So this was based off an anon post from the yj_anon_meme and the amazing art fill which was posted for it. No, seriously, go and check it out. Its found here: http:/yj-anon-meme(dot)livejournal(dot)com/5067(dot)html?thread=12838347#t12838347

I wasn't going to write it but watching the latest episode 'Failsafe' I became inspired. Characters might be a little OOC (It is an AU) and Roy is a mix of Arsenal and Red Arrow, but still. It was fun.

Disclaimer: I do not own Young Justice or Red Hood and the Outlaws.

There were many things 19 year old Red Hood expected to see when he made his way into the New York apartment that was the headquarters of his new team. A pissed off Roy for one. Kori and her seductive mannerisms for another. What he didn't expect to see was the two red heads staring out the window, strange looks on their faces.

Throwing his helmet onto a chair, Jason opened his mouth to ask what the hell the two thought they were doing. The vigilantly froze, his words drying up as he finally saw what had been distracting his team. A small figure was sitting on the edge of the sheer drop, ignoring the rain. Jason didn't even need to get a closer look to know who it was.

The rogue bat took a deep breath.

"How long has he been out there?" He asked aloud.

Beside him, Roy shrugged and pulled his hat off, running a gloved hand through his hair, his masked eyes never leaving the figure.

"He was here before we arrived. We tried to talk him into coming inside but he said he was only here to talk to you." He glared over at Jason, as if to criticise the dark haired hero.

Jason sighed. Damn. It just had to be one of those nights.

Ignoring both Kori and Roy, Jason opened the window and stepped out into the rain. The figure on the ledge turned slightly, looking at Jason for a minute. He shuddered, pulling the drenched cape closer around his small body.

Jason sighed again and stepped closer, crouching down on the ledge next to the 13 year old Boy Wonder.

"And what do I owe for this pleasant surprise?" He teased. Bruce had done everything to try and keep his two boys separate, determined that Jason's bad habits wouldn't influence Dick's young mind.

Robin glanced up at his brother, a sonic look on his face. Ok, this was not good.

Making himself comfortable and ignoring the cold, Jason placed a hand on Robin's shoulder.

"Alright kid. Talk."

There was a long pause.

"How did you handle it? When Bruce kicked you out?"

Jason didn't even stop to process the question.

"Well, first of all, I didn't get kicked out, I died and secondly….what?"

It suddenly dawned on Jason. He looked down at his little brother. Dick buried his face in his folded arms, trying to curl in on himself.

"They don't want me around anymore." The teen said, his voice muffled.

Jason sighed. God dammit Bruce! What had the idiot done now?

Rising to his feet, Jason grabbed Dick's shoulder, pulling the boy to his feet as the two balanced on the ledge. Carefully, the Red Hood guided his little brother inside, ignoring the questioning look from Roy as the archer pulled Kori away. Roy at least, could see what was going on. He had been friends with both Jason and Dick for a long time and knew when the Batboys needed to have a little bit of alone time.

Pushing Dick towards the old couch, Jason quickly ducked into the kitchen and grabbed a drink, ignoring Roy as the archer ducked behind the bench.

"Get out." He growled, not bothering to wait for Roy to retreat.

Walking back to where Dick had curled up, Jason jumped onto the old piece of furnisher, causing Dick to almost bound off. The teen glared at him before once again curling up into a ball.

Jason placed the drink on the floor.

"Go for it, Dickie Bird."

Dick sighed.

"Bruce and I had a fight today. There was a breakout at Arkham and I didn't follow his orders and went after the Riddler on my own. Bruce was so angry. He said I could follow his orders or I could get out."

Jason rolled his eyes.

"It gets worse." Dick muttered. Jason looked down at the boy. Clearly, silence was the best thing he could do right now.

"After the fight, I went to see the team."

Jason nodded. The team.

Roy had told him about the team, the group of Justice League wannabes Batman had been turning into a covert operation.

"What happened?" He prompted.

"A few days ago, we did a training exercise involving an alien invasion. I had to take charge when Kaldur was killed but I made some calls the team didn't like. I…. I ordered Conner to his death and got myself and Wally trapped in an exploding space ship. We were analysing it today and everyone started to judge me. And Wally….Wally blamed me for Artemis death. He…he doesn't want to be friends anymore."

Robin was shaking, trying not to cry. Jason felt a wave of anger. He had never liked speedsters, any of them, and here was one tormenting his little brother.

"And so you came here?" The older Bat asked.

"I didn't know where else to go." Robin replied.

Jason had to stop himself pointing out that, thanks to his current lifestyle, tracking him down should be almost impossible. After all, Dick was known to do the impossible.

There was another long pause.

"Jay, Can I stay with you?" Dick asked.

Jason looked over at the boy as Dick pulled his mask off, blue eyes looking pleadingly at him. He deflated. This was really not going to do anything for his bad boy image.

"Ok." He said.

Jason woke up the next morning with a start. He was lying on the cramped couch in the crummy apartment the Outlaws had hired out for their latest mission. There was a weight on his chest. Jason looked down at the mob of dark hair. Dick had fallen asleep quickly after Jason had granted permission for the teen to stay, his soaking wet costume seeping into the couch. Not wanting his little brother to get sick (After all, it was going to be enough of a pain to take care of the kid. He didn't want Dick to come down with something and make taking care of him ten times harder.) Jason had slipped in beside him, sharing his body heat.

Even as Jason remembered the event of last night, Dick groaned, opening his eyes. Jason could see the moments of confusion before Dick remembered everything. Quickly, the boy rolled off the couch, pulling his mask back on.

It was lucky he did. At that very moment, Roy opened the door, barging into the apartment with Kori floating behind him. Both of them were in costume, taking on their other personas of Starfire and Arsenal (Roy had been trying to keep his involvement with the Outlaws a secret, doing solo hero work as Red Arrow and using the name Arsenal when he was working alongside Jason and Kori.)

"The target is on the move. We need to go now if we want to get a clear shot at this." The archer called.

Picking up Jason's mask and helmet, he threw them to the leader. Jason caught them easily, fitting the red mask over his eyes as he climbed to his feet. Dropping the helmet onto the couch, he reached down and pulled out the gun he had hidden there.

Even with his eyes covered, Jason could feel Dick's stare.

"We could use a hacker. Robin. You wanna join kiddo?"

Robin rose to his feet. Suddenly, he dived for the gun. Jason saw the movement, grabbing his little brother around the waist and blocking him.

Dick looked up at Red Hood.

"Jay, you shouldn't be using guns!" He said.

Jason grinned down at his little brother.

"Gonna stop me, Baby bird?" the older asked in a low voice.

There was another long silence.

"Todd! Quit molesting the kid and let's go!"

The brothers broke apart, Robin glaring at Roy while Jason just grinned.

"So what do you say Boy Wonder? Coming for the fun?"

Robin looked at the three Outlaws. They watched him, smiling. He grinned.

"I'm in."

So there we go. Just a little bit of fun. Hope you all enjoyed.