Hi guys Just a little story I have had floating around my head for a while. There will be song recommendations to listen as you read to help along with the story. Bella's is your normal Bella at first and then a tiny bit OOC as it progresses. She does get to be a little bad after all. Edward is older in this fic, some of you may not like that so please don't read of you don't like, Bella is 21 and Edward is 35. This will be rated M for later chapters and language. Canon couples, Lemons, AH

Song in this chapter is called 'This Day' by 'Emmas imagination' I imagine Bella singing this.

I always wondered what would happen if I just confronted him about my feelings, would he be happy, pick me up and spin me around and tell me that he has felt the same way for me for just as long or more likely will I ruin the ridged although sometimes wonderful relationship we currently have?

You see he is everything that I want. He is comforting, reliable, and strong, he is financially stable, he puts me before everything and everybody and he is also the most heartbreakingly handsome man you have ever set your eyes upon. I know that sounds lame, but please trust me on this. My panties are ruined every time I look at him.

I have known him now for 5 years 7 months and 3 days and I have been in love with him for oh let me think…. 5 years 7 months and 2 and a half days.

He approached me on a rare and beautiful summer's afternoon whilst I was sat in the shadow of a beautiful oak tree. I was writing a song on my battered old guitar with the summer's day as my inspiration.

"Sipping summer through the air,

Flows over the green to me.

Leave behind spider lines

Underneath the tree where I was sitting

Fingers trailing through the grass

Gently kiss my thoughts as they go

My feet are weightless carried on silver notes

Coming up from daffodils

Dance beside the road and

This day is mine this day is mine

Cartwheel leaves pass my feet

Tickling the ground as they go

Cardigan on my shoulders

Taking in the colours of the park

I've got the feeling of that first stretch

In the morning going on and on and on

Got my hallo swinging on my finger

For Frisbee with the sun

This day is mine

This day is mine

And I want to share it, want to share it

Want to share it with you

"I hope you don't mind sharing it with me for a few moments" he said catching me completely off guard. I hated singing in front of people, because I was pretty good at it people would seem to be offended by my singing and I certainly got bullied at school for it too.

"Oh I'm sorry I was lost in my own little world" I said looking up at the man who had interrupted me. He was standing in my way of the sun so when I looked at him he was almost shadowed, the sun blinding me from behind him so I couldn't get a good look at the stranger.

"I hope you don't mind but I couldn't help overhearing your song, did you write that yourself?" he asked looking at me curiously.

"Uh, yeah I was just playing around with a few chords this morning; I couldn't help myself it's such a beautiful day so I wanted to sing a pretty song to go along with my mood, why do you ask? Was I bothering you, it's just that it's usually only me here I've never seen anybody here before" I was starting to ramble…

"Please don't apologise I was just passing through and I heard you play and I had to come investigate, you see I own a record company and I haven't heard anything so… uh… well, to put it bluntly I haven't heard lyrics that innocent in a really long time." He said gesturing down to me with his hands and then as if he were nervous he ran his hand through his hair "I'm sorry you are probably wondering why some stranger is asking you all sorts of strange questions here in the middle of this" he said gesturing about my meadow. "What is this place anyway? It's beautiful here"

I stood and placed my guitar against the tree and dusted my backside off with my hands making sure I had no grass or leaves stuck to me. "Well this is my meadow" I said trying to get a good look at him again, "well not MY meadow but this land here backs on to my fathers property and there are no major hiker paths near so Its usually pretty secluded, how did you come to walk through" I asked curiously

"Oh I am visiting family that live nearby, we had a death in the family so I came home to say my goodbyes and support my folks, and I just needed to get away from it all for a while and just started walking and then I heard music and came to check it out" this stranger said whilst looking at me rather intensely.

"I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked" I said feeling awful for prying in to this mans life when I don't even know him. "It's ok! He said giving me a small smile "you weren't to know.

So do you come here often and write beautiful music..." he said gesturing for my name "Oh sorry it's Bella, Bella Swan" I said reaching to shake his hand. His hand clasped down on mine and he shook it "Pleasure to meet you Bella Swan, my name is Edward, Edward Cullen from Cullen and Cullen records." I looked up at his face then and as I was now standing and the sun was no longer blocking him from view and I must say that if he weren't holding my hand I would have slid back down the tree he made my knees that weak. "If you don't mind I would like to hear you play some more if that's ok with you?" He said with a hint of panty dropping grin appearing on his beautiful face.

"Of course"

Please be gentle with me Would love to know to continue or not.