Dead Man Walking

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of heroes.

Couple: Elle/Claire

Rating: M

Chapter 5

A Used Toy

As a child Elle had never gotten to partake in going to school, of course she was educated in her cell by her father but the closest she had actually been to a school building was when she was told to watch Claire. She had no real concept of what happened there, all the people gathered in herds similar to animals. People of the same "species" or "looks" so to speak stayed with similar people and the strong powered over the weak. She compared it to Darwin's theory of Natural Selection; it was interesting to say the least.

When the electric blonde had confronted Noah and Claire about joining her at the establishment both were against it. They informed her that you had to be a certain age to go to high school, she was too old, and without a high school diploma she could not go to college. She could get her diploma through a program but she was uninterested in this, all she wanted was to be a part of this complex and intriguing building that consumed Claire's mind.

After many weeks of whining and acting "childish" as the cheerleader put it, she finally managed to get her way. Though, there was a compromise involved.

Elle was allowed to go to football games and be close to the school, interact with the people she never had the chance to, experience what it was like to be a teenager, as long as she made no contact with the other blonde. She was not to speak to her or imply that they were friends, because apparently despite her best efforts they still were not friends and she would embarrass Claire. It pained her knowing this, but still she reluctantly agreed.

This agreement is what got her in this situation. Her first football game, it was not as she had expected it would be. The game itself was confusing but more confusing than that was the looks that men were giving her as she shuffled uncomfortably in the stands. The electric blonde did not like it at all, her body rigid as she ignored the looks and tried to force her powers to stay calm.

For whatever reason blue eyes found their way to the one person who she knew at the game, the blonde cheering on the track in front of the field, Claire. She watched as the other girl kicked her leg up in the air and she blushed when she realized that she had looked those perfect legs over, similarly to the men who were looking her over. Glancing away she tried to ignore the strange sensations she had never felt before, her body heating up, her mind noticing for the first time just how beautiful the other was, and the confusion that came with these feelings.

"This is ridiculous." She mumbled to herself before feeling a presence beside her. Her body immediately stiffened as she snapped her head around to see who was seated so close to her.

"I agree, this game sucks." It was a young man; he had on a black leather jacket and looked a lot like Sylar. Only it was not Sylar she knew it could not be him, still she felt drawn to the man. "We should get out of here." He smirked with a raised eyebrow, looking at her with those same eyes that she had just looked at Claire with.

"Are you sure? I don't think the game is over." Elle stated glancing back over to the field avoiding looking at the cheerleader again.

"I'm sure. I had something a little more entertaining in mind." He laughed under his breath before reaching out and taking ahold of her arm, a little too tightly for her taste. Though she was used to being dragged around by men, it was her life story after all, so instead of struggling she let him lead the way.

Honestly she could think of a lot of things that were more entertaining than the game. 'Ice cream, slushies, watching movies with Claire.' She smiled a little at this thought before being dragged under the bleachers. 'But definitely not hanging out under disgusting bleachers… not on my list of entertainment…' "Where are we going?" Her voice shook a little and she could feel lighting starting to dance along her skin as a defense mechanism.

"You'll see." The young man responded in a deep and husky voice as he pushed her up against the bleachers pressing his body flush against hers. She was beyond uncomfortable with the contact.

"Wh-what are you doi—" Before she could finish her sentence she felt lips pressed firmly against her own, there was definitely no spark. At least not a romantic one, her body on the other hand flared up with volts of electricity that shocked the man.

Not knowing what had happened he pulled back screaming out in pain. "Ow what the fuck you bitch? I'll teach you a lesson!" Moving to slam his hand into the electric blonde's face he was shocked when he instead hit a girl from his school, Claire, one of those peppy and annoying cheerleaders who came to football games for the enjoyment. Her head snapped backward, but moved back in place just as quickly, the reddening skin returning to normal right before his eyes.

"Want to try that again?" She asked with an almost sadistic smile causing brown eyes to widen in shock.

"What the fuck? Are you some kind of sadistic bitch who enjoys being hurt? Don't make me hurt you too! Just leave us the fuck alone, we wanted some private time." When he tried to move her out of the way Claire remained in place, unable to feel the pain as her arms were bruised by his fingers before quickly healing.

"For your own safety I suggest you leave us the fuck alone." The cheerleader said seriously, though the smile remained on her features. She knew that Elle could lose her cool at any moment and kill the teenager and that was not something either of them wanted. For some odd reason the younger girl found herself caring enough to protect the other. Not only was that feeling strange, but there was also another feeling, a dark feeling. One she got once when she witnessed her boyfriend cheating on her. 'Jealousy?' She did not have time to pick apart the feeling as the man stepped closer.

"I swear to god!" With that he punched her directly in the nose, breaking it. Still, she felt nothing as blood rolled down her face and over her smiling lips. Then again her nose healed right in front of his face, not something she would normally show off to people because of how they would judge her but at this moment she didn't care. He deserved it.

His eyes widened even more so as he backed up. "Okay I don't want no trouble, I'll just leave you two alone." Turning he started away rather quickly. Leaving the cheerleader to shake her head and nearly laugh, except she knew that the problem had not completely been solved yet.

Turning around Claire looked over Elle watching as she held onto herself, her body covered with blue light, she still had little control over her powers. Especially when she was angry or sad. "Elle." She whispered out.

"I'm fine." She nearly whimpered out as her body convulsed again.

Laughing softly and sympathetically the shorter of the two pulled the electric blonde into her arms. "No you're not come here." She whispered, shocking the other with her uncharacteristic kindness, usually she was not so nice to her. Still, Elle allowed herself to be wrapped up in caring warm arms that immediately absorbed the electricity she was failing to control.

"There you go, feeling better?" Claire asked.

"Yeah." She whimpered out as tears started to roll down her face, each causing her to electrocute herself. Luckily she was still holding onto the healer who immediately absorbed the shocks.

"Are you crying?" Her voice cracked as she pulled away enough to look into electric blue eyes with her own. All that she could see behind them was sadness; she had never seen anyone look so pathetic. It was like a beaten puppy or an abused child. For a moment she pondered that thought and she came to a conclusion; Elle was an abused child.

"No." Elle said trying to force a smile as she turned to look away. If her father could see her now she knew that he would be completely disappointed in her. Being so weak as to let someone hurt her when she could have killed the man easily, letting someone push her around, and then crying over it. Why was she always so emotional? That is what he always said was her downfall, that was why she could not be a great agent like the others.

Claire reached her hand up taking Elle's chin between her fingers and moving her face so that they were looking at each other. "Yes you are. It's okay now, he will never come close to you again, I guarantee it." She tried.

"If it isn't him it will be some other guy." She mumbled.

"Some other guy?"

"Yeah, just like Daddy." Tears again started to roll down her face as she stated through trembling lips and uneven breaths. She had never gotten the chance to let all of this out. "And Noah." Again she took in a breath before saying in a hushed tone. "Sylar, they all just used me Claire. My daddy took away my childhood and destroyed me for his own uses, and yet I still let him control me and wanted some kind of approval from him." She laughed a little sarcastically. "I wanted to show him that I was a good agent, and now I never will be able too."

"Elle." Claire whispered pushing some strands of blonde hair behind the slightly taller woman's ear as she felt her own eyes watering up. This was definitely sympathy she was feeling now. How could anyone treat their daughter in such a way?

"Then there was Noah. And he's great for forgiving me but he was the one who turned me into this heartless creature. He was the one who told me to always follow a plan and to forget my feelings, he was the one who stopped me from saving Sylar." Her voice quavered as she said that name again. "Then what did he do? He made me fall in love with him, took my innocence, used me to get where he needed to go and then tried to murder me." Glancing away she ignored the shiver as she felt fingers brush against her neck. "I'm not good for anything Claire, I'm just a used toy."

"That isn't true." She tried, but knew that her words held little effect considering how she herself had treated the electric blonde. Surprisingly though she did mean them.

Scoffing Elle smiled, that trademark grin. Her lips curling up on both sides almost deviously. "Sure it isn't."

"Elle, I mean it. You have been given a chance to start new. Free yourself from the control they had over you, experience life and do all of the things that you ever wanted to do."

"I don't even know what I want to do." She shrugged her shoulders. It was the truth she had no idea what to do with her life now that everything she had once known was taken away from her.

"That's not true, there has to be something you've always wanted to do." Perhaps it was the sympathy that made Claire utter the next words, because in any other situation she most definitely would not have said them. "I will help you do whatever you want to do." She felt herself regret them as the smile on the beautiful woman's face widened. It almost appeared that this had been some sort of master plan all along.

"Well, I have always wanted to do one thing." Her voice squeaked with excitement of finally getting a chance to experience what she had always dreamt.

"What is that?"

"Well when I was spying on you—" She blushed a little as blue eyes glared at her, still she could not help the excitement welling inside of her as she spoke quickly. "—I used to drive by the amusement park and look at all of the rides and imagine what it would be like to not have to go back to the company, to be able to enjoy them like normal people."

"I see."

"So can we go?" Elle asked excitedly.

"Yeah we can go." Claire sighed out slightly annoyed, though the look of pure joy on the other's innocent face was enough to erase any annoyance. 'That girl has such a beautiful smile… she was meant to smile, and now she is… I guess it's better than seeing her crying, even if I have to go to the themepark.'


End Chapter

Authors note: Dramatic chapter! But, it is bringing them closer together and I promise to have more cute and fluffy chapters to come and then of course love chapters eventually. I prefer to slowly progress the couple though, and I hope that I am doing that. Should see more from Claire's POV in the next few chapters. :)

-Tracy Cook