Disclaimer: I own nothing but Niamh.

I'm going to do something I promised myself I never would. I'm going to have two stories going at once! This could go horribly horribly wrong. But welcome to my new story Cursed! It's set in the Dark Swan universe, but it doesn't focus on Eugenie. Well, it does, but she's not the main character. Instead my OC is!

This is a tale of a young outcast fae, rejected for a talent she could not control.

When I was first born, the clan rejoiced. I was the first child in over two centuries. They saw me as a return of fertility to the women.

By the time I was 18 the elders declared me a blight to existence and cast me out.

In fae terms, I was still just a child, but now I was also an exile.

I was wondering along the border of the Willow Land when a group of travellers took pity on me. They clothed and fed me, accepting a stranger easily into their midst.

Three centuries later and they are all dead.

It wasn't my fault. I didn't kill them.

I warned them, each and every time something terrible was going to happen I spoke, even though this is what made me an exile.

They laughed it off though.

They didn't listen.

Now my family was dead.

I stand alone in the Otherworld, a newly adult fae.

I wonder alone through the shifting mist offering the only talent I have.

My name in Niamh.

I am cursed.