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Ten years later found Harry lying on the beach of his tropical isle. He watched as his six children were running about and playing in the sand and water. His face had a sly smile as he was contemplating how well his life had turned out since he had been betrayed by his former friends and family. He also mused on how his friendship and bonding with Dobby had been a big part of the improvement in his life.

Tracey and Dora were probably the only two who really knew the depth of Harry and Dobby's friendship. Harry was pleased that Tracey and Dora loved each other so much as it gave him time to hang out with Dobby and see just how much crazy stuff they could come up with by watching movies and TV. Deep down, he and Dobby were a little disappointed that they had done such a through job when they eliminated Tom Riddle that they had very little use for some of their more inventive ideas.

Harry's life for the past few years had mainly consisted of doing consulting work for the Company. When the children started arriving, Team Raze had gone into reserve with only Harry going into the field on occasion to assist other teams when called. 'King' had become a legend amongst both the teams and the leadership of the Company and was looked upon as a pioneer in tactics used by the Company. Most were very appreciative of the simplicity of some of his tactics along with the devastation they produced. Harry found it quite amusing that most of his tactics were the product of his and Dobby's insanity and wild imagination. To this day, if Harry went into the field, Dobby was right beside him dressed in his mini-me dragon hide armor.

Harry glanced over and eyed his two gorgeous wives as they sunned themselves. Even after all these years together, he still couldn't get over the fact that he had been so lucky to find not only one wife but two who loved him just as he was. If there had ever been a 'golden trio', this was it. Harry continued to gaze upon his wives until it became evident that their beauty alone was enough to affect him. As Harry became aroused, Dora smiled and said "Keep your thoughts to yourself my dear. You are blocking my sun."

Tracey perked up at that and said "Dora sweetheart, I think we have spoiled our dear husband if he thinks the sight of that thing is enough to make us react."

Dora smiled and said "Speak for yourself Trace."

Harry laughed but then noticed a very naked and beautiful Tori and Luna coming up the beach with two little messy blond haired boys walking between them. Harry draped a towel over himself as the younger ladies approached.

Tori laughed and said "I don't know why you are covering it up Harry. It's not like we haven't seen it before since you are the father of both our children."

Harry laughed and held out his arms to his two other sons. As they ran and hugged him, Harry said "So what brings you here all the way from England?"

Luna said "What makes you think we didn't just come for a visit or maybe another child? Besides, it's not like the boys get to see their dad that often."

Tracey rose up and said "I don't think so, there's not enough there to keep spreading it around."

Tori raised an eyebrow and said "There is from what I've seen."

Harry said "Thank you Tori. It's nice to be appreciated."

Luna said "Harry, I love Tori with all my heart but I would appreciate you spreading that around anytime."

Dora said "We are not sharing anymore so just forget it. Now, what do you want?"

Luna laughed and said "Calm down Dora, we were just teasing. We are here at the request of the Minister of Magic."

Harry said "What does Neville want and why didn't he come himself?"

Tori said "Daphne is about to pop with number four and she couldn't travel and he wouldn't leave her. Besides, she didn't want you to see her all bloated and pregnant since you enforced that rule about no clothing on the island."

Harry said "Yes, it would kind of destroy the image of her in my mind."

Tracey and Dora both threw water at him for that comment and asked "So, are we not good enough for you?"

Harry laughed and said "Um…didn't you just ask me to quit blocking your sun after I was eying the both of you. Ten years ago, you would have been fighting to sit in my lap and now I'm just old news."

Dora grinned and stood up. She swayed over and snuggled up next to him. She kissed his cheek and said "Never my love. Now ladies, get on with it, evidently my husband is feeling neglected."

Luna giggled and said "I can help with that Harry."

Tori said "Okay seriously guys, Neville wants to know if you will bring back the school now. Things aren't like they used to be and there would be no interference with the running of the school. In fact, Neville said he would resign so we could all be back there together."

Harry said "Let me think about it. When does he require an answer?"

Luna said "Honestly Harry, whenever you feel like it. We have left you alone about it for ten years but we want you all back with us. Not only will our boys get to see their daddy more often but we think things are better now. You may want to come see for yourself but our parents have been doing a good job with the society and government."

Harry said "I'll think about it but I can assure you it will take a lot to get me to leave this place. Life here is just too perfect and peaceful. I don't know if I could handle dealing with all that again."

Tracey said "We will discuss it and maybe check things out for ourselves at some point."

Luna said "That is all we can ask."


Several weeks later, a group of three Unspeakables were traveling around and watching the comings and goings of the rebuilt magical society of Great Britain. They had visited all of the places that the magical people of England congregated and were slightly impressed with the progress that had been made. As they were watching Diagon Alley, they noticed that most of the magical species would interact with each other in a respectful and almost friendly manner.


Harry and his wives appeared in Avalon and were placing their memories into a pensive for their ancestors to observe. Harry said "I know I am the heir and can command the castle to return but what I really want is your opinion and blessing to do this."

Godric said "We will do whatever you feel is right Grandson."

Harry said "I know that Grandfather but to be quite honest, I am feeling a little selfish about this. If I do this, then I lose you again and that is not something I really want to do. It also feels as if I am condemning you to death again."

Merlin and Morgana put their hands on his shoulders and said "We understand completely son but to be quite honest we designed Hogwarts as a school and she needs to fulfill that duty."

With tears in his eyes, Harry nodded and said "I know great grandfather but I can't change how I feel. I also don't want to take away the happiness you have shared these last few years."

Lady Hogwarts said "Harry, we would be happy either way. My purpose is to serve children and I am sure we could find a way to do that and be with you at the same time."

Harry turned and looked at them and asked "How?"

With a smirk Rowena said "Why magic of course Harry."

Tracey and Dora started laughing at that. Dora said "She got you there love."

Harry smiled and said "Okay, we will discuss that later but for now, I would like you to view these memories and decide if the magical society of England has earned the privilege of Hogwarts returning. I ask you because you are the ones that will give up the most."

Lady Hogwarts said "No Harry, you are wrong in that. As the heir, it falls upon you to be the Headmaster and that position is for life or until one of your children steps forward to take over leadership of the school. From this point on, the school will be ran by our family and will no longer bow to outside influence or control."

Tracey asked "May I speak?"

Merlin said "Of course you may my daughter as this concerns you as well."

Tracey said "Thank you Grandfather, my main concern is that without outside influence, the curriculum of Hogwarts will stagnate and become substandard much like it did under the guidance of Albus Dumbledore."

Lady Hogwarts said "That will never happen my dear."

Tracey said "How can you be so sure?"

Helga laughed and said "Because he will have you and your family to keep things fresh. Your status as Unspeakables will give you access to research that wasn't available to the former staff. It might even be possible for you to create a research facility on the grounds as well like you did in your home. That could house the research elements of your former colleagues and maybe aid in the development of your older students. If that isn't enough, we will also be there as advisors and I dare say that any of you have learned all that we have to teach."

Harry looked up at this and said "How?" Before Rowena could say anything, he sent her a glare.

Rowena laughed and said "My Harry you are too much like Godric. Well, we have determined that the Chamber could be modified to where a little bit of Avalon could be there and therefore we would still be with you."

Merlin said "Not to mention that your office and chambers could have the same modifications added."

Harry smiled and said "Please just look at the memories before we get too far ahead of ourselves."

The seven of them dove in and reappeared several minutes later with smiles on their faces. Godric said "I do believe they may have pulled it off. If things have progressed that far, then how much more progress can be made with the return of Hogwarts? I do have one suggestion; open the school to all races and hire instructors from the other races as well."

Harry nodded his head.


Harry, his wives, and their children left their island home and returned to England. They had Dobby and his crew to pack everything up and seal up their island home for the foreseeable future. Dobby had all the elves converge on Potter Manor and clean it top to bottom. Since he knew what was coming, he had them just unpack the basics until their new home could arrive.

Harry had never followed through on the threat to Draco and had instead gifted the former Malfoy Manor, to Lord and Lady Davis. After a complete renovation by Dobby and his boys, it was renamed Davis Hall. They had even invited Andromeda to come live with them so that they could spend time with all their grandchildren at once. It was here that the six Potter-Black children were dropped off as their parents went to start making arrangements.

Tracey and Dora had separated from Harry and went off to see Daphne and her new baby while Harry headed for the Ministry of Magic. Harry had attempted to surprise Neville but was rebuffed by Neville's secretary as the Minister was way to busy to speak with someone without an appointment. Harry debated removing his glamour to torment the girl but instead laughed it off and asked if the young lady would deliver a note to the minister. When she agreed, Harry wrote out a short note and then turned and left the offices.

When she delivered the note to Neville, he read it and a big smile appeared on his face. All the note said was:

Professor Neville Longbottom,

You have been selected to fill the position of Herbology Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The term begins September 1st and you will need to arrive early to get your greenhouses in order. If you prefer greenhouses more like the size of yours in Phoenix, you may want to get in touch with Dobby to arrange it. Please respond as to your acceptance at your earliest convenience.

Respectfully Yours,

Headmaster Harry James Potter-Black-Gryffindor

Heir of the Founders, Boy Who Lived, Quidditch Legend, Vanquisher of Voldemort, Father of Eight, Godfather to the Longbottom Four, and All Around good Guy

All that was heard outside the office was a loud 'whoopee' followed by a hearty belly laugh. Neville was debating replying to Harry (Too many names and titles) Potter before he settled back down to finish his work for the day so that he could go visit his 'brother'.


Harry apparated to Hogsmeade and made his way up the road to the castle grounds. People were looking out their windows as they noticed him walking. The town of Hogsmeade came alive as they recognized him and what his presence there meant. Madam Rosmerta ran out and hugged him welcoming him back. As he entered the castle grounds, he was approached by Firenze once again. Firenze said "Lord Hogwarts, the stars foretold of your arrival. I would like to inform you that we have returned the forest to her former glory and have been awaiting your return."

Harry said "Thank you my friend. I never doubted that your people would do it for a moment. If I may be so bold as to make another request of your people? (Firenze nodded.) Would any of your people be willing to teach here when we reopen? I would also like to extend a personal invitation to any of your people's children to come and join us as well. Your skills in Divination along with Magical Creatures not to mention your skills with the bow would be very welcome."

Firenze bowed and said "You honor us with your praise and by welcoming our young. I would be honored to pass it along to my people."

Harry bowed and walked toward where the castle used to stand. He held up his hands and said "Lady Hogwarts, I Lord Hogwarts summon you to return to duty."

In far away Longbottom Manor, Dobby popped in and said "Mistresses, Harry is up to something."

Tracey and Dora perked up excitedly and said "He's doing it right now?"

Daphne asked "What is Harry doing?"

Tracey said "He is summoning his home."

Daphne jumped up and ran to the floo. She threw the powder in and said "Minister of Magic". When Neville answered all she said was "Get to the castle grounds now. We will meet you there."

Tracey said "Dobby, gather your boys and go get our children. Take them to Harry and we will meet you there. Also send someone to get Tori and Luna."

"Yes ma'am, at once."

Harry was concentrating as he was pulling his home back to this plane of existence. Even though he was completely occupied, he did hear the multiple pops that started happening around him. His family could see the strain on Harry and somehow instinct took over with the children and all eight of them wrapped Harry in a hug. The amount of power that started flowing through Harry was incredible and sped up the process dramatically.

Harry looked around and saw that he was surrounded by his family just as the castle started shimmering into existence. Harry stood there resting for a few minutes and then bent down and hugged each of his children. He thanked them all for their help in bringing their home back. Everyone stood there in awe at the gleaming walls of the castle that looked as if it was newly built. A few minutes later, Harry and his children heard a voice calling to them.

Lady Hogwarts said "Come Milord and my heirs and see what we have prepared for you."

Harry grabbed his wives' hands and stepped towards the castle with their children surrounding them. He turned and said "Loves, I think we are home."

Tracey and Dora both kissed his cheeks and said "We know baby. In fact, we've always known and were just waiting for you to realize it once again."


Before the term started, Harry and Bearclaw sat down for a business meeting concerning his family accounts and their investments for the future. With the help of Bearclaw and the Goblin nation, much of the Black fortune had been recovered and if the gold was not recovered, they made up for it taking possession of property and assets. The black family fortune was starting to regain its former glory due to the aggressive investments they had made. They were both satisfied with the returns that were being earned by both houses. As had become the norm for them, they sat and just talked for a while as old friends often did. Harry's curiosity had finally gotten the best of him and he steered the conversation to the betrayers.

Harry said "I saw that I had some Weasleys who were eligible to become students at the school. Do you know who they are?"

Bearclaw said "I believe they are the children of the twins. We have kept tabs on them over the years and they seem to have done quite well for themselves in the muggle world. I think we did them a favor by exiling them there."

Harry laughed and said "Yeah we probably did. They were always pretty resourceful."

Bearclaw said "I have heard that their father built a good business as an appliance repairman. They repaid their debt to us within five years and even though we granted them the right to return, they never did."

Harry said "They probably wouldn't have been well received amongst the wizards. What about Ginerva and Hermione Granger?"

Bearclaw said "Well, we got about five breeding seasons out of Ms. Granger before she became useless and we fed her to a dragon. Due to your former relationship with her, I had provisions in place that if she showed remorse for her actions towards you, we would release her. Sadly, she never showed any remorse for her actions and she sealed her own fate. As far as Miss Weasley is concerned, it turns out that after a time, she came to rather enjoy her job and is continuing to do it to this day. She quickly gained a reputation as one of the better hostesses and earns quite a bit of gold for doing it."

Harry smiled and said "Well good for her. At least she recognized her true calling. She was quite good at screwing people over for money."

The End

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