Buru10: this is my first fanfic of Dinosaur King

Zoe: good for you

Buru10: thank you

Rex: so what's it about?

Buru10: you and Zoe

Zoe and Rex: *blushes

Buru10: to bad that I don't own Dinosaur King

Rex: *sadness*

Zoe: Burupya10/Buru10 does not own Dinosaur King

Rex: *super sadness*

Rex' POV

I was sitting on park bench in a sunny afternoon. The air felt so refreshing, it felt so peaceful. I closed my eyes to help me arrange my thoughts. My mind would be filled with only one person, that person that makes me very happy. She would always make my day; all those gloomy thoughts would easily disappear. Just staying beside her makes my heart skip a beat. She would always distract me, she's so irresistible.

When I opened my eyes, I was shocked to see Zoe in front of me. I almost fell from the bench. She was staring at me straight in the eyes. From my view her eyes were so angelic. I was staring at her that I didn't notice her say something.

"Rex, is there something wrong?"

"N-Nothing, just arranging my thoughts."

"Oh I see, if there is anything that you need just tell ok?"

"Thanks Zoe, so why are you here?"

"Umm…" she was blushing so hard.

She looks so cute when she blushes. She really suits the color green, what am I thinking. I should really tell her how I feel. No wait what if she doesn't accept me? What should I do? I wanna tell her yet what if she rejects me?

"Rex, what's going on?"

"AH! Zoe I-I"

"Like you!" Rex was shock when he heard it from her mouth.

"WHAT!" I shouted in awe

"T-That's right I wanted to tell you I really like you, but I was afraid to tell you."


"W-What, I've told you already so that's your response!"

"I'm sorry; you just took the words out of my mouth."

I then took her in my arms and we stayed there for about a minute. What a beautiful day 'cause things started to go my way.

Buru10: so how do you like it?

Rex and Zoe: *blushes really hard

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