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Dr. Carlisle Cullen left the ER through the main entrance and turned left to get to the employee parking lot. He touched the keypad still in his pocket and saw the blinking lights of his black Mercedes greet him. As he got in the driver's seat he silently reveled at the luxurious feel of the plumb seat. After a 52 hour shift, getting to his car was almost as satisfying as falling in to his bed.

He started his drive home, wondering if the house would be empty when he got there. His older sister, Esme, shared his house, and her son Edward was home visiting for the holiday. He'd brought along some friends to stay, and although Carlisle liked them well enough, it would be nice to come home to a quite house, and not being forced to listen to semi-drunk college-students for a few hours.

He turned in to his driveway, and found it empty of cars, and he let out a sigh of relieve. He decided to take an immediate shower and then relax in front of the TV before everyone returned. Carlisle shucked his clothes on his way to his en-suit bathroom and turned the water on to let it heat up before stepping in under the hot spray.

It was such a nice and satisfying feeling to have the spray of water caress his body and sooth the weariness away. He felt immediately relaxed, and as he washed his hair and body, other sensations started to build within him. He was simply getting horny as he soaped himself up, and he admitted to himself it had been too long since he enjoyed the intimate company of a woman. Thinking back, he realized it had almost been six month since his date with Tanya, which had ended in bed and thereafter in nothing. They had simply not been that compatible in the sack.

Carlisle felt himself get hard as his mind wandered to Bella, one of Edward's friends from UCLA. He'd met her briefly before he'd started his shift, and he had been surprisingly captured by her soft beauty and especially her rich chocolate eyes. Those eyes seemed, to Carlisle, to hold the answers to all of life's questions and he'd got lost in them as they were introduced. Add to that a petit but curvy frame and the long locks of dark hair, and Carlisle had lost his usual eloquence.

He couldn't resist gripping his hard member firmly and stoking himself at the thought of Bella Swan. He imagined how soft her pale skin would feel if he touched her, how the urgent beating of her heart would stain her smooth cheeks with the blush of arousal if he bent down and softly bit her lobe, and kissed his way down the column of her throat. He imagined her sighs of pleasure as he nibbled at her perky breasts and caressed her flat tummy. "Ungh!" Carlisle felt himself rapidly approaching climax and he stroked harder and only moments later he spilled his hot seed down the drain of the shower.

Relaxed, Carlisle dried off and put on a pair of black sweatpants, and proceeded barefoot and bare-chested into the living-room, grabbed the remote and turned to lounge back in the soft couch.

"Hi, Dr. Cullen." A soft and sweet voice startled him and his head jerked up to see his masturbation-fantasy sit in the recliner-seat in the corner of the room. She had her feet tucked up beneath her legs and a book open in her lap. Her shiny hair was resting on one side of her neck, and her eyes locked on to his with an amused expression. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

"Uhmn… No, it's ok, Bella. Didn't see you there, though." Carlisle felt embarrassed not only by his half-dressed state but also because he felt as if she knew what he'd done just moments before in the shower. Desperate to regain his mental footing, Carlisle frantically searched for something to say, and inwardly questioned what it was with this young woman that reduced him to a hormone-ridden teen with hardly any ability to form adult or even coherent sentences. Even as she just sat there eyeing him, he could feel himself harden once again, and he was suddenly reminded what an utterly stupid idea it had been to go commando. His sweats were beginning to tent, and he swiftly sat down to hide it from her sight.

"So… Bella. What are you up too? Where are the others?" Finally he managed to choke out something similar to casual small-talk.

"Oh, they left to go to some bar and Esme had a thing with her office tonight, I think."

"Um, yeah, some kind of Benefit or Gala or something, I remember." He eyed her curiously. "But you decided to stay in and… Read?" Really? He thought college-kids were all about the partying.

"You'd be surprised at how often I prefer a nice book to bars and pubs, Dr. Cullen."

While hot that she said Dr. Cullen to him, he desperately wanted to hear her say his given name. "Please, call me Carlisle, Bella."

"Carlisle." She smiled and her lips formed his name as if she tasted it. He found that he had trouble tearing his gaze from those lips. He also found that he wanted to taste her. The situation in his pants was developing from slightly uncomfortable to simply painful, and he knew he had no way of getting out of the room without letting her know just how badly he wanted her. The temptress in question did not ease the situation as she tentatively licked at her bottom lip. Carlisle almost groaned out loud at the sight. Was she completely ignorant to the fact that she was tempting him so badly he had trouble breathing in and out? He let out an audible sigh at the predicament. He would have to stay seated here until she had left or it would be obvious to her where is thoughts were. The problem was, he didn't want her to leave.

"It's very big" she stated.


"Your collection of books, Carlisle."


"You read much yourself?"

Get your mind out of the gutter, Cullen, and answer her. "Yeah, as much as I can find time to. It relaxes me."

"And what else do you like to do to… Relax?" Her question was innocent enough, but her tone suggested otherwise. She folded her book together, put it down and rose from her seat. He was caught like a rabbit in someone's headlights staring at her as she gracefully walked over to the couch and sat down beside him.

"Um…" What was the question, again? He felt his brain had not enough blood left to function properly. "Um…" Eloquent, Carlisle, real eloquent. He frantically searched his brain for something useful, like a 'Conversations-for-Dummies'. Here he was, a fully grown man with experience and multiple degrees, and he couldn't manage a simple answer to a simple question. The woman totally threw him off balance. "I dunno, movies, maybe?" finally, something popped up, not that he felt he would impress Bella Swan with wit tonight.

"Were you going to watch one now? Mind if I join you?"

No! Yes! No! Aw, hell! "Sure, why don't you pick one?"

She went to the DVD's and started rifling through them. "What kind do you prefer?"

Carlisle had a perfect view off her equally perfect rear end as she bent slightly forward to scan the selections. Her dark jeans fit her perfectly. In fact, Carlisle thought they hugged her hips in a way that should be illegal, and probably was in some countries. "Anything, really. Your choice, Bella."

Bella searched through the DVD's for a minute while Carlisle whole-heartedly enjoyed the view. He felt like a perverted old sleaze-bag, but figured he ought to take the opportunity to behold perfection as he had it in his view. She had a sensual grace about her, as if completely ignorant to her own allure. Maybe she was ignorant, maybe she had no idea. She was young, Carlisle knew that, and maybe college-boys had yet to alert her to the fact. Though he found it to be unbelievable that she would not be completely surrounded by admirers wherever she went, something about her told him that if she was indeed surrounded, she was also oblivious to the attention. Carlisle couldn't help but wonder what Edward's feelings were, if she got to him too. What if they had something going on?

"So… How do you know Edward?"

"We're in some classes together, but I didn't get to know him before he started dating my room-mate, Rose" Bella answered. "They're broken up now, though, but I like hanging out with him. He's a funny guy."


"I didn't feel like staying the holiday at campus, so when he asked to join him and the others to go here, I said yes. Can't say I regret it, now…" Bella finished her statement and her eyes found his. He saw an almost mischievous glint in her eyes and it went straight to his straining cock. Was she coming on to him? To him? That was… Wasn't that… Huh. He decided to reciprocate.

"I'm glad that you did, Bella." He watched her cheeks blush a delightful pink, but she didn't avert her eyes.

"Found one." She showed him the case she was holding and he smiled. Tarantino-fan, huh? The movie was actually one of his all-time favorites.

Thankfully she didn't wait for him to load the disc, but did it herself and then returned to sit next to him on the couch. When she pulled a blanket from the arm stead and covered them both, he exhaled. He wasn't even a tiny bit cold, quite the opposite, but snuggling up under a blanket with Bella was far too tempting to resist. He had ha feeling he wouldn't get much of what was happening on the screen.

As the opening credits of 'Pulp Fiction' started at the TV, Carlisle found himself captivated by the floral scent of the woman next to him. It was as distracting as the view of her ass earlier. She was mouth-watering, everything about her.

"Ah" he heard Bella sigh softly.


"John Travolta, obviously."

"What about him?" Carlisle asked her, not seeing the obvious about the actor.

"Oh, he's just… You know… Hot. This character, anyway. There's something about bad-boys, you know?" Carlisle figured the question was rhetorical, but couldn't help himself.

"What's so hot about him?"

"Oh, everything" she stated lightly. "The way he moves, the way he talks… Sure, he's an asshole, but…"

"But what?"

"Well…" she hesitated but continued while keeping her gaze locked at the screen. "I just wanna lick him all over, he makes me so hot."

Carlisle actually forgot how to breathe for a moment. He stared at her in disbelieve. Did she just say that in front of him? He was more turned on by that line than anything he'd ever heard. This time, his groan was audible, and Bella turned her head to look at him.

"You ok?"

He had to inhale deeply a few times before managing an answer. "Sure."

"Carlisle, can I be frank?" she asked in a serious tone as she continued to watch him closely.

"Mm-hmm" he croaked, desperately trying to pull himself together.

"I wanna lick you all over, too." With those words she bent her head toward his chest and laved her soft tongue around his nipple, up along his sternum, the sensitive spot under his ear, along his jawline and ended it with a nibble of his lower lip. She raised her head and looked him straight in the eyes. Her voice husky she said "I want you so bad, Carlisle."

He immediately captured her lips with his and drew her on to his lap. Straddling him, his arousal was more than evident trough the blanket and his sweats, and she moaned in to his mouth and ground down on him. He was delirious with want, with need and afraid he was going to come instantly from dry-humping alone, he held her hips still as he continued to explore her sweet mouth. She opened up to grant his tongue access, and they massaged each other until they both had to withdraw or give up breathing all together. Her small hands found their way to his blond hair and she rested her forehead against his while they fought to breathe.

"Are you sure, Bella?" He had to ask, had to know she knew what she was doing. "Because if we don't stop now there's no going back. I want you too much, Bella."

"Yes, I'm sure! I want you to fuck me silly, Carlisle. I need you to!"

With that, Carlisle threw caution away. Bella's blouse was quickly taken off, and her jeans followed suit. He laid her down on the soft couch and caressed her reverently while continuing to kiss her now swollen lips.

"So soft, Bella…" he murmured in her ear as he let one finger slid beneath the lacy fabric of her bra to tease her nipple. It was instantly hard under his touch, and Bella arched into him with a light moan. Taking advantage of her arch, one hand deftly undid the garment and he slipped it off her arms and threw it away. He let his eyes feast on her naked torso before his mouth descended on her beautiful breast. Her hands in his hair tugged him closer to her, demanding even more attention.

"Ah… Ungh… Carlisle, it feels so good…"

Carlisle let his hands start to drift down her ribs and hips, turning at the outside of her thighs, only to caress their way to the insides, feeling her heat as he brushed past her center. He had an aching need to touch and feel, and he couldn't wait to get his mouth on her wet pussy, to drink her fluids as he made her come. He sat up and Bella whimpered at the loss of his administrations. He hooked his fingers round the waistband of her panties and slowly dragged them down her legs, placing kisses and nibbles along his way. He settled between her thighs and nuzzled her, softly scraping her skin with his five-o'clock-shade. Bella willingly opened her legs for him, displaying the wet folds he craved so much.

"I gonna make you come in my mouth, Bella, and I want you to watch me" he purred, and her eyes set on him as he gently dipped his tongue out for his first taste of her. She jerked at the contact, groaned at him and begged him for more.

"You're so wet for me, Bella… So good." His tongue circled her clit and sucked it in to his mouth.

"Shit, Carlisle, I'm so close… So close… Please make me come; I wanna come so bad, so funkin' bad!" She writhed under him, trying to coax his mouth to work her harder. He slid two fingers inside her heat and twisted them slightly, and that had Bella flying over the edge, screaming his name over and over. "Yessssyessssyessss… arghhhh…. Ohmigod, Carlisle!" He eagerly drank her as her orgasm flooded his mouth. He slowly laved at her folds and licked her clean as he brought her down from her high. The taste of her was the most gorgeous nectar he had ever tasted and he couldn't get enough of her. If he could spend the rest of his days buried between her thighs, her moaning and screaming like that… Well, he would die a happy man.

Carlisle slowly kissed his way up her body, and reached her mouth. Bella eagerly responded, tangling her tongue with his, pressing all of her still shivering body against his. Her hand brushed against his straining hard member through his pants and he hissed in response. He could feel her smile against his mouth and then she wiggled out from beneath him, turning him on his back. She kissed his chest and let her hands drift over the taught muscles of his abdomen and peeled off his clothes to set him free. His cock sprang loose from its prison and her eyes drank him in before her mouth, wet and warm, enveloped him.

"Fuck, Bella, that feels soooo good" Carlisle panted as she let her tongue circle the head of his dick before she buried his dick in her mouth once again. Carlisle's head fell back and his eyes rolled backwards and she felt so good on him, he thought he would pass out from pleasure. When her hand started playing with his sack, caressing his balls he felt the tightness gather in the small of his back.

"Arghh… Bella, shit… It feels… Oh fuck… Stop! I wanna come inside your pussy, Bella, I have to feel you!" With one final lick of her soft tongue, she released him and her heavily lidded eyes met his.

"Fuck me, Carlisle."

"Get on your knees, baby, and bend over. I gonna fuck you from behind…"

Carlisle almost came immediately just by the sight of her ass turned up against him, her wet pussy glistening pink, beckoning him, begging him to take her. He plunged deep inside her in one hard stroke and they cried out in unison at the sensation of their bodies uniting. He started thrusting in to her tightness, and she met him, stroke by stroke, pressing her hips back to him, taking him deeper every time. He never wanted to stop, he wanted to fuck Bella for the rest of his life at the same time his body demanded satisfaction. His balls contracted, his whole body anticipating and craving release, and he started thrusting in earnest, plunging in and out of her at a punishing pace.

"Ahhh… Like that! Just like that! Ohmigooood!" Bella's cries spurred him on, and he felt his climax closing in on him. He let one hand slide in front of her and starts to massage and pinch her clit.

"Come for me, Bella. Now!" Her body responded immediately and he felt her pussy clench around his cock, squeezing it hard inside of her. His own orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks, knocking the wind out of him and had fireworks cascading behind his closed lids. The feel of her milking him dry, her heat and wetness and her shattering orgasm had him reduced to nothing more than a vessel of bliss.

Their panting breaths mingled as they sank down on the couch, Bella sprawled out on top of him. He held her tight against his chest, sweaty skin against sweaty skin.

He was unable to speak for a long time and Bella seemed rendered speechless too. They relaxed together letting heartbeats and breathing return to normal. Her fingers drew lazy patterns along his chest and he sighed, sated and content.

"That was… Amazing, Carlisle."

"Yeah…" His brain swam with satisfaction and he placed a soft kiss on her hair. "You are amazing, Bella."

She chuckled softly and her warm breath caressed his skin. "I stayed because I wanted this, you know."

"I wanted it too. I wanted you the second we met." His mind suddenly realizing it, he turned her face to meet her eyes. "You've ruined me, you know. I'll want no one else ever again."

"Likewise, Dr. Cullen." She kissed him softly and her honesty flooded her eyes.

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