Chapter two

'So… what did you want to tell me?'

It was six o'clock and Sian and Michael were snuggled up on the sofa. Sian looked at him nervously, wondering how to tell him, 'Um…OK! Um….OK! Right! The thing is Michael…' She hesitated.

'Would it be easy if I wasn't here?' Michael joked.

She laughed and slapped him, 'shut up!' She took a deep breath, 'OK, the thing is Michael I wasn't feeling that great this morning, as you know, and then I was. So I thought it was one of those twenty-four hour things but then I realised that I'm…late.'

'Late?' Michael replied, 'Sian what do you…' Suddenly the penny dropped, he stared at her, a rush of panic went through him, 'You-you mean late as in…'

Sian bit her lip and nodded, 'I-I took a couple of tests…' She smiled, 'Michael… I'm pregnant!'

I'm pregnant, the moment Michael heard those words, he heard nothing else, the anxiety and panic had now meshed together and were coursing through his body like a raging torrent. She was pregnant, he was going to be a father. Michael had just about got used to being in a serious relationship, now he had to get used to being a dad? He was only thirty-five…and a half! It wasn't fair!

Sian waved a hand in front of his face, 'Michael? Earth to Michael?'

'Yeah! Just give me a minute.' He croaked.

Sian knew what would help and came back with a large glass of wine. Michael grabbed in instantly and knocked it back.

'Better?' Sian asked nervously.

'Errr… I'm getting there.' He replied. He turned to her, 'Right! So… we're going to have a baby?'

She nodded, 'Yes.' Then she laughed, 'Typical with us isn't it? Either all or nothing.'

Michael hesitated then put a hand to her stomach, 'Yes! Oh well! I suppose I could give it a go.'

Sian giggled, 'Don't worry, you still have nine months to grow up!'

He kissed her, 'That's a relief!' He grinned and sighed, 'Oh well! You know me, always up for a challenge!'

P.S. Talk about a challenge! They're expecting twins! As for Michael's reaction? Good thing they were in a hospital! ;-))))))))))))))))))))