Dr. Carlisle Cullen was a satisfied man. He had been loved by an angel, over and over. Her glorious body had been his, over and over. Her skin bore his scent; her lips were swollen from his kisses, and the light in her eyes, that slightly smug and deeply sated look in her beautiful, dark eyes… He had put it there. Carlisle could not help feeling satisfied, because he knew she felt it too.

After that intense first love-making on the couch they had showered together, and he had taken her against the tiled walls, holding her up against it while her pussy enveloped his cock and he had been sure there were nothing better in this world.

They had dried each other off with fluffy, dark-green towels, stopping frequently to kiss and touch. His mouth knew every inch of her body, and hers knew every inch of his. He had worshiped her, and the need to be close to her was demanding, he couldn't rest his wishes to envelope her, and as she had slept in his arms with her head tucked in under his chin and her delicate arm gently resting over him, Carlisle knew that heaven really was a place on earth, and its name was Bella.

His own personal salvation stirred in his arms and Carlisle gave a small growl at the feel of her small body inching even closer to his. Her slightly uneven breaths told him she was awake, and affected just as him. His own breath hitched as her tongue darted out to taste the skin on his chest and her soft hand slowly caressed his back and down to his ass. She squeezed it and pulled him closer to her.

"Mmm… Carlisle…" she sighed and lifted her leg to hitch it up over his hip. His member was up and alert immediately and it was pressed against her already wet and warm center. He bucked in to her, the need to be in her almost blinding. She gasped as his hardness pressed her clit, and her hips moved in response.

"Oh, god, Bella… What are you doing to me?" Carlisle growled against her hair and he pulled her even closer to him. They were touching from head to toe, and he still felt an aching, demanding need in him to be closer still. By shifting his hips minutely, he entered her slowly and his head was spinning as from lack of oxygen. Her searing heat swallowed him, and with his hand behind her knee he hitched her leg even higher to allow him to sink even deeper in to her.

Bella hissed with pleasure as he begun to fuck her in earnest, her arms clutching him impossibly closer to her, her delicate heel pulling him in and her hips meeting his just as desperate.

"Ahh, Bella, Bella, Bella…" He chanted her name in time with his thrusts and he could not believe how good she felt, how hot she was, how sweet she smelled. Her hair against his lips, her skin pressed against him, her hands tugging and pulling and her breathy moans; all of it drove him on, spurred him to take her harder, faster and deeper.

"Please, Carlisle… Oh my GOD you feel so good in me!" She rolled over on her back and pulled him with her and he sat up on his knees and lifted her hips and the angel he hit her in made them both scream out in pleasure. "Ungh… So good, so good…" He watched her as her face started to pinch, felt her body tense around him and her orgasm had her wailing his name and he couldn't hold back his own as her pussy squeezed his cock. She milked him and he fell against her, suddenly drained and shaking with straining breaths. Afraid of crushing her with his weight, he rolled over to his back, and she followed him, sprawling herself on top of him. She kissed him sweetly on his lips before resting her head on his chest.

After a few minutes of only their breaths, she whispered "I can feel your heart beat." He felt hers too. The strong beat of her heart, the small frame of her body and the soft feel of her hair fanning out on him… His post-coital bliss made him sigh.

"Are you tired?" Her voice was just above a whisper once again.

He knew he should be. He had had a long and busy shift at the hospital, and made love to Bella for hours after that. He had watched her sleep in his arms, but not been willing to sleep himself, content with watching her. He should be tired, he should feel exhausted, but no. He knew they had to part soon, and he didn't want to miss a second of time with her.

"No, not really. Why?"

"I'm hungry" and she giggled lightly when her stomach made a low growl to emphasize her statement.

"Then we should eat." He pulled her close for one more hug before he stood from the bed, and brought her with him. "What do you feel like eating?" He had to tear his eyes from her naked beauty as she made her way to the bathroom, because impossible or not, he could feel himself harden slightly at the sight. Jeez, Cullen, what are you? Sixteen? He almost giggled to himself. That girl will be the death of me. But on the other hand, death by Bella seemed to be an acceptable option to him.

"Do you wanna go out or order in?" he called out to her as he rummaged around in his closet to find something to wear. He searched the top of his dresser to locate his wristwatch and then she came out, still in the nude and he forgot what he was doing and just stared at her. Stunning, he thought. Just stunning.

"See something you like, there, Dr. Cullen?" The mischief in her eyes evident as she paused in front of him with one hand on her hip and her head slightly cocked to one side. Her smile spread at his stunned silence and he had to shake his head to get himself back on track again.

"Yes, you're beautiful." Where has she been all my life? He let his eyes roam freely over her toned and sculptured body to commit the sight to memory. Bella blushed and sighed at his words and then placed one small hand against the roughness of his scruffy cheek.

"So are you, Carlisle."

She wanted to order take-out, so that was what he did. She wanted spicy-hot Thai-food, so that was what he got her. She showered while he ordered, and when she came to the kitchen wearing one of his shirts, totally drowning in it of course, he was stunned, again. Her bare legs and cute little feet almost had him on his knees in front of her, worshiping her as the goddess she was.

"You don't mind, do you?" she asked him shyly and touched the fabric of the light-blue shirt covering her.

"Not in the slightest, my dear." Carlisle cupped her pink cheeks with both hands and pecked her on the nose. "In fact, Bella, I think you will be allowed nothing else to wear as long as you're in this house, that is, if you have to be dressed at all." She blushed at his words, but he could see the little vixen behind it, and his heart sped up a little when she reached up to kiss him on the lips and run the tip of her tongue lightly over his bottom lip. Her breath was hot and it caressed his face when she whispered against his mouth. "Maybe you're right, but that would of course go both ways, Carlisle."

The doorbell interrupted his not-so-clean thoughts, and he went to the door to get their meal. He had to adjust himself in his sweats before he opened it, and he didn't give a flying fuck about his change, but closed the door and returned to Bella as soon as he could.

Sated, they settled in the sofa to resume the movie they had started earlier, and when Bella curled up against his shoulder and sighed happily, he felt a pang in his chest. Edward had told him that the gang would be driving back to school the day after tomorrow. That left less than 48 hours before he had to part from Bella, let her go. I don't want her to leave. The thought surprised him. Carlisle hadn't had a serious relationship since… Well, ever. Not that he hadn't wanted to, but he hadn't actively tried to find someone either. His education and career had always come first. He had studied hard, and finished med-school at the top of his class, and he had worked his ass off to be the best, always the best. He had had his share of women visit his bed, or he theirs, but no one ever stood out. Now, at thirty-five he found himself wanting something more. He wanted Bella. He wanted the opportunity to explore what they had together. But school was quite a bit away, and he was under contract at the hospital so moving was not an option for him. Maybe… Hey, wait there, Cullen! You have no idea what Bella wants! Carlisle focused on the beauty curled up against him. He wanted to get to know her, but what did she want? Maybe he was just entertainment for the holiday? She was so young, had her whole life ahead of her, many roads to travel, choices and mistakes to make. Carlisle sighed. He couldn't approach her with his wishes. Bella was a gentle soul. He did not want to make her uncomfortable.

"What's going on behind that handsome face, Dr. Cullen?" Bella raised her head to look him in the eyes. "I can practically hear the gears turning in there." She gently tapped her finger to his forehead.

"Just thinking, Bella." Carlisle sighed. "Nothing in particular."

"Uh-hu." She clearly didn't believe him, but let him off the hook. She un-curled herself from him, and stood, reaching for his hand and tugging him to come with her. "Let me show you what I have been thinking about, Dr. Cullen." And she did, to the satisfaction of both parties.

Sometimes, Carlisle mused internally, life just plainly sucks. He was in his office just off the main ER-area, and he was dead-tired. He didn't even want to think about how many hours had passed since he had got called in, but he knew they were many. He was off now, but he didn't feel like going home. Bella had gone back to school, and even worse, he had not been able to see her off, kiss her good-bye. Not even a chance to hug her and wish her well. For the first time ever, Carlisle cursed his chosen profession. He shuck his lab-coat and left his office. Even though he didn't want to, he had to go home and get some sleep.

Driving proved to be a challenge in his exhausted state, but he managed to get himself home in one piece, and after a quick shower to rid himself of the hospital-smell, he practically fell into bed and was asleep, out like a light before his head hit the pillow. He slept, dreamless and still, for more than twelve hours, but he woke up to the unmistakable smell of Bella on his comforter, and Carlisle Cullen, the man, inhaled deeply and then… His sobs surprised even himself.

The hospital kept him busy, and for that he was grateful. More hours at work left him less hours to think about Bella. God knew, he did that enough anyway, sleepless at night, or staring down his coffee in the mornings. Even looking at his reflection while shaving, her face seemed more prominent than his own. Pathetic, old man.

Christmas was closing in, and the cold weather left the trees glistening and the roads slippery. The ER was even busier this time of year, and Carlisle sought to work as much as possible. His own private misery seemed to lighten somewhat if he kept busy, and helping patients was always satisfying. He kept his genuine smile on his face, and his care was as profound as ever, but he felt as if Bella had taken a piece of him with her when she left. He was hoping time would ease the pain and the longing, and decrease his dreams of her. He wanted to forget his feelings at the same time he wanted to remember every second they spent together. More than once he had had to stop his fingers from dialing Edward's cell, to ask him for Bella's number. He came to his senses every time, because he knew that even if he wanted her, she had given no indication that she felt the same.

Carlisle spent Christmas at the hospital because he couldn't face his lonely house. Esme had left to spend the holidays with Edward, and Carlisle only went home to shower and sleep.

The morning of December 31, he opened the door to his house and stepped inside after another long shift at the hospital. The weather outside was cold and windy, and his fatigue made him shiver a bit. He sank down on the couch and pulled a blanket to warm himself, not bothering to light a fire. He sat, tired and weary and as always his thoughts returned to Bella. He hadn't forgotten anything despite his tries, and his feeling for her remained the same. He realized that he wanted Bella more than he ever imagined possible. She is so young, he thought. So young, but so mature none the less. She had a depth to those chocolate eyes, and wisdom in her words. When they talked, he felt he could speak of everything, and that she understood, and she knew. Him. She knew him and got him and she had him bewitched. Who am I kidding? I need her. I have to know. I have to go to her.

He realized he needed about a gallon of coffee, and a shower, but then he would drive as fast as he could to get to Bella, to ask, no to plead to her to give an old geezer a chance.

He got in the shower and the warm water soothed him as the steam began to fill the room. He remembered the time he had had Bella in here with him, and his cock stiffened at the thought. She had washed his hair, and caressed his skin, enveloped him completely in her scent. He inhaled, and her distinct smell, the scent that was only her, found his way inside him at the same time he heard her smooth voice softly call his name. Ah, I've finally lost it, he thought. I'm hallucinating. Another deep breath and her scent rendered him dizzy and weak at the same time it made his dick grow impossibly hard. He couldn't help but to close his eyes and put his hand on it and stroke it almost aggressively.

"Let me do that for you, Dr. Cullen."

Carlisle jumped at the spoken words, too pronounced and too husky to be a hallucination, but he had to blink several times to make sense of the image before him. Bella. Naked Bella, with her long hair lose cascading down her back, and her skin pink from the moist and heat. She slowly reached for the bar of soap, and lathered her hands up, before she softly began to wash his shoulders and chest. He found himself almost whimpering at her touch but he had to feel her under his fingers to understand that she was really here, with him, in the shower. Bella. Here. Right now. Oh God!

Suddenly, he couldn't touch her enough, couldn't kiss her enough. Her skin was soft and warm, her breasts swollen with the same need as he had. He swiftly turned them around and in his desperate need to be close to her he almost pushed her into the tile wall.

"Oh God, Bella, I… I need you. I have to be inside of you!" He feverishly kissed her and his hand found her ready and waiting, her breathing just as irregular as his.

"Take me, Carlisle, just… get inside me. I have to feel you… Yesss!" she screamed as he entered her fast and rough, and there, buried to the hilt in the most amazing woman he had ever met, Carlisle found his personal bit of heaven again. This will not be long and slow and sweet, he knew as much, but he could sense that Bella was as close as him. With her legs around him, and her back hitting the wall hard, her screams seemed to escalate, her pleasure evident. When he felt her inner muscles clamp down on him, he couldn't hold his own orgasm back, and he came, screaming her name with each thrust. His legs gave in, and they both dropped to the floor in a tangled mess of panting limbs.

She is here. Bella is here.

He held the woman of his dreams tight against his own skin, and tangled his fingers in her wet hair.

Wait! She is here!


"Mh-hm?" Her voice was dreamy and soft, but she raised her head from his chest and looked at him.

"You're here!"

He cradled her face with his big hands and searched her eyes for evidence of her intentions.

"I came for you, Carlisle. I… I've missed you."