This is my first Power Rangers: Ninja Storm Fiction because I have been watching Reruns on Netflixs for the past few months. So...yeah. Attack of the plot-bunnies.

Pairing: Tori/Blake

Done Within 15 minutes late at night on Friday with some editing afterwards.

Not Everything

Blue Bay Harbor, Storm Chargers

Leaning against the employee side of the counter armed with a calculator and a list, Shane paused with his pen poised over the Storm Chargers account book, confused. Shane looked up from his work, leaning against the counter and glanced over at Tori who was sitting on the back table flipping through 'Girl Sport. "Why I am doing this?"

Tori looked up and shrugged. "Because Dustin's not..."

"Exactly! I don't even work here. I don't know what his problem is but Sensei's not happy. He's doing that little thing with his nose again..."

"That's probably a bad thing..." Tori noted with disinterest as she turned another page. She glanced over the top of the magazine towards Dustin. He was standing in the front of the shop talking to two guys about the bikes. One had dark hair with light bronze skin and was shorter than the fair-skinned blonde guy.

The dark haired guy kept glancing over his shoulder as if he felt her occasional glances. She caught his eye and immediately ducked behind her magazine, peering out cautiously. He was smiling.

"Are you even listening?" Shane demanded,

"Well, Dustin is standing right over there..." She nodded towards the front window where Dustin was standing with his motocross friends. "Go talk to him. Be the leader."

Shane turned to face completely, leaning back against the counter as he crossed his arms. "Why do I feel like you're mocking me?"

"Because you lack confidence." she replied primly, uncrossing her legs and hoping down from the table. She set the magazine down. "Come on, leader."

"If I'm the leader, why are you leading?" he asked as he followed out into the main store.

"Because...I'm the logical one."

Dustin turned upon hearing Tori's voice, his face lighting up. "Oh guys cool you finally get to meet."

Blake and Hunter turned, surveying the newcomers. Tori froze a moment.

"Shane, Tori, Hunter and Blake." Dustin introduced, pointing at the respective persons.

"Hey, how it's going?" Hunter greeted.

"Pretty good." Shane admitted, shaking hands with Hunter and Blake

"Good." Tori said, suddenly finding herself mute.

"Dustin's told us a lot about you." Hunter said.

Tori ducked her head as Blake stared at her. "But not everything." Looks were exchanged before Shane broke the silence.

"Hey, uh, Dustin. You got a minute?"

"Oh, yeah, man." Dustin agreed, ducking out of the group, with Shane.

Tori panicked inside as an awkward silence descended. Hunter gave Blake a look, 'gesturing' to Tori with his eyes and back to Blake as if Tori couldn't see/ read their silent conversation. "So...are you new here?"

"Yup. We just moved into town a few weeks ago." Hunter said, jabbing Blake in the ribs.

"Ow! What was that for?"

"To restart your brain, doofus."

"Ha, ha, hilarious."

"You guys ride motocross?" Tori interjected, a smile tracing her lips.

"Oh yeah, You?"

"I like riding but personally I prefer my showers with water. My thing's surfing."

"Really?" Blake grinned, folding his arms. "I should've guessed from all the blue and the hair. You look like an ocean girl."

Tori touched her hair self-consciously. "Um...thanks? I think..."

"Nah, don't be shy. It's a compliment."

"Don't listen to him." Hunter said, moving to jab Blake in the ribs but Blake ducked out of the way and winked at Tori who ducked her head and suppressed another giggle. "I like blondes."

"You are a blonde." Tori pointed out.


Tori couldn't help it; she laughed.

"Maybe we should get together sometime." Blake offered. "You show me your sport and I'll show you mine."

Tori frowned. "I'm friends with Dustin remember? I've already seen your sport."

"Free-riding." Blake explained. "Without the track. And I've never been to a real beach before."

Hunter rolled his eyes.

"Well..." Tori stared at her feet and then back up at Blake's encouraging smile. "I don't see why not. I'd like that a lot actually."

"Come on, Tori!" Dustin suddenly grabbed her arm, dragging her out of the store. "I got go. See ya later!" he called out his shoulder.

"Later." Shane agreed, following them out.

Tori waved helplessly.

"Catch ya later then Tori!"


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