A/N This is a story I came up with while watching Back to the Future & Johnny Test. This story is about Johnny Test living in the year 1985 in Porkbelly with his family at the age of 17. Be sure to let me know what you think about this crossover. I do not own Johnny Test or Back to the Future.

Chapter 8: The Adjusted Life in 1985

When it was morning, Johnny had woke up on his bed, and when he looked around his room, he said

Johnny: "Man, that was some nightmare."

Then Johnny goes to the kitchen while taking a quick look at the living room, but then he rushed into the living room because he saw that it was filled with new furniture and new carpet, then he sees his sisters admiring all the new stuff in the house, and Johnny says,

Johnny: "Hey, what the hell is all this?"

Susan: "Well, we've obviously got new furniture now, Johnny."

Johnny: "Y-Yeah, I see that. But how?"

Mary: "Well, whatever you did with Mom and Dad in the past, must've caused them to be able to afford all of this."

Susan: "And you have to admit, it does look nice, doesn't it?"

Johnny: "Uh, yeah, I guess."

Then they see their parents coming through the back door, but they looked different than they remembered. Lila was wearing blue business outfit, a pearl necklace and no gray streaks, while Hubert was wearing a beige sweater, green vest and brown pants, as well as a gray streak to go with his blond hair.

Hubert: "Hello."

Lila: "Good morning."

Then Johnny fainted, and Mary and Susan tried to help him up.

Mary: "Johnny? Johnny, get up."

Susan: "Uh, hey Mom. Hey Dad."

Hubert: "Wha- Did he hit his head?"

Lila: "Is he all right?"

Mary: "Yeah, he's fine. He's just, a little tired, that's all."

Susan: "Right, Johnny?"

Johnny: "Uh, yeah, still tired, and, y-You guys look great. Mom, you look so thin."

Lila: "Why, thank you, Johnny."

Susan: "And nice gray streak, Dad."

Mary: "Yeah, it really suits you."

Hubert: "Thanks, girls."

Then their parents went into the dining table, and said,

Hubert: "Oh, Johnny, don't forget, Sissy Blakely will be here soon."

Lila: "Oh, I sure do like her, Johnny. She is such a sweet little girl. Isn't tonight the night of the big night?"

Johnny: "Uh, what do you mean, Mom?"

Lila: "Well, aren't you two going to the lake? You've been planning it for two weeks."

Johnny: "Uh, Mom, we talked about it last night. I can't go, remember? Biff wrecked the car."

Lila: "What? How could he wreck it? Are you sure you're feeling all right?"

Hubert: "Come on, son. I'm sure the car is fine."

Johnny and Hubert walked to the front door, opened it, and saw Biff polishing the family car.

Hubert: "See, Johnny? Biff didn't wreck it, he's waxing the car right now. Now Biff, I want to make sure we get two coats wax this time, not just one."

Biff: "I'm just finishing the second coat now."

Hubert: "Now Biff, don't con me!"

Biff: "I-I'm sorry, Mr. Test. I meant I was starting on the second coat."

Then Hubert walks to living room and says,

Hubert: "Yup, quite a character, that Biff. Always trying to get away with something."

Then Mary and Susan looked out the front door with Johnny to see what Biff was doing, and then they look at their parents as Hubert says,

Hubert: "I had to stay on top of Biff ever since high school. Although, if it wasn't for him…"

Lila: "We never would have fallen in love."

Hubert: "That's right." (Kisses Lila)

Susan: "Johnny?"

Johnny: "Yeah?"

Mary: "Remind us what you've done in 1955."

Johnny: "I… I just, helped Mom and Dad get back together, and also, gave Dad some advice on how to stand up for himself."

Mary: "Ah, that explains a lot."

Then Biff comes through the front door with a box in his hand saying,

Biff: "Mr. Test! Mr. Test, this just arrived in the mail for you. Oh, hi Johnny, hi girls. I think it's your new book." (Puts box on dining table)

Hubert opened the box, and inside it was a novel titled, "A Match Made in Space," and it had a picture of a couple sitting in front of each other, and an alien in a yellow suit sitting in between them on the front, and a picture of Hubert on the back.

Lila: "Oh, honey, your very first novel."

Hubert: (Takes novel out of box) "You see, kids? It's like I've always told you; you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything."

Mary: "Wow, it looks great, Dad."

Susan: "Can't wait to read it."

Biff: "Oh, Johnny, here are your keys. You're all waxed up, ready for tonight."

Johnny: "Keys?" (Takes keys from Biff)

Then Johnny, Mary and Susan go outside, Johnny opens the garage, and they all see a black 4x4 Toyota truck in the garage.

Johnny: "Wow!"

Susan: "Heh, well Johnny…"

Mary: "Looks like you've got what you've always wanted."

Johnny: "I know. This is just…" (Bangs on truck door) "Wow."

Then Sissy walks up and says,

Sissy: "How about a ride, mister?"

Johnny: "Sissy!" (Walks to Sissy) "Aw man, you're a sight for sore eyes."

Sissy: "Johnny, you're acting like you haven't seen me in a week."

Johnny: "Well, I haven't."

Sissy: "Johnny, are you all right? Is everything okay?"

Then Johnny looks at the front door to see that his parents were watching, then they walked away and Johnny looks at Sissy saying,

Johnny: "Uh, yeah, Sissy. Everything's great."

Mary and Susan were just about to go through the front door as Johnny and Sissy were about to kiss, but then they all heard a loud bang, and they see the Delorean pull up in the front yard. They all walked towards it, and then Doc gets out of it while wearing a red polka dot shirt, yellow jacket, yellow pants, and a pair of metal goggles.

Doc: "Kids!" (Runs to Johnny) "You've gotta come back with me!"

Johnny: (Waves hand around Doc's face) "Where?"

Doc: (Slides goggles on to forehead) "Back to the Future!"

Then Doc starts going through their trash bins, and the twins say,

Mary: "Doc, what are you doing?"

Susan: "Why are you going through our trash?"

Doc: "I need fuel."

Then Doc opens a part of the Delorean called, "Mr. Fusion", and puts all the trash he got from the bins inside it, and says,

Doc: "All of you, quick! Get in the car!"

Johnny: "No, hey, hold it, Doc. I just got back home, Sissy is here, and we're about to take the new truck for a spin!"

Doc: "Well, bring her along." (Closes Mr. Fusion) "This concerns all of us."

Mary: "What do you mean, Doc? What's gonna happen to us in the future?"

Susan: "Do we turn into assholes or something?"

Doc: "No no no no, all of you turn out fine, okay? It's your kids, Johnny. Something's gotta be done about your kids."

After that, they got inside the Delorean. Johnny was in the passenger seat with Sissy and Mary, while Doc was in the driver seat with Susan. Doc backs the Delorean up into the road, and Mary says,

Mary: "Doc, you should back up a lil more. There's not enough road to get up to 88."

Doc: "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads." (Slides goggles down to eyes)

Then the Delorean started flying in the air, Doc makes a U-turn, and flew to the sky as the Delorean vanished into the Future.