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Jason Piper Leo Reyna

"Okay, somebody turn on the lights!"

"OW! Leo, get off my foot!"

"I'm not stepping on your foot, beauty queen!"

"Will you shut up?"

"I'm sorry Reyna, but my beautiful mouth has too many unspoken words to say."

"Leo, now's not really the time to joke around. Where's the switch?"

"Isn't Piper the light of your world, Sparky? Why don't you ask her?"


"Okay, okay. Sorry. But jeez, you didn't have to go all trio on me and yell in my ear."

"Hey, I think I found it!"


"Hey, the camera's still recording, right Leo?"

"Uh, I think so . . ."

"Oh, okay. Good. Hello everyone. I'm Reyna . . ."

" . . . And I'm Piper with . . ."

" . . . Jason and . . ."

"Oh gods, stop making googly eyes at each other!"


"Yes, as 'oh gods, stop making googly eyes at each other' was saying—"

"Hey! That is not my name!"


"Okay, Reyna. You can stop glaring now . . ."




"Ignore him, Reyna. He's always annoying. Just go on."

"As I was saying, Jason, Piper, Leo and I wanted to thank you all for reading and reviewing winonabcd's, aka Sarah, story, and for supporting her all the way."

"Even though Reyna was out of character."

"But she will always be mine in the end."


"OW! It's bad enough that Piper has to smack me almost everyday at my awesomeness—"


"—but you seriously had to join in on this one, Reyna?"

"I can see why you find this fun, McLean."

"See? It's an awesome sport. Gets your muscles working, too."

"Seeing as the girls and Leo are not going to continue, I'll just go on with the thanks, or more precisely, the reviewers. We're thanking redlox2, Pinky456, CimFan, Lulunoel, Victorious Penguins, joybella, GranderThanYou, lala45768, The Moonlit Waters, Emily, xXxDaughteroftheKingxXx, Reader121, hungergames . percyjackson (sorry we had to separate your name), roach26, EvilAndI'mProudOfIt, Mythologyrocks3—"

"You're awesome with the dresses, by the way."

"I agree with you, Pipes. Thank you LovesToReadOnline, avrilkitties, Heart-Of-Caramel—"

"Hey, have I ever told you I loved caramel? We have so much in—OW! Okay, Piper I'll stop flirting."

Exasperated sigh.

"Can I continue now?"

"Yes. We can all ignore Leo."


"Cool-Bean82, daughterofposeidon99—"

"Which reminds me of my question. Are you really a daughter of Po—"

"—TheSexyBitchesFromFiore, Agana of the night, Tally Jennifer Youngblood or iThanos—"

"Who also helped Sarah with the plot."

"Yes. And we'd like to thank squirtlepokemon215, who came up with the amazing three-part revenge at the end, as well as reviewing the story from the beginning."

"So, back to the thanking?"


"We'd also like to thank—"


"Oh, now he helps."

"Piper, please be quite while I thank people. And you two, don't dare roll your eyes."


"Sure. No one listens to the Supreme Lord—"

"Just get on with it, Leo."

"Huh? Oh, right. Thank you demigod surpreim, ffsah1—hey, Percy and Sarah would like this next name—iStoleYourBlueMoonIceCream, Happyzen—Ooh, that name's cool—roach26—"

"We already thanked him, Leo."

"We did?"

"Yes. Let's just hope that guy doesn't get a bigger head because you thanked him twice."

"I know Percy's will—sorry. Go on."

"See! When he interrupts, he doesn't get smacking! But when I do—"

"Leo, are you going to continue reading or not?"

"Yeah, yeah. Okay. I'd—we'd—also like to thank TheGirlWhoWantedToCry—which got me thinking, why? Hey, that rhymed!"


"Alright, alright. Jeez. Thank you The Midnight Blue Rose, squirrelLOVA, LuckyTigger, Be-ICONic-13, TwinkleLights123, demigodmegan, Tratieluver14-the girl on fire—Hey, I'm the fire guy! Who does this girl think, going around taking my superawesomemegafoxyhot name?"

"Leo, if you aren't going to continue, let Reyna do it."


"As Leo was supposed to say, we'd like to also thank Just . A . Bit . Awkward (sorry for separating your name), starliter, when . you . wish . upon . a . star (sorry for separating your name as well), DesinyHeart13, To Thine Own Self Be True, DeathtoBarney, awesome, xXEmzilyXx, KloEy S Mah Name, HUNGER GAMES and PERCY JACKSON—Leo don't you dare comment—RandomTeddyBear, Percy. Love. Yeah right, Nita Lilyflower, A Son of Zeus, rachna, rachel3athena, cherrybubble, Silvershine Moonlight, SilverNight92, kitkat3436, AileenLeague . . ."

" . . . i just like to read theses, ReadAndWriteButMostlyRead, sole-13, This story is to awesome, a guest, shelle, Aimee Chua daughter of Athena, Goddess of Jasper, another Guest, Irdescent Coconut, another guest, Jen, whitedragon2645, Jen, and finally stars . are . meant . to . shiine ., Ten-Faced, anonymous, and all the other guests."

"Sarah would also like to thank everyone who clicked on this story, helping Reyna's Revenge receive more than 10,000 hits."

"And thanks to all of you, Reyna's Revenge has received sixty-three favourites and seventy-seven alerts—more alerts than any of Sarah's other stories!"

"So thank you all for reading, reviewing and adding this to your favourites or alerts. Sarah doesn't care if you posted a flame or an encouragement—she got boosts from both!"

"You all have been amazing, and I'm sure Sarah would like to thank each one of you separately."

"I know I would! At least, all the ladies out there. Hey, can I have your number?"


"Sorry. Anyways, this is the end of our video. Thanks for wat—"

Percy: What are you all doing here in a closet?

"Uh, nothing?"

Percy: No way, there's a series about me? HA! Take that Nico and Thalia!

Annabeth: Percy, what are you—what are you four doing in a closet?

"Nothing! It's not what it looks like."

Percy: Hey, is this recording? Cool. So, I'm guessing you are all fans of mine—"

"Yeah, Percy. Just keep talking. This thing is still reco—"




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