Wow it's been awhile. I apologize - with no access to Ninja Storm episodes, it's hard to keep this going. But I should be able to get netflix back soon if my hopes for a job come through. :D

Brief (yet mildly unrelated) note : I always found it rather annoying that people in television are often using lightning for attacks but it often call it thunder instead which is the sound that follows lightning. So I decided that out of Ranger form, Blake has the ability to generate dense and highly destructive energy bursts through the use of sound, which naturally is a thunder technique. Hunter uses lightning and they can both use lightning while in Ranger Mode though Hunter cannot use thunder - his lightning abilities just get a boost.

Posted: September 5, 2012 - Wednesday

Takes place between/during Thunder Strangers Part 1 and 2

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Ocean & Thunder - Enemy Aid

Blake squinted against the sun as he and Hunter climbed their way up the steep grassy hillside decked out in their motocross gear. Sometimes, Hunter was a little caught up in his adrenline, his taste for battle. Sometimes, Blake worried about Hunter becoming what some people called a Blood Knight – a person who fights only for the thrill of battle.

"Hunter, where are we going?" Did he have another plan or something?

"Away from here. We don't want to be seen,"

Blake looked up, spotting a gray van pull up. "I think it may be a little late for that,"

The van door swung open and Kelly, the owner of Storm Chargers stepped out looking at them in confusion. "What are you guys doing out here? Didn't you hear, we're under attack!"

"We think the Rangers need help," Hunter explained, thinking quickly.

Blake frowned to himself. I hope Tori got out okay...

"Come on," Hunter persisted, pulling Kelly along with him. He jumped over the railing and Blake and Kelly followed again.

"I don't think we should be moving towards the battle," Kelly commented as they jogged through the trees, Blake slightly ahead of them.

"It's over now – we saw the Rangers' zord go down," Blake explained as they broke through the trees to step into a clearing and saw Tori stumbling up the hillside, trying to help Shane up with Dustin trailing behind. Tori stumbled and tripped, clearly dazed but Shane stayed up right, mostly.

"Tori!" Blake caught her by the arm, helping her to her feet and felt a wave of guilt that he quickly squashed down but he couldn't ignore it. He did this. He liked her, he didn't want to hurt her but he pretended to be her friend but he was her enemy in reality. "Are you okay?"

"Thanks, I'm fine." Tori mumbled but it was clear she was lying at least a little.

"We were riding when we saw the smoke." Hunter explained. "Are you all right? What happened?"

"I was listening in the car on the way here," Kelly interjected. "It was another alien attack."

"Yeah, we were caught in the middle of the fighting," Tori explained. "We were helping Dustin scout some new areas to ride,"

Dustin just nodded in agreement, doubled over and fighting for breath.

"Does this happen often?" Hunter wondered.

Shane scoffed. "And you never wondered why housing was so cheap here?"

"Come on - lemme give you a ride," Kelly offered. Tori straightened up and took a step and her legs almost immediately buckled; Blake caught her by the arm and loop it over his shoulders.

"That must have been traumatic," he commented, trying to keep it light as Hunter and Kelly went to help Shane and Dustin keep their balance and slowly the odd party hobbled to Kelly's van.

"You have no idea," Tori muttered, leaning heavily on Blake and he felt yet another pang of guilt and a bad taste filled his mouth.

It was slow going getting to the car - the Kaze-ryu Shinobi* - were beaten up quite a bit, conversation was kept to a minimum and Kelly kept voicing concern and confusion.

"There was a lot of explosions," Dustin explained. "It's okay Kelly - we're in one piece, I could that as a good thing."

Once they reached the fence, the Kaze-Ryu Shinobi seemed perfectly capable of climbing it on their own and Hunter and Blake stood back as their enemies stepped into the van; Tori sank with relief into the front seat. Hunter was gloating silently - Blake could tell. He was proud of their work while Blake just felt disgusted with himself. Hunter didn't want to kill them - it seemed like he was taking out his frustration on their Sensei on the students.

"You should get some rest," Blake recommended, leaning against the passenger door, which had the window down.

"Don't worry, I intend to." she assured him. "A cup of tea and a nice bed. Did you apologize to Dustin yet?"

Blake glanced to the back where Dustin was stretching his sore muscles. "Not yet - but I will."

"I'll hold you to it," she said as Kelly started the van. Blake stepped back and watched with Hunter as the van drove on the packed dirt road.

"They won't be fighting for awhile," Hunter said in satisfaction, turning to his motocross bike. "Let's go."

Translation notes:

Kaze-Ryu - Wind Style (adding 'Style' at the end let's me accept they're called 'Wind Rangers' because Tori and Dustin are Ocean and Land, not Sky like Shane is)

Shinobi - the other term for Ninja. Ninja is used in the Western countries for it's easier pronunciation but I've always like the word 'shinobi' better.

Raimei-Ryu - Thunder Style ('Raimei' is taken from google translate so that may be incorrect.)