Isle Of Dreams

On the pier looking out at the Isle of Dreams Pete was there with the others talking to Ariel about not going with her.

Pete, "It's really hard Ariel it may have only been a short time but I have fallen in love with you but I can't go with you, there are to many things I have to do here and my brothers and sister also friends are a big part of my life I just don't think I can let them go.

Ariel, "I no I choose the best guy in your world I love you Pete I always will but I must go back to my home."

Having a second thought the guys and Bron and Lynda pulled Pete aside and talked to him about something that was on there mind.

Lynda, "Pete if you really love her than don't let us hold you back you might not find someone like her again and I no see does love you."

James, "Yeah Pete even though I would miss picking on you I still think you should follow your heart your only staying cause of us that's dumb go with her I no you want to will be alright I'll look after Bron and Lynda."

Pete, "Wow I'm touched really I am it means a lot but I can't go my place is here the Isle Of Dreams seems wonderful and I love Ariel but for some reason I can't leave here but thankyou all of you I no I belong here."

Kissing each other goodbye Pete felt sad in his heart for watching someone he loved leave him but new it was meant to be.

Ariel, "Thank all of you for your help may one day we may meet again but for now I must go may you be blessed goodbye."

Disappearing into the door way and the island fading away the others were walking back to the Light House when they went back cause they noticed Pete wasn't with them.

Tiger, "There he is."

Rabbit, "Pete looks upset maybe we shouldn't say anything."

Lynda, "Hey Pete you ok you have us all worried?

Turning to them after starring out into the ocean one last time he spoke the words that reigned so true for all of them.

Pete, "I guess in the end there really is no place like home."

James, "Your right home is where the heart lies for better or worse."

Bron, "You said it but I will say it again Home is where the heart is."

Walking back to the light house this time there arms around each now they were all at an understanding Fay and Tony were outside looking for them with James parents to Mr and Mrs Gribble.

Fay, "There you are we were looking for you."

Lynda, "You were why I thought you be to busy for us?"

Tony, "Oh no we could never be to busy for you guys your family and we love you dearly and we wanted to no what you would like call your new sister?"

Looking around each other all eyes seemed to land on Pete for the answer and then it hit him like a bolt of lighting.

Pete, "What about Ariel?"

Fay, "Ariel I like that does anybody no what it means?"

Pete, "I do it means one who will be remembered and always loved one who brings hope and light into dark a bright shining star in the sky a dreamer and no's that there is no place like home."

Bron takes his baby sister in his arms and she gives him little smile and they new it would be the start of a beautiful friendship after all they were brother and sister.

The End.