Disgaea X

Many years ago in a planet named Galaxia, there lived a young determined boy who wants to become to most powerful person known to mankind. His name is Shadic, unlike most boys some started with small goals but Shadic Was determine enough to achieve such high goals. On the day he becomes 20 something bad is about to happen.

Shadic: Thanks dad for letting me use your credit card to buy what I always wanted!

Shadic's dad: No problem, after all it is your 20th birthday. Just come back home and you'll see what we have for you.

Shadic: Really alright I am coming back *closes the hand phone*

Several minutes later reaching to his home

Everyone: Happy 20th Birthday Shadic!

Shadic: Aw Hell Yeah, this is the best day ever.

Shadic's mum: We all got a surprise for you!

Shadic: What is it?

*Dad brings down an enormous sword*

Shadic: OMG IT IS WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED AND COULD NEVER GET because of its high technology and design. Hehehe…

Shadic's two sisters: That's right it is Overlord Oblivion Z it functions with all the weapons in the world like swords, axe, gun, drill, scythe, spear etc…

Shadic: This is the best weapon ever! Now I am gonna test it.

*He tested it on powerful monsters and it works*

Shadic: It works and not a dent nor scratch.

*Soon a plane arrives with a flag of earth and another plane arrives with the flag of celestia and another plane arrives with the flag of the netherworld.*

Shadic: WTF

Humans angels and demons Leader: Alright guys we are gonna take everything on this planet and destroy it with our bare hands and Man Made weapons.

Army of humans angels and demons: !

Shadic: Oh Shit

*Rushes back to his house and warns everybody to flee*

Shadic: You guys must flee this time they are gonna invade Galaxia.

Shadic's dad: Everyone get ready. Where to son?

Shadic: Just go and hide and wait for me to come.

Shadic's dad: OK

Shadic's mom: Wait, what about you?

Shadic: I will distract them you guys flee.

Shadic's two sisters: But it's too dangerous.

Shadic: Don't worry I can take care myself beside I'm a grown man.

Shadic's dad: ok, Now Go kick their sorry asses for coming here.

Shadic: OK

*Shadic gets out of the house and the house flew automatically to planet Pluto*

Shadic: Alright time to help out the army.

*Dashes towards the battlefield and to the Galaxia bunker*

Shadic: Sir, I'm here to help you out.

Sargent: Alright you help us fight against the enemies.

Shadic: OK

*Shadic Dash out of the bunker and start to fight against the enemies*

Shadic: Take this and that. Get a load of this b***h. Too Slow.

*Near the end of the battle the Galaxian soldiers are dying slowly and the man standing is Shadic*

Shadic: Damn!

Demon: What's the matter are you scared of fighting all of us in one go?

Human: I am guessing he is scared.

Angel: True. True.

Shadic: Scared who's scared a weakling who is scared of this much is not worthy of being a soldier.

Demon: You have got big guts kid.

*Punches Shadic in the stomach and Shadic falls down*

Shadic: ARGH

Demon: But you're still weak.

Human: Ready to kill him.

Angel: Ready *Holds a bow and Ready to shoot the arrow*

Demon: Ready *Holds His scythe*

Human*Hold his gun out and pointed at me* 3…2…1…Fire

*Killed me at the same time*

Shadic: AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH (Mind Thoughts: NO this wasn't supposed to happen I promised my family that I would come back alive!)