team broke into cheers and took about a million photos. Emily barely paid attention to anything the rest of the night. All she knew was that she was with the people she loved and having a great time. Watching Morgan try to teach Reid to dance, seeing Hotch and Rossi smiling, she was ecstatic. JJ leand over and whispered in her ear.

"I love you."

"Love you too, Prentiss." Emily said with a smile. JJ beamed and snatched Emily's hand.

"Come on, we are gonna teach Reid to dance!" JJ yelled happily. Emily laughed and ran after her wife and spent the rest of the night dancing with her team.