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Edwards POV

I had to smile at my sisters antics. She was bouncing, literally, in the back seat of my Volvo. She had had a vision in her Chemistry class that today would be the day she met her mate. She kept replaying the vision in a continuous loop to the point I had to tune her out. Her vision wasn't specific, just that shortly after we got home some one would knock and on the other side of the door would be her mate. It was slightly unnerving that her vision suddenly went blurry when the door opened but Alice hadn't tried looking any further so maybe there were still decisions to be made before the future cleared.

"Could you please drive faster Edward?" Alice asked, getting agitated at the human pace we had to maintain in town.

"I will speed up as soon as I can Alice, you know that." None of us liked to drive slow, but it was necessary to not call to much attention to ourselves.

Alice joined our family about 40 years ago and everyone looked to her as our little sister mainly because of her size. We found Alice by chance, at least for us, in the woods on a hunting trip. She had no memory of who she was before her change but she had a vision of us coming so she sat on a log and waited for us. When we arrived she deemed us her family and has been with us ever since. Not that she has been a burden or a nuisance, her talents are very invaluable and she makes sure we stay safe and hidden. Alice is a psychic and her visions make sure we don't get surprised and found out by our human neighbors. Even if she had no talents she would still be a welcome member of our family. She was always up beat and flitting here or there. She adored shopping and made sure all of us stayed in the latest fashion. Jasper gave me a questioning look. He could sense the mix of excitement, joy and nervous energy flowing off of Alice.

"Something I should know about?" He asked Alice and I both.

"Today is the day," Alice nearly squealed in my ear "Today my mate arrives. I saw it in class."

"That is so great Alice!" Jasper smiled. I could see in his thoughts the disappointment. My brother had been in love with Alice since the day they met. "I hope who ever he is is as great as you are."

I pulled into the garage and didn't even get the car turned off before Alice was out and up in her room, changing clothes no doubt. Alice never wore the same outfit for more than half a day, not that she was wasteful all her old clothes went to charity, but with her mate arriving today I'm sure she would pull everything she owns out for inspection.

"I'm going to go for a run," Jasper sighed stepping out of my Volvo. I knew this was hard on him.

"You want any company?" I asked. As the newest member to our 'vegetarian' lifestyle I knew Jasper still had problems controlling himself around humans especially when he was distracted like today.

"Thanks but I'll be careful I just need to blow off some steam before I meet this guy." He turned and jogged across the yard and I turned my mind to the house to give him his privacy. Inside I could here Esme wondering what had Alice all in a titter. Not that Alice was ever calm or still but even this was a bit much for her.

"We are going to have company soon." I said as I walked in knowing that Esme would hear me from the living room. I walked in to find her surrounded by decorating magazines. "Time to redecorate again?" I asked with a smile.

"Well you know I have to do something while you 'kids' are in school." Technically I was quite a bit older than Esme but we all looked to her as a mother just as she looked at us as her children. "Now what is this about company coming over. Its not someone from school is it?"

I shrugged a bit. I understood why Esme would be nervous about someone from our school coming over. If anyone found out what we really were it would end very badly for everyone. "I'm not sure. Alice had a vision today in school that her mate would arrive today."

Esme jumped up and clapped. "That is just wonderful! Alice do you need any help getting ready?" Esme spoke as she turned to the stairs just as Alice was coming down the stairs. She was wearing a long sleeved white cotton peasant dress, with a deep red corset bodice that had black satin ties up the front.

"How do I look?" She asked.

Alice's POV

I rushed upstairs to change clothes. I knew it was terribly rude of me to not say hello to everyone but I knew Edward would explain the situation. I could hear his voice now, low and melodic, explaining to Esme that we were going to have a special guest this afternoon. 'Fifty years,' I thought to myself. 'Fifty years of being alone. Years spent wandering, searching for that one person who I knew would make me feel whole. I had talked to my family over the years about what it felt like when you met your mate. I had liked Edwards answer the best. 'Little Sis,' he had said. 'When you fall in love I have no doubt that every one within a hundred mile radius will know about it. You never do anything half way Alice, I doubt this would be the first.' I had laughed a bit. 'But how will I know Edward.' He had touched my cheek softly looking an awful lot like he was talking to a child. 'Trust me Little Sis, you'll know. Its like the world stops and the only thing important to you is being close to that person.' I laid out a few different outfits and finally decided on a long sleeved white cotton peasant dress, with a deep red corset bodice that had black satin ties up the front. I ran my hands through my hair then straightened up my room. It was 3:55, the clock by the door in my vision had said 4:00 when the knock came so I started down stairs to wait just as I heard Esme ask if I needed help. "How do I look?" I smiled as I stepped off the last step.

"You look wonderful as always dear. I hear we are to have company this afternoon?" she asked, smiling widely. "What time are we to expect our guest?"

"4:00" I replied walking toward the couch so I would have a clear view of the door. She slid her arm around me as we stood there silent for a moment. "What if he doesn't like me?" I asked her quietly.

Esme tilted my face up till I met amber eyes identical to my own. "Alice, if he truly is your mate there will be no way for him not to love you." She touched my nose softly, "Not that anyone who ever met you could help but to love you." I took a deep breath hoping she was right and gave her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. I walked over to where Edward was sitting at the piano. He gave me a crooked smile and started playing a soft song he had written for me years ago. I closed my eyes and leaned against him letting the music surround me and calm my fears. I heard a soft tap at the door, then a pause, then another tap a bit louder this time. My eyes shot open looking at Edward. He stood and walked quickly to the door giving me a smile before he opened it.

"Hello...May I help you?" There was a touch of confusion in his voice, but I barely noticed it as the smell of lavender and freesia, mixed with the sweetest scent I had ever smelled assaulted my senses. I was on my feet and to the door in seconds. Edwards hand on my shoulder held me in place and brought me out of my daze. I looked up at him questioningly and his eyes flickered over to the person standing in the doorway. I turned slowly to see what was wrong. There in the door stood a girl...a human girl. I could hear her heart pounding from where I stood and had to swallow against the burn in my throat. My vision hadn't prepared me for this assault on my senses and another one hit me before I could catch my bearings.

The girl, I didn't know her name it wasn't important, lay broken in my arms to the horror of my family. I saw their faces filled with concern and understanding. I looked down at the ashen face of this girl the fates had sent my way, and with my thirst slaked the emptiness hit me. I had killed her. I had killed my mate.

I blinked the vision away and stopped breathing. My brain cleared enough for me to realize Edward had introduced us both and asked her name. "Bella." The girls voice was like a balm to my tortured thoughts. 'No,' I steadfastly decided 'I will NOT harm her.' My vision shifted with this decision to a vision of Bella and I in my meadow, the sun glittering off my skin and her smiling up at me her head in my lap. Bella held her hand out to me and I took it softly smiling. Edward told me about how Bella's Motorcycle had broken down just down the road.

"Why don't you see if you can find Emmet and ask him to take a look at it, Sis." He nudged me softly. I dropped Bella's hand and nodded not trusting my self to breathe around her yet. 'I need to talk to you...outside...now.' I thought at Edward as I escaped out the back door. I heard him introduce Bella to Esme, and I heard Esme's soft voice leading Bella to the kitchen. Edward joined me a moment later. "You ok Alice?" he asked gently. I knew he had seen my vision from the way his hand had tightened on my shoulder.

"No, Edward, I am not ok. I just met my mate and the first thought I have is of how I am going to kill her...HER Edward. A GIRL! A HUMAN GIRL!" My voice raised toward the end but not loud enough for Bella to hear.

"Alice," he smiled. THE BASTARD SMILED AT ME! "You know you can lie to everyone but me. I saw the second vision you had. You feel something for her. True, she's not...what we expected but it doesn't change the fact that she's your mate. Besides you can lie to everyone, even yourself, but you know this is not the first time being attracted to a girl has crossed your mind." He looked through the window at Bella and Esme sitting at the table chatting. "Esme likes her," His brow furrowed a bit. "Hmmm...Odd."

"What?" I asked him still fuming. Stupid mind reading meddler. A girl can't even have a few innocent fantasy's with out him peeping in on them. Following his gaze to Bella. I knew he was reading her mind. He was the second line of defense after my visions. He scanned the thoughts of the humans around us to make sure no one was getting suspicious or overly curious. Between the two of us we allowed our family to live in relative safety and have ample forewarning as to when move before things went bad. "Whats she thinking Edward?" I was getting impatient.

"Nothing," He shook his head "Either she's thinking of absolutely nothing or..." I didn't like the 'or'.

"Or what Edward?" He turned to look at me

"I can't hear her Alice. Not at all." I gasped softly. Edward had never not been able to hear anyone's thoughts, human or vampire. This could be bad, very bad.

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