Tsubasa returned to the Dark Nebula headquarters at midnight, his heart still soaring with the insane love that pulsed through it. Her love still coursed through his veins, setting his soul alight with joy. For the first time in so many years, he felt loved and wanted, he felt that he wasn't alone.

As he walked up the corridor that led to his quarters, he saw a shadow snaking up the wall, approaching him together with the sound of heels connecting sharply with the tiled floor.

Stopping in his tracks, he waited until the figure emerged, and felt a sudden air of intimidation as he stared back. It was a young man of about his age, a head taller and with a shock of white hair, a small part of which was blood red. It was adorned with a golden circlet, whose design was similar to the elaborate gauntlet on his left arm. He wore a black sleeveless shirt and matching trousers, and a long white coat hung loosely at his back, fastened only by its lapels around his slender neck. His skin was as dark as his own, and his eyes golden as well. But in contrast to Tsubasa's warm ones, his had a look of insanity that seemed to reach deep into the depths of his soul.

"What is the matter, Ryuga?" Doji appeared next to him.

Woah...so this is Ryuga, Tsubasa thought.

"Ahhh! Tsubasa! I've been wondering where you've been hiding!" Doji exclaimed in his falsely exaggerated voice: "Now that you're here, allow me to introduce you."

"Hm," Ryuga grunted, glaring menacingly at Tsubasa: "Save it Doji, I don't really care."

"Now now, don't be like that. Tsubasa, this is our finest blader, the gem of our organisation: Ryuga. Ryuga, this is Tsubasa, one of our most recent members."

"Oh is that so? Heh, I'm not impressed," Ryuga grinned, displaying a fine row of fanged teeth, the canines jutting out in a similar way to Kyoya's.

"Hm, you're full of yourself, aren't you?" Tsubasa crossed his arms together, determined to show this guy that he wasn't afraid.

"Why wouldn't I be? I'm easily the most powerful blader around here. My L-Drago can crush your bey with one gentle nudge!" Ryuga raised his gauntleted arm, its gold flashing hysterically in the light.

"Yeah? Well talk is cheap my friend," said Tsubasa.

"Oh I wouldn't take him so lightly, Tsubasa. You see, Ryuga here isn't called our 'secret weapon' for nothing. We use him to dish out punishment to traitors as well, due to his reliable and merciless strength," said Doji.

"Is that so?" Tsubasa sensed a hidden message in that sentence but remained quiet.

"I shall be leaving now. Ryuga, why don't you go and rest? You must save up your strength for tomorrow's match," Doji pushed his spectacles up his nose and began walking towards his office.

"Whatever! I can squash anyone I want without even taking a break!" Ryuga growled.

Tsubasa watched in silence as Ryuga whipped around and made his way up the corridor, his coat rustling behind him. Doji moved over to stand next to Tsubasa and whispered: "I suggest you come and take a look at Ryuga's power tomorrow. It might be worth your while."

What he meant by this, Tsubasa wasn't sure. But he did know one thing: if he was to learn of Ryuga's power, he had to accompany him wherever he went from now on.