Come Along Ponds!

Chapter 1: The One Where Mels Steals Her First Car

Amy Pond sighed. This was definitely the last time she did anything quite as crazy as what just happened, or certainly, anything bad enough to get her landed in Gloucester police station…and just for once not in the waiting room.

The night had not been normal from the start: Augustus, her father, had been called down to London by his company for a business meeting, and that afternoon both her mother and Aunt Sharon left in a hurry. Their mother still lived in Scotland, and had had a rather bad fall. Both women were going to see if she was alright. Amy hadn't been allowed to go; her mother had argued she had college work to finish. This wasn't happening; she had been booked for a party in Gloucester, and working as a kissogram paid well, so she wasn't planning on missing it.

Planning on missing it was the right thing. She had missed her bus, and had no way of getting there. She couldn't turn to Rory, as he was working that night. When Mels showed up in a car and offered to give her a lift, Amy had been delighted. It had never occurred to her that Mels, forever a wild rebel, might have stolen it.

The police had pulled them over a few miles north of Gloucester. The pair had both been arrested: Mels for stealing it in the first place and Amy "for a sharp dose of discipline."

Amy had been stuck in the cell for ages. Mels' guardians, the Grangers, had come to pay Mels' bail ages ago, but wouldn't pay Amy's too.

"She probably forced my daughter to do it anyway," Mrs Granger had sniffed as she whisked her daughter from the station. The Grangers had a very low opinion of Amy.

Now Amy was bored. The cell was cold, and her short skirt was doing nothing to keep her warm.

Suddenly, the desk sergeant opened the cell door.

"You're free to go," he said with a twinkle in his eye. "Don't let us catch you doing anything like that again."

"Thank you," Amy breathed, and hurried from the cell. She signed out her possessions (among them was her skimpy outfit she meant to wear for the party) and was led to the main entrance. There, sat in the waiting room, was…

"Rory!" Amy exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"
"What do you think?" Rory said with a smile. He gave her a brief hug and a peck on the cheek. "Getting you out of here before your parents find out."

"But, how did you… I thought you were working tonight…"

"Mels called me as soon as she got home," Rory explained. "And it turns out work could spare me for the night. You must be freezing." He gave her his jacket as they stepped out into the cold.

"But the bail…"

"All paid," he said as they got into Rory's battered old Mini. He started the engine, but Amy put her head on his shoulder.
"Thank you Rory."

A/N: Just some Pond fluff to start off with. This is my first fic, so R+R are appreciated!