Private Pet Chapter 1

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Summary: Who knew that an accident on a potions project could leave Draco Malfoy with a few problems, namely a Gryffindor with certain animal characteristics, a large secret to keep and new feelings to discover. DMHP. Slash. M-rated.

Draco sighed, his breath created swirls in the soft traces of multicoloured smoke that seemed to be ever-present in the potions classroom. The blond Slytherin rested his head against his arm as he listened to Professor Slughorn drawl on about some past student he taught or something of that kind. Bored, he let his attention wander around the room, it seems most of the other students felt the same way as him. What was this, a History of Magic lesson? Draco sighed again, things were much better when Snape was still teaching potions.

Slughorn continued ranting on, oblivious to the lack of attention from his students, who seemed to all be in various states of sleep. Only two people in the class (besides Slughorn and himself) who weren't about to drift off into slumber were Granger and Weasley, but they certainly weren't paying attention to the potions master. They were talking animatedly amongst themselves.

A few words of their conversation drifted over to Draco. Dumbledore...lessons...practice...weapon...Harry...

Draco sighed for the umpteenth time that lesson and added to the messy sketches that already covered half his page.

Not a moment later, the Gryffindor Golden Boy had arrived, tumbling in to the room. He was panting ever so slightly as he slumped against the stone doorway; a soft dust of pink graced his cheeks.

"S-sorry I'm late, sir," he spoke through soft pants, "I hope I didn't interrupt your lesson." His hand brushed against the back of his head as he did so, successfully messing up his already uncontrolled mane of silky black hair.

"Not at all my dear boy." Slughorn exclaimed, his eyes brightened at the sight of his favourite student and he let out a hearty chuckle. Draco knew that if he were in Potter's shoes he would certainly not be able to get away with being a whole twenty minutes late. Favouritism was an understatement when it came to Horrace Slughorn; being one of his favourites and in his infamous 'Slug Club' granted you far more privileges than strictly necessary, not to mention the potions master himself would treat you delicately in awe as if you were some precious doll.

Potter nodded his head shyly, but Draco didn't miss the slight sneer that flashed across his expression. Looks like the Gryffindor didn't appreciate Slughorn's affections as much as he thought.

"We were just explaining our new assignment, please sit down..." Slughorn's gaze flicked to the Gryffindors who were all paired up except for Potter, his gaze trailed over to the other houses, equally as full as the lions, then straight at Draco, the only one with a spare seat next to him. "Oh dear, well, looks like you'll just have to pair up with Mr Malfoy then." Draco highly doubted the disappointed tone in Slughorn's voice was there by accident.

Potter scoffed. "S-sir, could I not just do this assignment on my own?" Was Draco really that undesirable?

"Nonsense my dear boy, this assignment requires teamwork, and perhaps you could use your potions expertise to help Mr Malfoy here." Now Draco thought Slughorn was going too far, he wasn't bad in potions; he was just always overshadowed by Potter or Granger.

Begrudgingly Potter stomped over to Draco, mumbling under his breath what Draco highly suspected to be curses. His bag had fallen off his shoulder and Potter had uncaringly decided to drag it along behind him. With a thump, Potter collapsed onto the bench beside Draco, as far away from the Slytherin as possible, he crossed his arms against his chest and tried his best to look as pouty as possible. Draco thought it was oddly cute before he shook his head and tore his thoughts away from his rival.

At the front of the class, Slughorn cleared his throat. "Right, as I was saying, this project will need to be completed in pairs. The aim of the assignment is to develop a new potion that will assist any wizard in the art of spying, concealment or disguise. For example, polyjuice potion is one of the most well known potions for this particular goal, however, you will not be allowed to hand in an already created potion, this must be entirely your own work." Groans and annoyed mutters were heard around the room. "Yes, yes, I know it may be difficult but I trust each and every one of you as expert potion makers." More groans. "This project will take a few months and you and your partner will be very busy so I suggest you start brainstorming ideas right away." Slughorn stated with finality and turned around to rewrite the assignment on the blackboard.

Draco turned to Potter, the black haired boy was tense, his shoulders were raised and his arms were crossed in an untrusting manner. He seemed determined not to look at Draco.

Draco sighed. "I know we haven't exactly gotten along in the past," Potter scoffed but Draco continued anyway, "but I need a good mark on this assignment and I won't have your uncooperativeness getting in the way of that. I'm not asking us to be friends; I just don't want you being a prat affecting my grades."

Potter turned and his mouth hung open as if he wanted to retort to Draco's words but thought against it as he snapped his mouth shut again opting instead to glare at the blond.

Taking Potter's silence as acceptance, Draco continued. "We'll have to meet at least 3 times a week, there's a room down in the dungeons that will be perfect for that and it's close to the potions store room so we can borrow ingredients from there."

Draco stared at Potter for a few moments before, their eyes locked in a mutual glare before the later stiffly nodded his head.

"Right, we'll meet in the entrance hall after dinner tonight and I'll take you there." Draco sighed in relief; at least there was some cooperation between them. "Anyway, Auror Potter," Draco teased the Gryffindor about his career goals, "shouldn't you know a thing or two about spying and concealment? Got any ideas?"

His question was only met with silence and a shaper glare from Potter.

"Fine, fine, well I was thinking of some invisibility or disillusionment potion-" Draco began before Potter cut him off.

"There's far too many of them already made." Potter said shortly.

Draco stayed silent for a moment, thinking up new ideas. "Well, what do your Auror friends do to conceal themselves?"

Potter glared at him untrustingly before hesitantly replying. "Mostly invisibility cloaks and polyjuice potion...but I do know an Auror who's a metamorphmagi."

It was as if a light bulb had been set off inside Draco's head. "That's brilliant! We could make a potion that copies the abilities of an animagus or a metamorphmagus." Draco said with a grin on his face, Potter seemed taken aback by the outburst of positive emotions from the ice prince of Slytherin.


Draco ignored Potter's hesitance and begun mumbling to himself. "Yes, yes, it may be a bit difficult but I'm sure we can do it...we could, no, no, that wouldn't work...but maybe..." Draco trailed off after a bit once he realised Potter was staring at him.

Even after Draco stopped, Harry still stared at him. It felt like his piercing green eyes were staring into the other's soul. Damn, did Potter always have such gorgeous eyes? "You really like potions don't you?" The black haired teen asked in a curious whisper.

Draco nodded; his gaze never once broke away from Potter's eyes. "I-it's precise and e-elegant." dammit Draco, since when have you acted like a schoolgirl? Draco steeled himself, and continued. "I don't really know. I just enjoy the feeling of creating something powerful out of a few simple items."

Draco would have continued but those damned green eyes and those peaceful lips that curled up in a smile were too distracting. Potter closed his eyes and nodded calmly, Draco could have sworn Potter had moved slightly closer along the bench to him.

"Anyway, we should get to work." Potter said finally after what felt like hours.


Although Draco was excited to start work on his potions project, he was dreading seeing Harry again anytime soon. He didn't know why he was so nervous to talk the raven haired boy and that frightened him. Malfoys were supposed to be calm and composed and not wearing their hearts on their sleeves alike a stupid Gryffindor.

He'd managed to get the thoughts of Potter out of his head but when the later smiled and nodded curtly to the Slytherin while at dinner in the Great Hall, he dominated Draco's thoughts once again.

And so here he was, waiting nervously in the middle of the entrance hall, clutching his cauldron and potion ingredients to his chest and begging his mind to disregard a certain Gryffindor.

Moments later, the object of Draco's thoughts came bounding down the staircase to Gryffindor tower with a scowl on his face and an appearance that made it obvious that he'd rather be anywhere than with Draco.

"Good evening, Potter."

"Malfoy." Potter hissed.

Without another word, Draco turned and walked down the stairs leading to the dungeons, Potter followed begrudgingly, making sure to stay a few metres behind.

"Hurry up, Potter, we don't have all night."

With a low growl, Potter increased his pace ever so slightly until he was walking alongside the blond Slytherin, both refused to look at or even acknowledge the other. They passed through winding catacombs or stone that grew ever colder with each moment that passed. Torches protruded from the walls casting a dull green glow over the path.

"No wonder you Slytherins are all so grouchy if you have to live in a place like this."

Draco just ignored this comment and stopped before a closed door. With a simple "Alohomora" the door swung open and both boys wandered in. Seeing the raven haired boy shivering uncontrollably, Draco drew his wand and cast a few warming spells on the room and set the candles alight, after a few moments, Potter began to relax, no longer shivering. Draco placed his cauldron and the potion ingredients he recently got from the store cupboard onto a dust covered wooden desk before drawing a leather notebook and quill from his robes.

"Make yourself comfortable, Potter." Draco heard Potter scoff quietly under his breath. "Right, I found Professor Snape earlier and we went over a few ideas for this potion. I think we better get started on testing a few of our ideas out and improve on them as we go." Draco noticed Potter nod from the corner of his eye.

Potter was fidgeting nervously. He drew his cloak closer around himself and tried desperately not to look at the blond who was now taking out potion ingredients and rereading the notes he wrote hours earlier.

"Snape told me that we shouldn't focus on actually forcing the user into an unnatural state but instead focus on sharpening one's transfiguration abilities, compatibility with certain animals and control of physical change thus giving the user the ability to transform into certain animals similar to an animagus." Potter gave a baffled nod. Draco sighed. "You should go to Professor McGonagall tomorrow and ask for tips on human transfiguration and what animals are easiest to alter, for now I asked one of the seventh year students for advice and made a list of a few animals."

"Um...sure." Draco sighed again, the boy was obviously lost.

"For tonight, we'll test using flower scents to encourage focus and clarity of mind, valerian sprigs and salamander blood to encourage change and hone transfiguration ability and essences of a few animals we'll be attempting to change into." Draco said while pulling out a few of the ingredients. "Potter, make yourself useful and start the fire."

Within half an hour both boys were preparing the ingredients and prodding a solution of salamander blood and water in the cauldron. Draco elegantly chopped up the flower roots to perfect portions while Potter fumbled with his ingredients and managed to cut himself four times.

"For a potions genius, you sure are a klutz." Draco teased. He expected an angry retort from the raven haired boy but the later only blushed and tried to focus on his work.

"P-perhaps it's just luck."

Draco was baffled by this, sure the boy got the highest marks in the class but he seemed to have no knowledge on simple potions ingredients and his work was rather messy. Brushing his thought s off, he returned his focus back to the flower roots.

The teens started adding the potions ingredients into the mixture, the flower roots and valerian sprigs had dissolved into the boiling brew and they had begun adding the creature essences into the mixture, including cat hair, owl feathers, fish scales, most were from basic domestic animals but they had also included more exotic animals like lion hair and powdered bear claws.

They were so engrossed in silent work that they barely recognised the sound of the door opening. Both teens spun around to find a stunned Pansy Parkinson and some fifth year Ravenclaw standing in the doorway and based on their ruffle clothing and hair, had just been involved in more intimate activities.

"O-oh, sorry Dray, didn't realise you were using this room," Pansy drawled, her eyes flicked to Potter and her smirk grew, "well, well, I'll leave you too back to...potions," she chuckled, "have fun Dray! Try not to hurt Potter too much; we don't want the great Harry Potter limping around Hogwarts tomorrow." And with a suggestive wink, she was gone.

Draco could feel his cheeks beginning to heat up and from a short glance at Potter, he realised that the raven's cheeks were in a similar state.

"Ignore her, Pansy can be a little...overbearing at times."

Potter stood completely still, Draco decided to break the awkward silence by returning to work on the potion which was now hissing and bubbling.

A few moments later a soft whisper was heard, Draco had to strain his ears to hear it. "W-what did she m-mean by...that?"

Draco looked up and was shocked to find the raven blushing beet red from the roots of his hair and continuing down past his unbuttoned collar.

Draco quickly averted his eyes. "Like I said, ignore her, it's nothing."

But Potter didn't ignore it. Moments later, he spoke again. "M-Malfoy...are you gay?"

It's true. Draco had realised he felt far more for boys than for girls during his fourth year when he watched Cedric Diggory train. He certainly didn't like the boy at all and was glad for one less Hufflepuff but damn, the boy had a great body. He'd never pursued any romantic relationships though, it wasn't right for him as a Malfoy. It was his duty to marry a pureblood girl and produce heirs to carry on the Malfoy name.

Draco glared at Potter, his smaller body jumped back slightly at the intensity of the silver eyed glare. "Yes, Potter, I am. What are you going to do about it? Go back to your lion den and laugh about it for the rest of the night? Yell it out at breakfast tomorrow in front of the whole school? Kick me out of the Quidditch change rooms?"

"N-no..." Potter whispered.

"Good, now let's get back to work." Draco replied, monotonously.

After a few moments of stirring the potion Potter spoke again. "I won't tell anyone, I swear."

Draco only glared coldly back. "I find that hard to believe."

As Draco turned back to the potion he felt Potter jump across the desk and grabbing the blond by his robes. One leg planted firmly on the ground, the other leaning against the wooden table. "I swear it." Potter's piercing green eyes were back and Draco almost melted into their depths.

Suddenly a jolt of some kind of unknown emotion shot through Draco. He gasped. The raven haired boy was pushed off the table. Their raw magic crackled together uncontrollably and before they knew it, there was an explosion.

Green, red, blue, orange, purple, and many other coloured light filled the room. The air was heavy. A strong woody scent of forests filled the air, forcing its way into Draco's lungs. A blinding light flashed before his eyes and he covered his face with his robed arm.

Draco felt like something had kicked him in the stomach. The air rushed out of his lungs. He gasped and stumbled back. His body slammed into the stone wall behind him and he collapsed to the floor in pain.

The light still filled around the room, the scent of forests still heavy in his lungs. What felt like minutes past in blurry-eyed pain before the light dulled and eventually disappeared. All the candles in the room had been extinguished casting a dark gloom around the area, but Draco could make out a swirling grey cloud of smoke wafting over the floors and a shadowed figure crouched in the corner furthest away from him.

"Lumos." Draco muttered and the room was suddenly filled with a weak glow from his wand tip. The light stuttered and waned occasionally, Draco was weak from the explosion.

Ignoring the pain in every fibre of his being, Draco stood and on unbalanced feet, hobbled over to the figure. He leant on the wall heavily for support to keep him steady and still standing.

"Potter? Potter, are you okay?" Draco couldn't deny the immense worry that filled him, he felt as if his lungs had been squeezed and it was difficult to breath.

He heard broken sobs from the direction of the shadowed figure and he let out a sigh of relief.

"Potter, I'm here, it's okay." The blond Slytherin tried to navigate his way through shards of stone and wood, the explosion had obviously destroyed part of the walls and furniture.

When he reached Potter he crouched down, his wand lay on the ground, illuminating both of them and Draco gasped at what he saw.

Potter had huddled up in a ball, his arms clasped around his legs, drawing his knees close to his chest. His mess of raven hair was tucked into his knees. His whole body was shaking with quiet uncontrolled sobs. And Draco noticed two large jet black rabbit ears where flat against Potter's head.


The potion backfired.

Potter's fucking part rabbit.

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