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"Ethan, please sit next to Zoe. Zoe raise your hand." Zoe raised her hand to get Ethan's attention. Ethan stepped down the platform, while the girls were whispering about how cute Ethan was.

Ethan casually walked to his seat. He smiled at Zoe, which made Rex frown. Zoe returned the smile as he sat down. Rex saw how they both smiled at each other; his eyes became passive. The day went by fast and it was time for them to go home.

Rex was standing outside; waiting for Zoe to finish packing her things. School ended fifteen minutes ago, so there weren't many students in the building. Max was supposed to wait with him but he had chores to do. Zoe stepped out of the classroom carrying her bag. She looked at Rex, signaling him that she was done.

"You take a very long time in packing your stuff." Rex said as he started walking.

"I'm sooo sorry." Zoe said sarcastically.

Rex let out a chuckle. "It's fine."

Rex and Zoe left the school building, holding hands while walking towards the school gates. Zoe took out her phone and started texting her friends with one hand. She let Rex lead the way, she was too busy texting her friends. Suddenly Rex stopped; Zoe looked up from her phone and looked up at Rex. He was glaring intensely at someone in front of him. Zoe followed his eyes, what she saw made her confused. Ethan was standing in front of the gates; he had a charming smile plastered of his face.

Rex had an urge to punch him. When he saw Ethan smile at Zoe, he became jealous. He didn't want Zoe near him or talking to him. Just by looking at Ethan, he could feel a very strong malice. As a boyfriend, he has to protect Zoe.

"Why are you still here?" Zoe asked.

"I…" Ethan looked at Zoe and Rex's hands. "Came to get some things I left in the classroom." He said.

"Oh…well, we have to go. We need to do study." Rex said as he pulled Zoe closer to him and they both left.

Rex dragged Zoe to the park. He told her to take a seat on the bench and rest. He left her to buy some ice cream. When he came back, he was holding two cones without ice cream on them, but his face was smeared with it. Zoe couldn't help but surpass a giggle. Rex pouted, making Zoe giggle more.

"What happened?" Zoe asked.

"My fan girls chased me and then the ice cream fell on the ground. I accidently tripped and my face fell on the ice cream." Rex explained. Zoe took out her phone and took a picture of Rex pouting. She stood up and her face was inches away from his. Rex turned red like a tomato, when she licked the ice cream on his face. She took out her handkerchief and started whipping his red face.

He slid his arm around her waist and pulled her closer. He leaned down and pressed his lips onto hers. She could taste the ice cream from his lips. They both pulled away; Zoe's face turned red as she realized that he took her first kiss. Rex smiled at how cute she was when she was blushing.