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"Gaius, do I have to," questioned the young warlock, who wished not to retrieve herbs form the forest.

"Yes now go," the physician did not to raise his voice only his eyebrows. Merlin tugged out room and nearly faces planting in to Arthur.

"Well, idiot you look better from last week." Arthur stated rather flatly; Merlin shrugged because he caught a hint of relief in his voice, but didn't think he would test it. Merlin kept walking when Arthur's hand came down hard on his shoulder. "Where do you think you're going?"

"To...go...get...herbs," asked the confused warlock.

"Fine, as long as you get you chores done," Arthur pushed the raven-haired boy in the back.

"Of course Arthur of course," Merlin reassured his master, before for running off.

Merlin strolled through the forest looking low on the ground, tripping over a few roots. Merlin finally found woodruff; he had to do this every week. He felt a harsh sting in his neck. By instinct he reached up to feel, a dart. Merlin struggled to pull it out, while his vision blurred terribly. He fell from his knees on to his stomach, watching as a man dressed all in black came closer. Unconscious.


Gaius paced uneasily, "Merlin should have been back by now"

"Mer- Gaius where is my manservant?" Arthur asked with a peeved expression. "He's been gone all day!"

"I know that's what worries me." In response Arthur cocked an eyebrow. "I only sent him for woodruff; he should be back. Arthur-," Arthur cut the physician off.

"I know I'll look for him, what path did he take?"

"East out of Camelot, look off the path, he could have gotten hurt."

"Knowing Merlin, he probably did!" Arthur said exiting.

Searching the ground for any sign of his half-witted servant, Arthur saw the small burlap sack Merlin always put herbs in. He'd been kidnapped. Arthur quickly searching for a struggle, nothing was there. Arthur searched for tracks, none. 'What, Why...why Merlin, he's a servant.' Arthur thought. His next thought was, 'my neck...a...a...dart?'


Merlin woke to the sound of rattling chains, and creaking wood. Slowly he opened his eyes, seeing: Buff men, with scars. This scared Merlin; after all he was thin and had no muscle what so ever. Heavy chains weighed down his wrist and torso. All the men gave him odd stares, why would a runt be in a bounty wagon? Taking a second glace around he saw a dirty blonde mop that was awaking.

"Mer...Merlin," Arthur questions, eyes still crusted with sand.

"Arthur," Merlin yelled. "You're here? Wait...why are you here?" Merlin became confused, well, more confused. Arthur quickly dawned a peeved expression, one he often used with Merlin.

"You really are an Idiot aren't you, Merlin?" Merlin stared blankly before asking what. "I'm here to save you."

"You're saving me by getting yourself caught," Merlin half-joked. Arthur furrowed his eyebrows.

"Were you runts from," A man who was about three times bigger than Merlin.

"Camelot, mate, how about you," Arthur stated causally. Merlin blinked, Arthur usually send he was the prince of Camelot, by now.

"Camelot, eh, Wow how'd you end you getting caught?"

"Stealing from the king, my idiot friend here," Arthur gestured to Merlin with a dazed, blank look on his face. Arthur was a good liar, Merlin almost believed him. "Made too much noise and now were here."

"He didn't execute you?" The thug had a hint of suspicion.

"Clearly not," Arthur bit his tongue. 'He's a bigger idiot then Merlin!' Thought Arthur before countering, "He was going to but just handed us over to the bounty hunter. Uther wanted us to pay with sweat for what we did."

The oaf seemed pleased, 'Arthur did it, that guy believed him. But a bounty hunter, it was a bounty cage?' Merlin yelled in his head, but he feared it was much worse than that.


Gaius and Gwen scurried across an open field. "Thank you for letting me come with you." Gwen said laughing.

"Yes, it's good to have company once in a while. But, I worry for the boys."

"I'm sure that Arthur drug Merlin hunting, or something." Gwen said reassuring her old friend.

"Perhaps you're right," Gaius said picking up a small plant.

"What's going on over there, Gaius" Gwen said fearfully.

Gaius looked up disapprovingly, "A slave trade, don't get too close.


"All right the price is fifty coins no less, for Neckerchief." Spoke the harsh voice of the trader.

"Fifty, for that runt, he hasn't got any meat on those bones!" Merlin shifted uncomfortably, his shirt and jacket hung of his wrists. Exposing his very thin chest, you were able to see his ribs.

"Yes, but he make a good hand-servant." Spoke the trader pushing Merlin in the back. Merlin took a few steps to gain his balance. Arthur watched from a lower advantage point, how his servant was kicked and made fun of. Merlin bit his lip not daring to speak.

Gwen took one final close look. "Gaius, there's a boy that looks like Merlin, he even has a neck cloth." Gwen said thoughtfully, squinting.

"That's is Merlin!" Gaius said as he 'ran' over to the discussing meeting. "I'll pay it," Gaius called. The old voice made Merlin's head pop up. Merlin's lips tugged at the corners. 'Gaius is going to free us, yes!' Merlin screamed in his head.

"Alright, fifty going once, going twice, so-," the trader was cut off.

"A hundred," a deep voice bellowed. Merlin's smile quickly reseeded. Gaius gave a pitiful look shaking his head. Merlin swore under his breath, closing his eyes. "Yes he will fit the job perfectly." The man's voice was sly and cold. Merlin could have sworn that there was a slug living in his mouth, his voice was so slimy.

"Sold," Spoke the trader. Merlin looked back at Arthur as he was pushed down at the knees of his 'Master.' Arthur lurched, but someone pulled the blonde's shoulder back.

"Merlin," Arthur yelled, "Run, go, and get out!" Gaius looked to see the blonde prince, fighting to free himself. Merlin looked back but didn't move. "Go, you idiot, get up and run. Merlin, go," Arthur spoke with authority. Someone finally shoved Arthur to the ground, shutting the prince up. Yet Merlin, just looked down no pep or zest.

"That's right, boy," the man grabbed Merlin's hair, looking dead in his face. A whimper came forth from Merlin's lips. "You know where you belongs." Merlin showed no fear, he barely grunted.

"Now, time for this piece of work," grunted the man pulling Arthur up in front of the crowd. Gaius looked over to see the prince, with wild eyes and hair sticking up in odd angles. Gwen was already in tears, but this pushed her to the limit. Plunging herself into Gaius' chest she gave in to heavy sobs.

"Two-hundred," someone piped immediately. A shaggy man, deepest voice Merlin had ever heard.

"That's the best offer I've gotten all day!" Yelled the trader, "Anything higher, Come on, he has the strength of a horse"

"Two-fifty, for the blonde," someone else called.

"Alright, two-fifty, going once, twice, sold!"

Arthur's 'master' put shackles on him and strung him to the horse. Merlin's did the same except Merlin's hands were closer to his body. Arthur's hands and arms were outstretched because it would be harder for the prince to escape. Merlin and Arthur met again at a fork in the path. Both men stared at each other, both showed determination. One nodding to the other, each making the mental pact: We will find each other and make back to Camelot alive. Merlin quirked a small smile before he was jerked forward by the horse. Merlin and Arthur separated by a tree line heading in opposite directions.

Merlin plodded slowly behind the horse not paying any attention to his surroundings. Suddenly the horse bolted a couple of steps causing Merlin to fall in the mud, or what he thought was mud until he smelt it. As he slowly got up he could hear the man laugh, a cold, uncaring laugh.

Gaius and Gwen in shock ran back to Camelot as fast as they could. Running to tell the King what had happened to his son.


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