Authors Note: Ok guys I am really really sorry about how long it took me to get this chapter out. I moved (again) and have been trying to get my job worked out and just haven't really had the time to write like I would like to. Here is a short chapter to tide you over till I can get a longer one out. Enjoy!

Bellas pov

I laid back against Alice smiling. Her cool hands drew patterns on my hot flesh as we spoke. We had already covered the myths of what could and couldn't harm her and her family and had moved on to more mundane topics. I know we both wanted to talk about what was going on between us, but neither of us wanted to start that conversation with the threat of interruption hanging over our heads. Her cool lips ghosted over the hot skin of my neck and I felt my pulse quicken.

I thought I had been in love before, if that is what you would call this. It felt like so much more though. This feeling went deeper than I thought was possible, right to the very core of what made me, me. I know the cliché of all young people in love saying that they would die without the object of their affection but I felt as if my every breath, my every heart beat was tied to Alice. If she were to be taken from me….I would simply cease to be.

Her cool hands slid down my sides as her tongue traced the shell of my ear effectively breaking me out of my morose thoughts.

"So when might I get my 'To be continued' love?" She whispered into my ear softly as she placed kisses just below my ear lobe. I shivered at the sheer pleasure of it.

"Hmmmmm" The sound came out of my chest almost as a purr. "I wonder how long we have till someone brings me clothes for dinner."

Alices face went vacant for a moment stunning me as I glanced over my shoulder at her. In the blink of an eye she was back to normal and wearing an adorable pout. "About 15 seconds I'm afraid"

My mouth fell open in shock and sure enough seconds later a knock sounded at the door. Before Alice could get up I grasped her arm. I could feel the power in that small limb and knew she could easily shake me off if she wanted but she simply stopped and looked down at me. "So you'll explain what just happened after dinner right?"

She smiled and leaned down kissing my nose softly. "Of course love, I will answer any questions you have." I smiled and released my grip and sat up on the couch making sure I remained covered. Alice danced over to the door and opened it. There stood a woman who could easily grace the cover of any fashion magazine. Her long blonde hair fell in waves around her face and her features looked chiseled from the finest marble. I blinked a couple times to pull myself out of the daze she had me in.

I heard Alice giggle a bit as she skipped back over to me holding a pair of pants and a shirt. "Bella I would like for you to meet my sister Rosalie. Rose this is my…Bella"

My heart skipped a beat when Alice claimed me as hers and I smiled as I stood dragging the blanket with me and held out my hand to Rose. "Its nice to meet you Rosalie." She took my hand shaking it lightly and nodding a bit.

She looked over at Alice. "Esme said her dinner is ready. She wasn't sure what she liked so I think she cooked a little of everything." At the mention of food my stomach growled loudly and I blushed again. Rosalie was gone in a moment and Alice pushed the door shut behind her.

"You'll have to forgive Rose. She's really quite nice once she gets to know you." She walked over to me sliding her arms around my waist and my arms immediately slid around her as well. Her cool skin felt amazing against the constant heat I now had and I heard her let out a small sigh. "You are so warm…It feels nice…Almost like I'm human again."

"Alice how old are you?" I don't know why I was suddenly curious.


"How long have you been 19?" I tilted her chin up till her eyes met mine smiling at their honeyed hue.

"About 90 years" Her eyes sparkled with mischief.

"Wow…. I bet you have some great stories" I leaned closer to her, drawn to her. Our lips bare centimeters from touching.

"You have no idea" She whispered against my lips before pressing hers to mine. The kiss started out soft sweet and tender till her tongue grazed over my lips begging entrance. Our tongues danced and I felt as if I could get drunk off her kisses. My head spun and when her teeth grazed my lip I felt a growl deep in my chest. I forgot about the blanket and my arms slid around her waist. Her hands slid up to my neck as the blanket pooled around my feet and I lifted her up her legs sliding around my waist. I moved us both over to the couch laying her down gently. My lips trailed over her jaw and down her neck as my hands slid down her sides. My hands slid up her shirt and just as I was about to reach her bra a loud knock sounded at the door.

Alice growled under me and I could hear a chuckle on the other side of the door. "I know you hate me right now but Esme said the food is getting cold and if you two aren't down in 5 minutes shes coming up."

Alice sighed. "Tell her we will be right down Edward."

I sighed a bit too resting my head against her collar bone. Her cold hand trailed up my bare back reminding me how naked I was and I blushed again. Alice rained soft kisses all over my face. "Sadly this will have to be continued later. Esme will be rather upset if we don't go down soon and you don't want to see her upset." I groaned and slid off of her searching for the pants and shirt that had gotten knocked to the floor. After a few more touches and kisses I was dressed and we were heading down stairs.