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'Come in' I shout to Alice as I'm standing in front of a length ways mirror, "here you go Bella, altered just as you asked' she said as she handed me a garment bag. 'Finally' I sigh 'they have been practically breaking the door down waiting for me, we are apparently losing light and the crew have to finish up blah blah blah' I say waving my hands in the air.

'Has Edward arrived yet? I'm surprised that he has missed most of the shoot, he said he was going to be here' I sigh as I turn to Alice, 'did he say anything to you? I ask her 'No babe, he said that he had some stuff in the office that was urgent and would be here to see final cut' she says as she starts to remove my robe and preps me for the final outfit change.

We had been on set all day from 5am this morning and it's now coming up to 6pm and I'm so tired, but it has been so much fun, finally getting to dress and dance around the way I have always wanted to, I don't think Emmett knew where to look when I first came out of the dressing room, I had on a pink satin Basque with a tulle style skirt and we did some takes on the rocks by the ocean which was beautiful and then I changed into a white bra and long see through skirt whilst I danced by the trees and now Alice has brought in my favourite, it's a faux fur midriff jumper and a barely there white skirt with suspenders attached. Were doing this scene on a bed of roses and I'm excited because if Edward gets here in time for the final cut he will get to see these suspenders and what man doesn't like suspenders? 'What has you giggling like a school girl' Alice says as she passes me my furry shrug, just looking forward to Edwards's reaction that's all' I say with a smile as I look at my reflection in the mirror.

My hair has more red in it and it's styled like I've been having sex all day, my skin is gleaming thanks to Alice, her wax strips and some bronzing oil; my make up is sexy and sultry. I get dressed and turn to Alice "Come on then girl lets show them how it's done' I say as I start to walk out of the dressing room of the movie trailer we hired 'wait!' shouts Alice, I turn and find her rummaging through her accessories and she throws at me 2 grey socks, 'Umm Alice?' I ask confused 'It's not exactly cold outside' I say with raised eyebrows 'they are over the knee socks silly' She says with a shake of her head, they will make you look even more like a goddess than you already do she says with mirth. I quickly put the socks on and then some high heeled shoe boots and take a quick look in the mirror. I almost let out a little squeal I'm so pleased, I mean don't get me wrong I don't love myself or anything but I know when to admit when I look hot and right now I am smoking.

We make out way to the scene with the roses and Felix the director comes up to me 'excellent we are ready to begin, you look wonderful darling' he says with his hands on my shoulders appraising me up and down, I need you to dance around by the roses and play with your shrug furry thingy in that sexy way you ladies do and then I want you to jump backwards into the pile of roses on the floor like you would be jumping onto a bed with the man of your dreams' he says pointing to where I need to go, 'just remember to enjoy yourself and the camera will love it. I start to make my way to where I need to go and shout my thanks over my shoulder to Felix to gets himself comfortable behind the camera screen.

The music starts to play and it's loud, I love it and I need it to be played loud as it gets me in the mood, the song plays once and then starts again now I'm in the zone I vaguely hear a 'Rolling' being shouted somewhere in the back of my mind but don't really pay too much attention and I start to sway my hips, next thing I know there are petals being blown at me and it makes me laugh and I start to get playful with the shrug and fling it around 'Cut' I hear and the music stops 'Bella that was great I just need you to move to the roses on the floor and whenever your ready just jump backwards okay and then you can do whatever you like ok?' Felix asks me 'Yeah sure Felix no worries' I say as I make my way to the bed of roses

The music starts up again and I take in the scene around me, the music is loud again and Alice rushes over to touch up my make up 'Edwards here' She whispers 'what! Where?' I shout back looking around to see if I can spot him 'Shh they are still rolling' she admonishes me 'He is stood over by Felix watching the scene through the camera' I immediately glance in his direction and offer a small wave, but he isn't looking at me which makes me huff. I guess I'll just have to give him something to look at then won't I.

Alice leaves, the music is still loud and I know the camera is still rolling so I keep my eyes on Edward as I start to sway my hips again, God he is so gorgeous. H is wearing a black button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, on his legs are some cream chino's and black shoes, he looks so edible. His hair is being blown around by the big fan we have on set that is supposed to make me look good blowing my hair around but it is doing a bloody good job of making him look fucking delicious.

The beat of the music is drumming through my body and the words of the song mean as much today as they did when I wrote them, I want to be the only girl in his world, I want him to look at me like he has never seen another woman before and I want to be the only woman he makes love too so with that thought and my eyes on him I leap backwards on to the roses with the image in my head of Edward throwing me onto his bed intending to worship every inch of me, the images in my head make my eyes roll into the back of my head and a loud low moan to escape out of my mouth 'Want you to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world' I sing along to the music whist I think of Edward between my legs licking the wetness away from my thighs on this bed of roses 'Cut!' Felix yells, 'Bella that was fantastic' he says as he makes his way over to me, I'm still a little dazed as he approaches me, 'were done for the day we've got enough to finish this up, you did great.' He helps me up from the roses and I look to where Edward was standing 'Where did Edward go? I ask Felix 'I don't know' he said with s shrug of his shoulders, 'he seemed to run out of here like is ass was on fire as soon as you let out that moan' he said with a chuckle 'You heard that?' I asked mortified, sure did honey, these cameras pick up everything' he said with a wink

Shit shit shit, did Edward hear that moan? Why did I moan? Oh god I just can't help myself, the images in my head were so good, I make my way back to the trailer to get a shower before we have to head back, I just want to get comfy in my sweats and before I beat myself up even more about that stupid moan that he may or may not have heard.

I make my way to the back of the trailer where the shower is and get disappointed as someone is using it, it's probably Alice I think as I hop up onto the counter in the kitchenette whilst I wait for her to finish. I'm pulling out my earrings when I hear moaning coming from the bathroom, that's not Alice in there I think as I hear another low moan, I slide off of the counter and make my way to the bathroom door and press my ear against it to listen for any more noises, Who is using my trailer?

'oh yeah, uurgh yeah just like that baby, take deep into your mouth, you're a dirty girl really aren't you'

Oh my god! That's Edward in there? Is he with someone? He better not be in my fucking shower with anyone. With that thought I try the door to see if it is locked and to my surprise it opens, I peek around the frame and what I see causes my own low moan to slip from between my lips. Oh my fucking god, Edward is jerking off in my shower! Fuuuckk that looks soooo good. My eyes rake over his lean glorious body, the water running down every long inch of him and I mean every inch, Fuck he is sexy, his shoulders broad, narrowing to his waist with the 'V' on his hips, his muscular thighs, his head bent down with the water running down his neck. The muscles in his arm flexing with each stroke to his beautiful cock, he moans again 'Fuck that feels so good baby, your pussy is so tight and your so wet for me baby' hearing him talk so dirty causes me to moan quietly as I watch him, my panties are so wet now just watching him my pussy is starting to ache with the need to touch, it's just so hot watching the man you have been dreaming off for years touch himself in front of your very eyes, I can feel my pulse down there it is throbbing so much, and before I know it I am rubbing my pussy along the outside of my panties, god that feels so good 'yeah baby that's it, let me fuck you, got I've wanted to fuck you forever hmmmmm yeah, hearing Edward talk again makes my need to come even stronger it becomes impossible for me to walk away now I need to watch him come undone and I can't help but touch myself whilst I watch.

I slide my fingers under the elastic at the side of my panties and am shocked at how wet I am, my fingers slide easily over my bundle of nerves and I start to rub furiously 'Oh yeah that's it baby yeah milk my cock oooh Bella' he moans. Instantly my head snaps up and I gasp, loudly. 'Shit! Bella? What the fuck!' he shouts when he spots me in the doorway. I'm still stood there with my hand in my panties for what feels like a century before it dawns on me that he is watching me. 'fuck Bella were you touching yourself? He asks with an awed look on his face. Fuck fuck fuck, I can't deny it because my hand is still in my fucking panties! Time to man up Bella, time to take the man by the horns or balls in this case 'yeah, um I can stop if you would like? I say blushing. 'No No he shouts, still staring at my hand that is currently still against my pussy. 'Fuck! He shouts 'Come in and lock the door Bella' he says with authority, all fucking righty then,

'sit up on the counter there and show me what you were doing to yourself' I blush beet red and shuffle over to the counter and lift myself on top of it 'now pull your panties off' I lift my ass up slightly and push down my lace panties and they fall to the floor 'that's it, now open your legs for me baby let me see you' I slowly spread my legs for him and I watch as his gulps 'fuck baby you really are wet aren't you, does that happen often? He asks me 'Only when I'm around you, I can't help it' He groans and grips the glass door in front of him. 'Touch yourself for me Bella, show me how you like to be touched' he says in almost a whisper. 'Only if you do the same' I say to him back 'You liked watching me stroke my cock huh? He asks cockily 'Uh huh' I say in response. 'Shit' he whispers, I watch him as he starts to move his fist up and down his cock as he watches me, I let out a low moan as I watch and my fingers find my pussy again, this time it feels better as there are no panties in the way and I know I am spread wide open for him, 'Fuck Bella that looks so fucking good, I want you to put your fingers inside of you with one hand and make circles on your clit with the other hand baby, fuck your self with your fingers at the same pace as I stroke my cock. I watch him pumping his cock, his eyes are glued to my fingers sliding in and out of my pussy 'Show me your fingers Bella, he demands 'show me how wet you are' I take my fingers out of my pussy and hold them up for him, my juices are running down my fingers and I watch as his tongue comes out between his lips as if he wants a taste, 'you want to taste me Edward? I ask as I continue to stroke my clit 'Fuck yes! I want to taste every inch of you and then I want to fuck you until you scream my name' he pants and he pumps his fist on his cock harder and faster 'come on Bella, I would be fucking you harder than that!' I start to pump my fingers in and out again this time faster and harder 'add another finger Bella, My cock is bigger than your two fingers, I will be stretching you and filling you up like you have never felt before' I start to feel that fluttering deep inside my stomach, a sign that my orgasm is approaching, 'Oh god Edward, I'm Cumming' I pant to him, I watch as he starts stoking faster and harder and I match his pace 'does that feel good Bella, is my cock making you feel good?' 'Fuck yes!' I shout 'Oh Edward I'm so close, so close, please. Please?' I beg of him 'What Bella what do you need? He asks pumping his cock 'I need to cum Edward please' I beg, my fingers sliding everywhere because I'm so wet 'Fuck Bella I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna come all over you, your face, your fucking tits, and your pink delicious pussy 'Oh yes that's it, Edward, keep talking' I beg, I'm on the edge now and I just need something..'Look at my cock Bella, look at how hard I am, look at all the pre come leaking out, you make me this hard, every fucking day I stroke my cock to images of you, I can't wait to be inside of you, I can't stay away from you anymore, I need to have you, I need you bouncing on my cock, I need my cock fucking your tits and I want my cock hitting the back of your throat, I have thought about fucking you so many times and so many different ways, you blow my fucking mind, urgh yes! Yes Bella so fucking good, I'm gonna cum, cum with me Bella' I'm watching him and his cock is so hard the end is purple and so wet with pre-cum his words send me over the edge, My orgasm takes over, my body arches and my toes curl, 'Fuuuccck, Edward yessss!' I open my eyes just in time to see Edward come, his eyes are trained on me his hand resting on the glass to hold himself up, his other hand stroking until his come spurts out of his cock in thick streams several times, each accompanied by a loud groan 'Fuck yes! So fucking good.' We are both panting as the lust wears away and we are both left feeling a little awkward. I look up at Edward and he meets my gaze with a small smile 'You care to join me to wash up' he says gesturing to the shower. I hop off of the counter and start to remove my clothing, once I am naked I step in to the shower with Edward, I look up into his eyes which are looking into mine trying to find something, I think I know what he wants to know 'Edward I don't want you to stay away from me, I never have' I whisper to him. His arms come around me and start to stroke up my back and the top of my ass, 'Thank fucking god for that' he says with a chuckle and a quick cheeky slap on my ass

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