Chapter 23 The other side

After that night where they had to heal Emizel's guards, but today, they started working on the bridge.

Jordan: God damn it. Why do I have to do all of the damn work?

Cathay: Well, you nearly killed all of his guards. Luckily they were able to revive.

Jordan: Ugh.

Jordan was building the bridge while the others are chatting and relaxing. This was a sad time for Jordan.

Jordan: Why does it always have to be me doing all the dirty work?

Shadic: Well, you're a warrior so don't complain, instead think of this as training.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess you're right.

And so Jordan just continued to fix the bridge. Cathay and Emizel were talking about something…(Sorry not gonna reveal the conversation)

In a land far away from the mountain…

?: (Walking) Damn, how hard is it to find a gem?

?: I don't know but we must be getting close?

It was the same gunner from the inn and a female android and someone else… Next to them was a prinny with a red scarf, it was Prinny Hero.

Prinny Hero: Dood, it has been like 5 days after you called us to help you to find that gem and to find this person you talking about dood.

Gunner: Look, you're a hero yeah? Then stop complaining and start finding the gem with us.

Prinny Hero: Alright, dood.

Gunner: So, where are we?

Female android: We are in "The Great Forest".

Gunner: Well this is it. Time to find that gem.

Prinny Hero: Aye, Aye, dood!

Everyone started searching for the gem, suddenly they heard…

?: *Scream/Roar*

Gunner: Huh? What was that?

As the gunner turn around he saw a large bird like wyvern that has red-colored scales.

Bird-like wyvern: *Scream/Roar*

The wyvern started charging towards the gunner. Luckily he manages to dodge its attack. He brought out his sniper rifle and tries to shoot it. Unfortunately it manage to deal some damage, but not enough to kill it.

Gunner: God, Damnnit! What the hell is this?

Female Android: Scanning… *Scanning* It appears to be a "Yian Kut-Ku".

Prinny Hero: Dood, that thing is big!

Gunner: Um, you do realize it is almost human size but a bit larger than us.

Female Android: Agreed. Activating human mode. *Activate human mode* Alright let's kick some butt! *Brings out a Hunting Horn*

Prinny Hero: Dood, do I really have to fight it? *Brings out dual swords*

The Yian Kut-Ku started charging towards them. They dodge the attack. Prinny Hero attack the Yian Kut-Ku with a prinny barrage but it didn't work. The Yian Kut-Ku spits out a fireball from its beak and the fireball hits Prinny Hero, making him stumble backwards.

Prinny Hero: Ouch dood!

Gunner: You okay?

Prinny hero: Nah, I'm dood. Master Etna always throws us. But when she throw me, I didn't explode dood.

Gunner: Okay…

The Yian Kut-Ku started screaming/roaring at them.

Female Android: It looks like it's taunting us.

Gunner: Fine, then I'll deal it from here.

The gunner readied his rifle and aimed for its head. He fired one round but that wasn't enough, and again he fired another.

Gunner: God Damnnit!

Female Android: Here let me help. *Started to play the hunting horn*

When she played the hunting horn. Somehow their attack level raise.

Gunner: Damn, what were you doing?

Female Android: That music piece should at least increase your strength. Now try and kill it!

The gunner fired another bullet again and the Yian Kut-Ku took major damage and it is starting to limp.

Prinny Hero: Oh no you don't dood.

The prinny rush towards the wyvern and dealt the final blow.

Prinny Hero: The heroic prinny saves the day dood!

Gunner: Yeah, yeah. Now let's get going and find that gem.

They started searching in the Great Forest and soon come across a crack in the wall.

Female Android: I guessing it's here.

Gunner: Good, prinny, you better start mining.

Prinny Hero: Aye, Aye dood!

Prinny Hero started mining the crack on the wall and soon found something.

Prinny Hero: Dood, I found something!

Gunner: Let me see… *Takes a hard look at the gem* Nope that's not it. *Throws the gem away*

Prinny Hero: Dood! Why you do that dood?

Gunner: We are here for one kind of gem.

Prinny Hero: But dood! Hat can make tons of cash!

Female Android: Let me take a look… *Starts looking at the gem* Yup, it'll make tons of cash.

Gunner: Well, what is it?

Female Android: It is somewhat like a sapphire, but actually it is some kind of ore in improving your armor.

Gunner: How is that small thing ever gonna make tons of cash!? Bah, keep it if you guys want to have it.

Prinny Hero: Dood, let's go and ask the shop and see how much this cost dood!

Female Android: Maybe later. But right now I think it best if you start mining and I put the gems in the sack.

Prinny Hero: Let's do this dood!

And so they started mining. They have found different gems, however no sign of the jewel that they were looking for.

Gunner: Well this is the large spot left.

Female Android: Well get to it Prinny.

Prinny Hero: Wait dood. If we do it here, won't something bad come after us dood?

Gunner: No, why you ask?

Prinny Hero: Because we are mining near a nest dood.

Gunner: Don't worry, if we are quite enough, the babies in the nest won't hear us.

Female Android: Well, problem solved.

Prinny Hero: Okay dood, just watch my back dood.

So they started mining quietly. And soon…

Prinny Hero: Dood, I found something.

Gunner: Here, let me see it. *stares at the gem* Yup this has to be it.

Prinny Hero: Great, now let's get the hell outta here.

They crept outside, but before they can go outside they hear a flapping noise.

Prinny Hero: Dood, I don't like this dood…

The babies in the nest started making noises, because a green wyvern came down to feed it's babies.

Gunner: What the hell is that thing.

Female Android: Wait one second. *Looks up on her digital encyclopedia* Looks to me that green wyvern is a Rathian. She is also known as the "Queen of Wyverns" or "Queen of the Land".

Gunner: Is it easy to kill it?

Female Android: No, She is good at ground combat. So it's best to leave her alone.

Prinny Hero: Alright doods let get out now dood.

They went outside. After they got out, they saw another one but a different colour.

Prinny Hero: DOOOOOOOD! How many are there?

Gunner: Looks like to me a different one. What is it?

Female Android: This one is a Rathalos, this guy is the counterpart of the Rathian but a male. Also he is good at aerial combat.

Prinny Hero: Then let get out of here!

Unfortunately the Monster saw them and started to attack them.

Gunner: Shit this is bad!

They were lucky to dodge the attack but it stills keep on attacking them and they were able to dodge some of its attacks.

Prinny Hero: Dood! I don't know how much longer we're going to survive dood…

Gunner: God damn this beast! I'll shoot it apart!

Female android: Great, we going to have to fight it and try to escape somehow…

So the battle started and the monster looks like its winning.

Gunner: Damn, this is one tough guy to crack.

Prinny Hero: I think I'm gonna die doods.

Just as the Rathalos was about to spit a fireball at them a few people came out of nowhere one boy and one girl. The boy was holding a longsword, and the girl was holding a heavy bow gun.

Boy: Take this!

He aimed for the Rathalos's legs and manage to knock it over, giving them time to escape.

Girl: Don't worry we'll cover for you just stay away from it.

They have escaped from the wyvern.

Prinny Hero: Thanks dood!

She aimed her gun towards the Rathalos and shot a bullet. Soon the monster was paralyzed.

Boy: I'm gonna set up the trap cover me!

Girl: Okay!

As the boy laid down the trap the girl distracts the monster from him, giving him time to set up. Soon…

Boy: Alright, it's ready lead him towards me.

The girl started running towards the boy and the Rathalos was chasing, but he was stopped because he was trapped by a pitfall trap. The girl readied her and gun and shot two tranquilizer at the Rathalos. The wyvern went to sleep.

Quest Complete!

Returning in 1 min

Boy: Alright we did it! Give me a five!

They high five together.

Girl: Yeah, that was a great hunt. But I'm a bit curious about these guys.

Boy: Meh, we'll talk to them later once we returned to our village.

Girl: Hey, what's that on the floor?

Boy: I dunno? But I'll pick it up.

Sm Dagger received

Girl: What is that?

Boy: Hm, it could belong to them.

Girl: Well let's hope we meet them at the village.

Soon the quest was complete and they returned back to the village. But what is the name of the village? It's called…

Female Android: Pokke Village?

High Rank Girl: That right, and now you're in the gathering hall.

Gunner: Shit, we've took the wrong turn.

Female Android: Well let's go to the table and look at the map.

They all sat on the table.

Gunner: So they said we're in Pokke Village?

Female Android: Yeah.

They started discussing about where and how do they get back. Soon the girl and boy form before, came to the hall.

Boy: See. I told you they would be here.

Girl: Alright, but let's go ask them.

Boy: Um… Excuse me.

Gunner: Yes? What do you want?

Boy: Did you guys drop a "Sm dagger"

Prinny Hero: Hey, that's mine dood!

Boy: Oh so it was yours. Here *Gives the "Sm Dagger" to the prinny.

Prinny Hero: Thanks dood!

Boy: Your welcome.

Female android: By the way we didn't get to know your names.

Boy: Oops, sorry forgot about that during the hunt. The name's Kaze.

Girl: and I'm Niru.

The gunner immediately turn around ask them a question.

Gunner: Hey, did you know about this map?

Kaze: Let me take a look. *Stare hard at the map* Where the hell did you get this?

Gunner: Oh, I got it from him. He says I'm one of "them".

Kaze: Hm… So that means your siding with us.

Gunner: What do you mean?

Kaze: I mean… Me and Niru and "their leader's" friends.

Gunner: Don't tell me. You know "him".

Kaze: Of course I do know "him" gotta admit he was quite the Greatsword user if you ask me. One time he went alone and caught himself a Tigrex without help. Another time he faced off a Nargacuga and nearly survives all of its attacks but still manages to defeat it. Plus, he manage to slay a lot of Akantor.

Gunner: So that's what "he" did back then…

Kaze: What "he" never told you?

Gunner: Nah. I never was really interested in that.

Kaze: Oh… Well, tell him that we've hunted many Tigrex. And give him this scale. *Gives the gunner the scale*

Gunner: Sure thing.

Kaze: Anyway good luck.

Gunner: Wait, where are you going?

Niru: Where else? Hunting of course.

Gunner: Oh see ya.

Kaze & Niru left the gathering hall.

Gunner: Well we know where to go now.

Female android: Then let's go.

They have exited the gather hall and travel to where their destination supposed to be. Back at the cave.

Shadic: Hey Jordan, is it done?

Jordan: Well this is the best I can do.

The bridge is at a perfect shape.

Cathay: That looks sturdy enough to cross.

Julie: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!

Shadic: Wait, before that… what about our reward.

Emizel: Well all you have to do is cross the bridge and you'll soon find out.

They crossed the bridge through the valley, and as they come out from the other side they saw a beautiful view with a clear lake that has never been touched. And a nearby house.

Emizel: Well this is your reward.

Jordan: Really? I was hoping for something more exciting.

Shadic: Sure is beautiful…

Zena: Ditto.

Cathay: Well this must be the place that she was talking about.

Julie: But I am curious about this house…

Petta: Shall we pay a visit to it?

Julie: That sounds like a great idea!

Shadic: Who said we're going to the house? It could be dangerous.

Zetta: Well, if she says she wants to visit it then I say let's go. Besides if it's dangerous, I can train her there.

Jordan: Same!

Shadic: All right if you say so. We're going to take a look in the house!

To Be Continued

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