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Thanksgiving Day

The Forest

"This is embarrassing," Alice said wearing a ranger park outfit which was green. She also had on a green hat, green pants, and brown shoes.

"This is perfect, now all we need to do is shoot this video, send it to the contest, and we'll win first prize," Mikazuki said as she was sitting on a log holding on to her camera.

"Couldn't you just film something that doesn't include me being dressed up like a lame park ranger?" Alice said who didn't like wearing the park ranger outfit. This is soooo not the highlight of my day.

"Relax no one will know it's you…just one more thing," Mikazuki grabbed a fake beard and placed it on Alice's face, "There, not exactly like in the show, but it will do."

"[Sigh] let's just get this over with so I can go home in time to spend thanksgiving with my folks," Alice said who wanted to get this over with.

"Fine fine, let's do this and….action," Mikazuki said as she began recording.

The park

"YAY!" Rowan ran around wildly, "Come on Markala"

Markala walked after her, a smile tugging on his face. It was hilarious to watch Rowan climbing trees and running around as fast as she could.

"Oh cannonball!" Rowan ran at the lake.

"Oh no you don't" Markala grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and lifted her into the air, "First of all, normal cats heightened senses will go into overdrive if you jump into cold water. Second you can't swim.

"Awh" Rowan pouted, "Hey, could you give me a lift?" she brightened.

"What do you mean?" he frowned as she grinned.

A few minutes later a group of children were walking past.

"What is that?" one of them pointed at the lake.

The others turned to look. A cat seemed to be floating on the water.

"How did I ever let you talk me into this?" Markala's head was just above the surface and Rowan was curled up on it.

"Because I said please" she smiled, "Now back to the land." She ordered.

"Yes ma'am" Markala rolled his eyes and started swimming back to the pier.

Several minutes later Markala was punching a tree when he heard Rowan shouting. He sprinted over and found her stuck up a tree.

"Little help?" she asked nicely.

"I swear next time you turn yourself into an animal I am not going to be your caretaker." Markala quickly scaled the tree.

"Tricked you!" Rowan dropped out of the tree and landed on her feet, "Bye!" she ran away.

Markala bashed his head against the tree trunk before jumping out of the tree and chasing after her.

It was quite a sight for the people in the park as they watched a half cat half man chase a normal cat around the park for ages. The cat human ran on his two feet so he wouldn't catch up that quickly but the normal cat streaked across the grass gleefully.

"Man I love this" Rowan grinned, "C'mon slow coach" she teased.

Markala had a smirk on his face and decided to end this. He used his speed to quickly jump over Rowan. Rowan looked behind her and saw Markala was gone; she wondered where he went and was going to stop. But then as she turned around she saw Markala in front of her. Rowan tried to stop, but it was too late. Markala caught her and lifted her up.

Rowan despite being caught still smiled happy to have had a fun time at the park. Especially with Markala who was smiling too, "Looks like you caught me Markala, you win."

Markala nodded and held Rowan as he walked over towards a tree and sat down. He then released Rowan who looked up at Markala, "So anything else you want to do Rowan?"

"Well-" before Rowan could finish they heard some people screaming nearby. Markala got up quickly and Rowan looked around the tree to see the people were running. Running away from a huge fire that was engulfing parts of the park and destroying much of the trees

"Rowan find someplace safe I'll be back," Markala said as he turned to Rowan who nodded. Markala ran towards the fire while Rowan went to find a spot to hide. Normally she would have gone to help, but she knew in her form she would only get herself or Markala hurt.

Markala ran towards the fire where he found some of the people who were trapped by the fire surrounding them. Markala jumped over the fires and managed to get some of the people out. He also used some of the dirt to put out the fires that he couldn't jump over. He could have used his Courageous Charge ability, but something told him he would need it for something else. Once he saved the people he showed them a safe path for them to go down to so they could get away from the fire.

Once the people got away Markala decided to find out who was behind this fire. He approached one of the elderly who was being helped away by a young man, "Excuse me sir do you know who did this?"

"Y-yes i-it wa-was hi-him," the old man pointed towards a dark figure coming out of the fire. Markala looked over and saw the figure was around 18 years old and was around 6ft tall. He had a spiky red and orange hair with red eyes, his clothing were the same as his hair. He was wearing a leather jacket, t-shirt, khaki pants with a chain attached to his black belt, and leather boots. Markala recognized him and got into fighting position.

"Blaze," Markala said in a dark tone recognizing the pyro criminal.

Blaze looked over and spotted Markala, he didn't recognize him at first, but soon remembered him. Him and his sister who made fun of Blaze, "Well well if it isn't one of the teen brats fancy seeing you here. So where's you're other bratty friends and that bitch of a sister of yours?"

Markala growled a bit when Blaze called his sister a 'bitch'. He remembered Katalina insulting Blaze and how she used him to attack Sub-Zero months ago when they were working together, "They're not here and I thought we threw your flaming butt in jail."

"Ha! No jail can hold me, I used my great mind to escape from that prison and have waited for a while before I can get my revenge on you titans," Blaze said admiring how he broke out of jail.

"You escaped through the laundry right?" Rowan said as she appeared behind Markala surprising the cat teen.

"That's right I….what the hell a talking cat?" Blaze said noticing the talking cat, "Huh now there's something you don't see every day."

"Rowan I told you to go hide," Markala said upset that Rowan didn't listen to him.

"I did, but then I remembered after seeing the fire that this could have been caused by Blaze who escaped prison weeks ago. The guards said he used the laundry to escape the prison by-"

"Wait did you call that cat Rowan?" Blaze said smirking by what Markala said.

Markala cursed himself for saying Rowan's name out loud. Blaze ignited his hands and shot off a fireball at Markala and Rowan. Markala grabbed Rowan and jumped out of the way of the blast.

"Oh this is tooooooooo good to be true, not only am I going to roast the bitch's brother, but I get to roast a tiny little cat titan," Blaze said as he shot off another powerful fire blast at Markala who continued dodging the attacks.

He knew he had to get Rowan to safety before he could fight Blaze. He turned around and saw Blaze was out of range and ran towards them. Having some distance from Blaze, Markala set Rowan down and hid her behind a tree, "Don't move, I'll be back."

Rowan nodded as Markala ran off to fight Blaze. Blaze saw Markala approaching him and decided to have some fun. He created a huge wall of fire stopping Markala's charge. However Markala used his Courageous Charge power to go through the wall of fire and kicked Blaze in the chest sending him across the field.

"Stupid brat you're going to pay for that," Blaze said as he got up and ignited his hands.

"Give up Blaze otherwise this is going to end bad for you," Markala said as his claws extended.

"Oh please you got lucky last time we fought. I know if it wasn't for your sister you would never have been able to beat me or Zero," Blaze said confident he can beat Markala.

"Well then if you think you can beat me then bring it on Kenny," Markala smirked

Blaze got mad when Markala brought up his old nickname, he didn't like his old life. In fact he hated it a lot and was so glad that he got into that accident. It put him on the right path and he never wanted to relieve his old life, "Don't push me kitty or else."

"Oh I'm sorry you don't like it that I call you 'Kenny'?" Markala said as he continued insulting Blaze.

"That's it time to burn cat," Blaze shot off a huge fireball towards Markala who dodged the attack. He jumped over near a light post and lifted it. Blaze shot off another fireball only this time Markala hit the fireball like a baseball and hit it right back at Blaze hitting him right on the face.

"Ouch that had to hurt," Markala said as he saw Blaze clenching his face. He turned to face Markala again and Markala saw the burn face of Blaze, "Well at least it's an improvement if you ask me."

"You stupid cat you ruined my good looks, now you'll pay," Blaze fired up another fireball and threw it hard towards Markala.

Markala swung the light post again, only this time the fireball cut the metal pole in half scorching where it hit, "Whoa he's really mad now huh?"

"And I'm not done yet," Blaze said as he put his hands together and then removed them as a long fire was seen coming out of both hands. Blaze grabbed the fire with his right hand and removed the other end from his left hand. He turned to Markala grinning at what he has planned. Markala looked and saw that Blaze had made what looks like a rope made of fire, "Now kitty let the games begin." Blaze whipped back his hand and quickly whipped it right back as the fire whip hit Markala right on the his left cheek.

Markala backed away letting out a growl as he had his left hand clutching his cheek. He could feel his left cheek burning. Markala glared at Blaze who was using the fire whip as a skip rope. He approached Markala who backed away trying to keep himself from getting whipped again.

"Come kitty dance," Blaze said as he continued using his fire whip to attack Markala.

Markala, getting very annoyed by this, decided to stop it. When Blaze whipped his whip at the young cat teen he didn't move. He used his hand to quickly grab the fire whip. Markala used his Courageous Charge to not allow the pain to hurt him. He quickly pulled Blaze towards him using his great strength. Blaze was launched towards Markala who punched Blaze sending him across the park. Markala brought him again this time kicking him in the gut and releasing the fire rope as Blaze was launched towards a tree breaking it in half as the tree fell forward right on Blaze.

Markala sighed and was glad that it was over. He looked at his hand and saw it was burned a bit, he was relief it wasn't too bad, but he knew he wouldn't be able to use his hand for a while. Rowan saw the fighting was over and ran towards Markala, "Markala you okay?"

"Huh? Oh yeah I'm okay a little burned here and there, but I'm okay," Markala said as he hid his burned hand so he didn't worry Rowan. Rowan gasped when she saw the burn mark on Markala's left cheek. Markala wondered what was wrong till he remembered his injured cheek, "Don't worry Rowan it's nothing, I'm okay."

"But doesn't it hurt?" Rowan asked feeling bad that she wasn't able to help Markala.

"It's fine don't worry about it," Markala said as he tried to cheer Rowan up. Just then Markala sensed something wrong he turned around and was blasted by a fire blast sending him across the park towards a tree.

"Markala!" Rowan yelled as she tried to go to Markala, but was grabbed by the neck by Blaze who recovered from the attacks he received, "Let me go let me go."

"I don't think so you little brat I think I'll hang on to you that way your 'boyfriend' won't try to harm me," Blaze said as Markala got up and charged towards Blaze till he saw Blaze holding Rowan, "Come any closer kitty and your girlfriend here becomes roasted kitty."

Markala clutched his fists knowing if he did try anything Blaze wouldn't hesitate to harm Rowan, "Let her go and fight me like a man Blaze."

"I wouldn't call you exactly a man cat so no," Blaze said confident that he has already won.

"He's more of a man than you ever will be," Rowan said as she tried to break free.

"Quiet brat, so Markala what do you say give up or watch your friend burn to a crisp?" Blaze said very sure Markala won't try to harm him.

Markala knew he had to surrender in order to save Rowan, but before he could make a choice he saw something approaching them. He saw who it was and had a smirk on his face and crossed his arms.

Blaze saw this and wondered why Markala seem so relax all of a sudden, "Hey what are you up to huh?" Blaze then heard what sounded like loud steps coming from behind. He then saw a dark shadow appear behind him and then a low growl. Blaze turned around and saw a giant purple lioness that was taller than him growling at him and showing off a pair of saber teeth at least three feet long. Rowan meowed at the giant lioness as Blaze felt a sudden wave of fear as he stared into merciless yellow eyes.. He gently set Rowan down who ran behind the lioness and faced Markala, "I would like to go to jail now please."

Markala smiled and walked towards Blaze, he smiled at the giant lioness, "I see you met my little sister, Ventrika."

"That thing is your sister?" Blaze eyes wide open when Markala mentioned the lioness to be his little sister, "What the heck are you people?"

Markala grabbed Blaze by his shirt and lifted him up, "Your worst nightmare," Markala dragged Blaze away as Rowan giggled then followed Markala with Ventrika right behind them.

"Thank you Ventrika," Rowan smiled up at the giant lioness.

Outside Little Creek

Rachel was sitting at the balcony of her room and she saw the sun was setting down. She sighed and knew that it was almost over, that she would soon turn back to normal. Katalia had taken off to pick up the turkey that Isamu had ordered, while Isamu was getting the rest of the food ready. Rachel hoped she would turn back to normal soon so that she can put this whole thing behind her.

Isamu entered the room and approached his wife. He knew his wife was not enjoying her time as a rabbit and he wanted to make it up to her. He approached her quietly and picked her up surprising her, "Isamu what are you doing?"

"Look I know you haven't exactly enjoyed your day as a rabbit, but I thought we could use this time to try to make the best of it," Isamu said as he sat down on the bed and petted Rachel, then began to scratch her behind the ears.

Rachel wanted to protest, but for some reason she didn't bother to. She enjoyed her husband petting her and enjoyed that her husband was trying to make her feel better.

"Look Rachel I know you wanted to make this day special, but maybe next time try not using magic," Isamu said as he smiled while his wife nodded in agreement. Isamu leaned down and kissed his wife on the head, "I love you Rachel Roth and despite you being a bunny you're still beautiful."

Rachel smiled glad that despite the backfire on the magic she still got to spend Thanksgiving with her husband, "Thank you Isamu and I love you too."

Titan's tower

The titans were outside the tower as they celebrated their Thanksgiving with their feast. However Rowan refused to let anyone kill Mr. Turkey, the titans decided to order Pizza and let that be their Thanksgiving dinner. Victor didn't like that, but gave in too since it was five votes against four.

The titans were all eating their pizza along with their special guest Mr. Turkey who was eating some of the pizza too. When Arella asked what they were going to do with the turkey Mikazuki mentioned that her mom has a friend who would take care of Mr. Turkey and they wouldn't kill him. Rowan agreed and the titans got to celebrate a nice thanksgiving without any problems. Of course the only problem was Mr. Turkey nearly having a heart attack when he met Ventrika and the people panicking when Ventrika walked around the city.

"So Markala anything interesting happened at the park today?" Ichiro asked as he took a bite from his pizza.

Markala and Rowan looked at each other not wanting to tell the others what really happened. Katalina knew after she fixed Markala's wound and explained that he got burned by accident, that it was nothing to worry about. Although some of the others didn't believe him, they decided to forget about it and focus on them spending their Thanksgiving together.

"So Ahsoka despite us turning into animals was today still a good day for you?" Ichiro asked as he saw Ahsoka having trouble eating her pizza since her paws got stuck in the cheese.

"Actually the animal part I didn't mind, kind of new for me to experience, but still it was fun. But I will be very glad to turn back to normal, I don't think I can take these fleas any longer," Ahsoka said as she began to scratch herself.

"I hear ya still being bear isn't so bad, heck I can eat as much as I want with no limits," Victor said as he ate an entire box of pizza.

"True you do look good Victor," Katalina moved forward and whispered into Victor's ear, "But I miss your real body even more."

Mikazuki saw her brother and could tell he was blushing. She jumped over towards Ahsoka and began to pick off the fleas in Ahsoka, "I wouldn't mind being in this form," Mikazuki found a flea and ate it grossing everyone and herself out, "But I would rather be back in my old body than eat more of these stupid fleas."

"I think we can safely say that this is not our best of days," Arella said not liking that she is in her animal form either.

"Well Rowan I do hope you learned your lesson from all of this," Ryu said as he struggled to eat his pizza which wasn't easy in his lizard form to do.

"Um what is the lesson?" Rowan asked causing everyone to groan.

"Next time you want to help a friend don't do it by using a spell book that isn't yours and one that you don't understand. Because if you do then something really bad will happen to you," Arella said glaring at her Rowan, who hid behind Markala scared of her sister.

"Don't worry Rowan I know you did it to help a friend and there's nothing wrong with that," Markala said as Rowan smiled and rubbed her head against him, purring. Markala smiled and started petting Rowan.

"Hey Mika I forgot to ask where did you and Victor go earlier today?" Ahsoka asked wondering where Mikazuki disappeared to earlier.

"You'll find out tomorrow my friend you'll find out tomorrow until then let us celebrate Thanksgiving and gives thanks for what we have," Mikazuki said as she raised her cup, "I'm thankful to be spending Thanksgiving again with my friends and family, I love each one of you and I'm glad the year has once again turned out all right."

"I'm thankful that we survived another year and that we got to meet some new friends, especially one beautiful female feline," Victor said as he turned to Katalina who smiled and kissed Victor on the cheek.

"I am thankful that not only did we gain some new friends, but some great adventures in our world and the other world," Arella said as she gave thanks to what she is thankful for.

"I'm thankful to meet our new friends and for being here with my family today. I know I made some mistakes in the past guys, but I promise I will not let that happen again," Rowan said as she gave her word she wouldn't let herself make another mistake like today.

"I am thankful that I have found a new home, new friends and that this world has plenty of people for me to fight." Markala grinned.

"I am thankful to have so much new information to learn, so many languages and creatures to study. Also," Katalina grinned, "I'm glad to have met some truly unique people that I am proud to call my friends. Including a certain someone" she winked at Victor

"I am thankful…to have friends who have trusted and believed in me despite my family's history. I am thankful that I have proven to everyone I am not like my father and I am thankful to have proven I am a Teen Titan, that I am a hero," Ryu said thankful that despite his father's past, he is glad it didn't affect who he is today.

"I am thankful," Ahsoka rubbed her head against Ichiro who rubbed his head on Ahsoka's head too, "to be here with my new friends, my new family, and with the man who saved me from the darkness. Thank you all for everything."

Ichiro and the others smiled by what Ahsoka said, "I am thankful…to have found you my angel Ahsoka," Ahsoka smiled happy to hear those words from Ichiro, "Happy Thanksgiving Ahsoka."

"Happy Thanksgiving Ichiro," Ahsoka said as the others decided to go back inside and leave the love pups alone.

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