Dead Man Walking

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of heroes.

Couple: Elle/Claire

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Dead Man Walking

Her name was Elle Bishop and she did not understand many things. She did not understand what it was like to feel, she did not understand the value of a human life, she did not understand what it was to love someone. All that she knew was what she was told to know and that she was meant to take whatever it was that she wanted. But what was it that she wanted exactly?

She wanted to be an amazing agent, the best, make her father proud. But, how exactly could she make her father proud now that he had died? The blonde had walked into his office, his chair turned so that she could not see his face and she had proceeded to tell him to give her another chance to atone for her many mistakes. It seemed, after all, that she was always making mistakes in his eyes. She had assumed that the older man had been ignoring her as he did many times while growing up, she had no idea that when she turned that chair furiously to look him in the eyes and finally stand up to him that he would be dead.

That was the first time she had ever felt human. The first time that her eyes had filled with tears, at least that she could remember. As a child she never held any compassion for any person, killing over and over again without a single ounce of guilt, but as she had stared into his lifeless eyes watching as blood rolled down from his exposed brain she could feel the emotions and compassion nearly suffocating her. Her powers were lost to her; she could no longer control them. She knew who had killed her father and the only thing on her mind was finding and killing him.

Yet she had fallen for the man somehow, the heartless monster that killed her father. Elle did not know what love was but she knew that with him she had felt something close, or perhaps it was sadistic and made up in her mind. Still, she had always hoped that Sylar had some form of good inside of him, she had always assumed it was her who had turned him evil and for that reason she did not blame him as much for what horrible things he had done.

He had taken her virginity, her first real kisses, her heart, her trust, he had taken everything she had to offer someone. Sure she had flirted with many men before but he was the first person to ever make her feel like she was more than a simple object made for their own use. He was not using her, he believed she could be good. At least this is what she had thought.

People always assumed that Elle was unintelligent and hardly useful, her father certainly had. They always looked at her with judgmental eyes, told her she was immature and childish for enjoying simple things in life, but why not enjoy them if she could not ever enjoy them as a child?

She cherished more than anything the days that her father sent her on field missions. How pathetic of her was that? Being at the company meant being under his control and out there, even trapped in a car watching someone or chasing someone down, she got luxuries. Perhaps she could not ride the roller-coaster but she could look at them in awe, from afar, and imagine what it would be like to actually have the chance to experience it. The chance to no longer wear the heavy title of a sociopath. The chance to just be normal, to be happy, she did not even know what happiness was.

Maybe it was childish that she found happiness in the tasty red slushy she only got to indulge in when on a mission and away from her father, or the bag of chips that she had never tasted, watching couples walk hand in hand and imagining it was her. But she was a company girl and her devotion to being an agent always took precedence over her happiness.

At least until he had come into the picture.

Sylar had made her open those blue lightning filled eyes and realize that life was not always about doing what you were told, that she should take what she wanted, and she had. But, he had changed and started to take orders from none other than his father. Though the blonde had advised against it, he did not take her advice. Still, she loved him so much that she followed him around and made sure to protect him if she could. Do whatever missions he did if only to be there to watch out for him.

This is what brought her to where she was now. She had gotten shot in the leg and he had helped her through it, even being heroic, but then they had been teleported to the beach and that lead to the predicament that she currently was living out.

Sylar was using his power on her, holding a finger out to her forehead and cutting into the flesh. Elle did not have the luxury of being able to grow back after an injury or not feel pain and so she was screaming out, yet even with the blood rolling down the side of her face and into her ears the physical pain did not come close in comparison to the emotional pain and betrayal that she felt.

Here was the man that she had trusted and given everything too, the only person she had ever tried to love aside from her father, and he was carving into her head in order to steal a power that she had already willingly given him. She had even taken the time to teach him how to use her power correctly and now he would undoubtedly use it in bringing her to her demise. That was the ultimate betrayal. He had made her feel wanted, loved, cared for. He had touched her in ways she had never been touched, kissed her, made her feel beautiful and amazing for once in her entire empty life. He had made her smile, and not the forced kind, the real kind, and now he was going to dig his fingers into her brain and steal her life away.

It was sickening and morbid and all that she could do was scream out in pain and thrash around trying to get away. Knowing that there was no hope. He was stronger than her and her leg was wounded from the gunshot she had sustained earlier. It was impossible to get away and she felt herself give up and accept the fact that she was going to die.

Laying there as her life was depleting and his fingers started to dig around in her brain she suddenly remembered how her father would always tell her that her biggest weakness was letting her feelings get in the way, how she would never amount to anything, how they had told her that her father was the only reason she had been allowed to stay an agent, and this sparked something inside of her. A will to prove them all wrong, a will to show that she could start over and actually be something, a will to show the world that she was not a weak pathetic child as her father would say.

Blue electricity started to form spreading from her hands across her entire body, it hurt, it felt as if she were on fire and about to explode but she could no longer control it. Her emotions had hold of her power and she was not going to go down without a fight. Suddenly she did explode sending jolts of electricity through the man on top of her and though she could not actually kill him, she did succeed in throwing him backward off of herself and stunning him as he curled up in the sand.

"Ahh!" Sylar groaned out watching as Elle stood to her feet and started to stumble the length of the beach. Standing to his feet he grinned maniacally. "You can run but you can't hide."

Truthfully, she could not run. She could only stumble and wobble and hope that she could reach a familiar place, a safe haven so to speak. It seemed that when her life turned to turmoil she always turned to the same place. Hearing the man catching speed on her, her body once again lit up in flicks of electricity and she threw it at him with enough force to again throw him backward and stun him. This time he lay there in pain for a moment longer and it gave her time to get far enough away to hide in a dumpster in an alleyway. Blood still rolling down from the incision over her nose and into her eyes.

"Elle, I'm sorry." Sylar said, his attitude changing completely as he looked around for her. Blue eyes peered out watching him from underneath the lid of the dumpster, praying he would not find her. "I just overreacted, the hunger got to be too much."

She ignored him and continued to hide, her vision going blurry from loss of blood. She knew that she needed to get somewhere and find help soon or she would die despite her best efforts. The blonde only hoped that she would not be killed when she finally got to her destination.

"Elle." He whispered out.

Though it was breaking her heart to do so she again ignored him, not falling for his words as before. She always fell for words it seemed. All someone had to do was tell her what to do and she did.

"Elle!" He screamed out now before slamming his hand down on the dumpster lid. She jumped but held in the yelp that threatened to escape her throat, she did not want to give herself away. "Fine, you're lucky I don't have time for this right now. But, after I finish what I need to do I will be back for you and I will kill you!" With that he hurried away angrily.

Letting out a loud breath Elle waited just a few extra moments before climbing out of the dumpster. Holding a hand to her bleeding forehead she bit her bottom lip and let out a yelp of pain. 'Damn it really hurts… Cheerleader doesn't know how lucky she is to not feel pain… speaking of which—'

The blonde knew that there was a good chance she would be slaughtered the moment she showed up at the door, she deserved to be, but she also knew it was her last chance. Where else could she turn? The company no longer wanted her, and Sylar wanted to kill her, the only place that she could possibly have a chance of surviving was the one she had chosen.

Staring at the door she lifted her hand. 'Knock, Knock, Knock.'


End Chapter

Authors note: Starting a new fic for my new favorite show. :) Love Kristen Bell soo much, wish Veronica Mars was never canceled because she is an amazing actress and gorgeous, but yeah figured I would write a fic featuring her character Elle from Heroes because it is my current addiction, this, Veronica Mars again, One Tree Hill season Eight, and Glee. Haha of course only between school work which I have had an awful lot of sadly. I hope that y'all like this. As always I am open to any criticism or suggestions as well as what you want to see happen. If you review and tell me anything of the sort I will be grateful and definitely add it too! :p

-Tracy Cook