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Panting and breathing heavily, Naruto sat down exhausted as his mind tried to figure out everything that had happened since his third failed attempt at the academy. His head, full of regret and sorrow, had sought refuge atop the top of the Hokage monument. He hadn't been able to stand the snide remarks that people sent his way as they congratulated their children for passing. It had been shortly afterwards when he had run into Mizuki sensei, who had told him of a secret way to pass the exam in specific situations. His mind racing with excitement, Naruto charged through the surprise test without fail, determined to pass and become a genin of the village.

He had then learnt the ways of the scroll, doing his best at what had been his worst technique until he had gotten in down, despite it having taken him several hours. A broad grin split across his face as he stared through the canopy of the trees at the moonlit sky, the stars dancing across a vast blue pane. Pulling the scroll off his back, he opened it once again, bypassing the Kage Bunshin which he had already learnt. "What's next?" he said excitedly as he unrolled the scroll further. He had been hoping for a vast array of jutsu, something incredible to put that Sasuke Teme in his place. It would not be a jutsu however but a passage written in a language he could barely understand.

"What the hell is this?" asked Naruto looking at the text. He could recognise the characters, but they way that they were aligned made little sense to him. Yet he didn't need to read them in order to feel the power leaking out of the parchment, as if the words were waiting to be spoken. Naruto swallowed before reading what was in front of him. Despite not knowing the words (or knowing if they ever were words) they seemed to roll off the tongue as if second nature.

Mizuki, the traitorous sensei who had tricked Naruto into stealing the scroll, hid behind a tree as he heard Naruto speak into the night sky, unable to understand what the boy was saying. A hopeful thought filled his mind that by reading the text on the scroll that his mind had broken down and he had become pathetically vulnerable. It was not the case however as a golden glow began to form around Naruto and the scroll in his hands before a beam of white light burst from the scroll, sending a pillar of pure white high into the sky, illuminating the sky. Mizuki couldn't help but watch in a trance as Naruto continued to chant. All around the elemental nations, heads turned to look at the phenomenon that didn't look like it could possibly be the effects of a jutsu of any shape or form. From atop the Hokage tower, the third Hokage sighed heavily as he began to realise that what he had hoped to have been prevented was too late. That wasn't to say that it was a bad thing, it just meant that everything, not just in Konoha but across the entire elemental nations was about to change.

The pinnacle of light burst like a firework, sending tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of beams of light across the sky, creating a dazzling display which left many in awe. Thousands landed all across Konoha yet only in the outskirts of the village, not a single one landing in town which left a few disappointed. A single beam of light crashed down behind Naruto as the golden glow surrounding him began to fade, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he began to lose consciousness. Seeing his chance, Mizuki stepped out of hiding with his windmill shuriken in hand and allowed the weapon to fly through the air at Naruto as a smile spread across the traitor's face. It would quickly vanish however as a hand erupted from the beam of light and caught the flying weapon mere inches away from Naruto's face, the young boy oblivious to what was happening as his chanting came to a steady end.

Before Mizuki could figure out what had happened, the creature burst forth from the light, moving with incredible speed before it punched Mizuki with full force, it's hand as hard as silver crashing directly into Mizuki's nose, shattering the appendage with little effort. His body shot backwards before crashing into a tree, the bark splintering as his unconscious body ricocheted off the wood before collapsing to the ground.

Her job now done, the creature turned back to Naruto as the boy began to fall only to be caught in her arms, nursing the boy gently. Holding him in one arm, she reached down and rolled up the scroll before gliding through the grass, searching for shelter in order to allow the boy to rest. It would be many minutes later when Iruka arrived on the field to find his fellow sensei in a defeated state. Without any sign of the blonde haired boy around, Iruka had no choice but to take Mizuki back for medical attention. He, like all of the other ninja who had went off in search of the boy, had been called back to the Hokage's tower. Since he had been close enough to where the beam of light had emitted, Iruka thought it best he take a little detour before reporting back. While he may have missed what had caused the beam of light, thankfully he had found Mizuki, which at least was one positive.


"Why have you brought us back?" asked Guy, still wearing his green spandex attire. He had been enjoying the brilliant light display despite having meant to be looking for Naruto when he had gotten the message.

"The reason I have summoned you all is because there is no longer any point in looking for Naruto, he has already read what is on the scroll and the seal has been broken," explained Sarutobi.

"He broke the seal!" exclaimed several of the ninja before Sarutobi realised that he needed to be more specific.

"Not 'his' seal," said the Sandaime, causing a few sighs of relief. "He broke the seal that was upon the scroll that he stole. I believe you all saw the resulting light beam."

"That was the kid's doing?" muttered Asuma, wishing that he could light a cigarette right about now.

"What was in the seal?" asked Kurenai.

"The scroll is one that dates back before Konoha existed, a time before known history began," explained Sarutobi. "There was a war unlike anything we have ever seen before, more brutal than the shinobi world wars of today by a long mile. Hundreds of thousands would lose their lives everyday only for others to take their place without hesitation. This was the war between the human race and a single man."

"One man was able to take down that many people," said Genma in curiosity.

"What was his name?" asked Kotetsu.

"His name was Sukebe but he didn't fight the world alone. No, he had an army of creatures that bore resemblance to humans yet didn't at the same time. These creatures were a personal army he created, a scientist with skills that put our greatest minds to shame. Yet his heart was deep within darkness and he used his creatures in an attempt to make the world his. In the dying days of the war, when humanity had all but given up hope, it is said that one man came up with a solution and created this scroll and with it was able to seal the man's entire army within. His own life ended shortly after, the strength necessary to complete the ritual would take the strength of a thousand men, yet somehow he managed to do it by himself. I can't be sure about the potential exaggeration but this is going back to the stories of old that I had been told."

"To think such a man existed, how did he come up with such a complex seal?" asked Izumo.

"To fight against these creatures, a device was created in the shape of a small sphere which on contact with a creature would seal it inside, the effect having more of a chance of success if the creature was injured. Once inside they could be released again with a much more calmer personality, so long as certain requirements were fulfilled. They would then see the one that captured and released them as their master and fulfilled whatever duty they were given to the best of their abilities. The scroll was an advanced version of it, strong enough to withstand the strength of every last creature sealed inside."

"Now the boy's gone and released them," said Kakashi who for once didn't have his little orange book at the ready.

"Does that mean that Naruto has control over all of those creatures?" asked Kurenai to which the ninjas looked at one another in worry.

"I do not believe so, otherwise we would have utilised the scroll in the past. I believe that they may be thankful towards Naruto, being the one that freed them but since he was not the one to catch them then I doubt they will obey Naruto unless he fulfils the requirements."

"What are the requirements?" asked Hiashi Hyƫga.

"I do not know," said Sarutobi shaking his head. "What I know is this, it has now become dangerous for even the most experienced shinobi to step foot outside of the village. Until we know just what it is we are facing then not one soul will step foot outside Konoha's borders."

His words were met with mixed reactions but they couldn't help but agree to what the third was saying, at this stage it would be better to wait and discover what was out there rather than rush in blindly. It was at that moment that the door burst open to reveal Iruka standing there with Mizuki collapsed over his shoulder. "What happened?" asked Shikaku looking at the mangled body.

"Inoichi, do a scan of his mind over the past twelve hours, he might have overheard something at the academy earlier this morning which may reveal some light on why Naruto would take the scroll," commanded the third.

"Yes sir," said the Yamanaka as he performed the appropriate technique, unaware of what he was about to find.


Naruto's eyes opened slowly to find himself engulfed in darkness, the walls of a cave surrounding him. He tried to move but found a heavy weight upon his body, not crushing him in any way, but rather there to make sure he didn't go anywhere. The mass surrounding him was warm and scaly, unlike anything that he had ever come across. "You are awake," came a seductive voice from beside him, causing him to look around.

"Who are you?" he asked only to find a finger gently placed against his lips.

"Hush young one, your body is exhausted, it's a miracle you survived the procedure," she said, her body hidden from view in the darkness of the cave, the little light coming from the entrance not enough to show any of her features.

"Procedure?" asked Naruto as he tried to remember what happened.

"Do not stress yourself," she said, elongating her S's. "I shall explain it all in the morning, for now you must sleep."

"But I should be getting back to the village," said Naruto wanting to show Iruka his new technique so that he could qualify to become a genin.

"You need not worry about anything until morning young one, I shall protect you until morning," she said comfortingly as she adjusted her body so that she was laying beside Naruto, holding him gently in her arms. Naruto was unsure how to feel, being wrapped up in another's arms, especially one's as comforting as this. A soft kiss was planted on top of his forehead as he closed his eyes, a single tear of happiness rolling down his cheek as he allowed sleep to overcome him.


Most of the pokegirl stories I have read involve humans to be transported to the pokegirl world. I'm trying for something a little different. Hope you enjoyed. Next chapter will be out when I finish my essays.