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Ino's fight against the Jōnin of her choice had been short to say the least, the Xante having taken her to the brink of exhaustion, the only thing having prevented her from being mentally broken was the last minute slaves from her pokegirl. The two Bunnygirls had recovered from the sexual assault that the Xante had delivered to them nearly at simultaneous times, and having seen Ino in trouble had leapt to the rescue. Or so it had looked like from Ino's state of bliss.

In actuality all that had happened was the first Bunnygirl executed a simple tackle attack which knocked the Xante to the side momentarily while the second pokegirl had grabbed Ino and ran for it, the Xante screaming words of hatred from having been so close to breaking the blonde girl. When she had felt like they were a safe distance away, the Bunnygirl had placed Ino on the ground before dropping to her hands and knees herself, her head abnormally close to Ino's thighs. Seeing the dripping wet pussy that Ino had, along with the copious amounts of Lust Dust in the air was all that was needed for the Bunnygirl to start licking away at Ino's clit, her tongue darting in and out of Ino's womanhood at a rapid rate much to the Yamanaka's pleasure. No longer being physically restricted, Ino quickly went about making the Bunnygirl feel good and the taming had begun. When the fight had begun, it was safe to say that neither of them were physically capable of doing more than the bare minimum.

So now the two slept, side by side recovering after everything that had occurred, totally exhausted from what the Xante had done to them, Ino curling into the warm furry embrace of the Bunnygirl. Shikamaru, happy to see that his childhood friend had arrived safely, turned away from the sight. The look on his face however didn't convey the thoughts rushing through his mind, his thoughts racing as he turned his eyes towards Shino's direction and the multiple pokegirls he had around him.

"Zazie," he said causing the Drow-Zee to look at him through tired eyes. "How strong would you say you are?"

Zazie's eyes became focused as she understood the concept of the question by the tone of his voice. "As I am without the element of surprise, putting in terms you'll understand, I would be able to stand toe to toe in a fight against an average Genin and possibly fresh Chūnin," she said recalling the levels of ninja that Shikamaru had taught her.

"What about that pokegirl sleeping with Ino?" he asked looking tilting his head towards where Ino slept.

"You are worried about your friend yes?" asked Zazie having been told about the connection that Shikamaru and Ino had. "Frankly, the Bunnygirl she is with isn't very strong, as is a majority of her evolutions. They are fast however, much faster than I am but their range of attacks is lacking and their physical strength is something even you could compete with and come out on top."

Shikamaru pondered on the information he had just been given, the fact Zazie had stated that he could defeat the Bunnygirl on one on one combat didn't really set his mind at ease. It was then that his mind flickered over a word that he didn't quite fully understand the concept of. "What do you mean by evolutions?" he asked.

"I haven't told you that have I," said Zazie as she got into a sitting position. "Some pokegirls have only one form but this is only a small percentage of total pokegirls. After gaining enough combat experience and enough sexual resolve, pokegirls undergo a metamorphosis as such and become a different type of pokegirl. We are still the same person, our memories of what happened before we changed still fresh. Things that do change however are large in number and change for each pokegirl. Standard evolutions include a height increase and enlarged breasts, not to mention the increase in strength, stamina and also our libido. That's not to say that some changes are drastic, an example would be those Spinnertits that caught you lose their extra appendages and breasts in exchange for attacks and being able to lactate."

Shikamaru's mind replayed the day in question and recalled how there had been a different pokegirl within the Spinnertits who was treated like one of their own, no doubt the evolution of the arachnid girl. "The changes are permanent I take it, but are they all beneficial?"

"A majority of the time, there are times when our bodies morph in such a way that we become unable to perform certain elemental attacks," explained Zazie.

"Makes sense," said Shikamaru. "One more question, are there any other ways to evolve?"

"There are more rather...unique ways to evolve," said Zazie trying to find the right word. "These include things like orgasms, battle stress and the use of certain objects."


"Products of alchemy."

"I thought alchemy was the basis for turning metal into gold?"

"That's if you are trying to make gold," explained Zazie. "Creating evolution stones is an art form, one which can easily be frustrating due to the number of failures. It involves a number of ingredients that come from the type of evolution stone you try to create. A Water Stone for example needs only oceanic elements to be combined with the spells of a magic user pokegirl. Then, if done correctly, all you need to do is give it to a pokegirl and if they need said stone to evolve, it will happen just like that."

"From memory, you know some magic techniques don't you?"

"Only the basics, nothing as complicated as creating evolution stones."

"Could you learn?"

"You make it sound easy, it would mostly be trial and error in attempts to get the correct quantities of compounds necessary to make the correct stone."

"Good thing we've got all the time in the world," said Shikamaru flashing an elusive smile.

"Here I thought you were just a lazy bum," replied Zazie smiling at the Nara.

"I change when it concerns my friends," admitted Shikamaru with a shrug before Zazie kissed him lightly.

"That just makes me love you even more," said Zazie.

"No more loving today thanks, I'm still sore," said Shikamaru worried about what the state of his member would look like if the Drow-Zee decided to go another round.

"That's fine, so when do you want to start this alchemy?"

"Tomorrow if possible, no doubt after this there will be another test tomorrow to help judge who will do the best on each team so we'll have to wait until after initiation."

"Understood," said Zazie resting her head on Shikamaru's chest again, the Nara gently running his fingers through her hair as he wondered how the rest of his fellow genin were fairing.


Hinata and Konoka walked at a slow pace, knowing that sudden bursts of noise had the potential to attract unwanted attraction from other pokegirls. It would be them running into a pokegirl however, but one that didn't seem to eager to see them. Peering from behind a tree shyly, was a pokegirl roughly four foot in height, staring at them with her single visible eye. "Are you okay?" asked Hinata seeing the pokegirl who moved completely behind the tree in fear.

"What do you want?" came a muffled cry, clearly indicating that the pokegirl was scared.

"We're not going to hurt you," stated Hinata walking closer.

"Careful Hinata," said Konoka in a hushed tone. "It could be a trap." Heeding the warning, Hinata activated her Byakugan to get a better look at the pokegirl but felt a wave of empathy rush over her when she found the girl with her back to the tree, sitting down with her knees pulled up to her chest. As Hinata rounded the corner, removing her optical technique as to not frighten the pokegirl, she found tears running down her face. Kneeling beside the pokegirl, causing her to look up at the Hyūga princess as Konoka cautiously creeping around to get a better look, Hinata tore off a part of her jacket, using the material to wipe the tears from the pokegirl's eyes.

"It's okay now," said Hinata comfortingly as the pokegirl sniffed in confusion.

"'re not going to tease me?" she asked looking between Hinata and Konoka.

"What would we tease you about?" asked Hinata sincerely, causing the pokegirl to look away momentarily before lowering her legs, revealing the petite breasts she had been hiding. "There's nothing wrong with having small breasts."

"There isn't?" asked the pokegirl looking at Hinata.

"It's not like my tits are that great," said Konoka showing off her less than standard A-cups.

" you won't tease me then?" asked the pokegirl to which Hinata and Konoka shook their heads at the thought. Hinata was bowled over however as she was embraced in a hug, the pokegirl's arms wrapped around her neck as she cried tears of joy into the genin's shoulder. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," she repeated over and over as Hinata recovered. Konoha simply watched the embrace, sensing no malice from the petite pokegirl however could already tell where this was going and mentally prepared herself for helping Hinata if need be.


Naruto sighed in pain as he collapsed underneath the shade of a tree, exhausted from the fight with Asuma. He and Yuuna had already taken a large beating against Makie who had been the only one to have been in a fighting condition. As with his usual tactics, Naruto had originally swarmed the field with clones who then hoarded the Jōnin towards Yuuna who had tried to scorch him with her fire, only for him to dodge and for the clones to take the brunt of the attack. It was strange to Naruto though, each time one of his clones perished from the fire he felt like he himself had been lightly burnt but he pushed that thought back for a later day.

He felt a body lay down on either side of him, immediately recognising Makie as the Boobcat pushed her breasts into Naruto's side. "That was fun, wasn't it," she said as she played with Naruto's hair.

"Speak for yourself," said Yuuna as she rubbed up against Naruto, exhaustion taking its toll.

"So Naruto, what's our place like?" asked Makie excited. "I bet a handsome spunk like you has a..."

"He has an apartment," said Yuuna stopping Makie's train of thought. "There's only the one single bed." Makie seemed to ponder on this for a moment before her questions were answered without her saying anything.

"Not anymore he doesn't," said Kakashi stepping under the tree.

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto becoming intrigued.

"When the Third realised that the population was likely to increase by potentially double with the number of pokegirls joining the community, he set about some specific ninjas to help create a new residential zone," he continued. "He also did this with the knowledge that, like with you three today, the number of pokegirls per ninja would likely go up in number. Therefore, starting with you guys, every Genin will be receiving their own house within Training Ground 12."

"I'm getting my own house!" exclaimed Naruto in excitement, the very thought of moving away from the dingy apartment a miracle in itself.

"Isn't that wonderful Naruto!" said Yuuna ecstatic.

"Of course you're going to have to do things like furnish it yourselves, a number of D ranked missions should do that no problem in getting the basics other than water and electricity which have already been installed."

"Wow, who built all the houses?" asked Naruto knowing that the Sandaime would have only had a week to prepare this.

"Just a few people," said Kakashi rubbing the back of his head.


"You want me to make how many shadow clones!"


"I helped a bit..." said Kakashi dragging off. "We managed to get twelve houses built which should accommodate all the Genin that pass excluding Sasuke who has his own family grounds which never get used anyway."

"Twelve, but there are twenty seven of us?" said Naruto confused.

"I think he means that they don't reckon more than twelve people are going to be coming out of that forest willing to be a ninja or at all," said Makie understanding what wasn't being said.

"That's a rather dark way to put it, when time's up we'll be taking you all to your new homes before you can head back to town and grab what you need from your apartment," said Kakashi before he turned and walked away towards his fellow Jōnin. Naruto sat there, amazed at just what was happening. Sure within the past week he may have unleashed an army of super powerful half female hybrids on the world and in doing so had rewritten the entire standards of shinobi. On the positive however he had become a genin through unorthodox methods, he was getting a new home and he had made some great new...friends in Yuuna and Makie. With a sigh of content his eyes glanced across the field where he spotted somebody very familiar but different at the same time.

"Sakura-chan?" he said confused as his long time crush walked onto the field, no apparent damage having been dealt to her but there were definite changes. He wasn't the only one to notice them, even the Jōnin who had only seen her for the first time earlier in the day could notice the changes. The usually pink haired girl had donned an entirely new outfit, tight fitting black leather surrounded her breasts and her vagina much like a pair of mini-shorts would. A monkey like pokegirl walked behind her but the thing that most people paid attention to was the hair, instead of the bright pink it had been earlier in the day it was now jet black, not a glimmer of colour within her hair.

On her way to where the Jōnin stood, she stopped for a moment and turned her gaze towards Naruto and the two pokegirls by his side. Naruto looked deep within Sakura's eyes and his fellow genin matched his stare but instead of seeing the normal annoyance, he saw a predatory look that made him want to back down. As Sakura moved on Naruto finally released the breath he didn't know he had been holding. "You know her?" asked Makie feeling slightly intimidated.

"I...I think so," replied Naruto not so sure in himself. "It's Sakura-chan but she's changed."

His point was quickly proven in the fight where Sakura opted to fight the only female Jōnin in Kurenai. Naruto watched entranced as one of the physically weaker girls in his class stood toe to toe with a Jōnin with no fear surrounding her, the Pri-Mate by her side looking eager for a fight. When Sakura made the first move it was clear that Kurenai had not been expecting the speed the former pink haired girl had rushed towards her with, Sakura's elbow driven into her stomach before she had even realised the bout had begun.

The Jōnin quickly recovered, kicking at Sakura and forcing the Genin away, this however had exposed her back to which the Pri-Mate leapt on, pinning her arms tightly to her side. Through sheer force alone, Kurenai looked like she was about to break the Pokegirl's hold but was cut short however as Sakura rushed in front of her once again but instead of delivering a vicious blow her fingers dove underneath the Jōnin's skirt and immediately applied pressure to her underwear. Kurenai froze on the spot as she looked down at Sakura to see an evil smirk across her face. "We're taught to use any means necessary in order to come out on top," said Sakura licking her lips, her tongue at least twice as long as a normal human tongue. "Therefore, there's nothing stopping me from slipping underneath this silly little garment and feeling your moist clit with my fingers is there Jōnin-san?"

"That's enough Sakura," said Kurenai as sweat began to form on her brow, the Pri-Mate on her back whispering lewd comments into her ear.

"That's not what your pussy says, I can already feel it becoming moist, are you really that excited?"

"I said That's Enough!" said Kurenai with force, causing Sakura to back away with her hands in the air, the Pri-Mate climbing off of Kurenai, standing by Sakura's side as the genin stuck her fingers into her mouth.

"Hmm..." she moaned as she pulled her fingers out of her mouth with a wet plop. "You taste good, you know that?"

Kurenai could only flush red with embarrassment, looking towards her fellow Jōnin for support only to find a number of them passed out and the rest trying to stop the flow of blood coming from their noses. Content with what she had done, Sakura began to walk away towards where Naruto sat but could feel exhaustion washing over her.

'That's what you get for using all of your strength in a single attack,' spoke a voice within her head.

'It worked didn't it,' replied Sakura, projecting her thoughts at her new tenant.

'For now, you may not be so lucky later,' stated the voice. 'You're going to have to train to take on opponents who won't judge you on looks alone, my enhancements to your body only did so much.'

'Your enhancements were great, I've never been this fast or this strong, it feels incredible.'

'Also from searching your memories I can tell you've never felt so horny. The question is though, who are you going to show your tentative side to?'

'Sasuke-kun of course!'

'Really,' muttered the voice in a sarcastic tone. 'You'd give yourself to an inconsiderate prick whose sole focus in life is to brood in an attempt to create rainclouds over his head?"

'Sasuke-kun's not like that.'

'Sakura, I know everything there is to know about my host, soon we'll even become the same entity altogether but I want to hear it from you...who deserves your attention the most?'

'I told you it's Sasuke-kun.'

'Stop lying to yourself!' shouted the voice causing Sakura to shake her head in an attempt to silence the Parasite living within her. Opening her eyes, her point of focus fell upon Naruto who had closed his eyes and was resting peacefully with a pokegirl on either side of him. All of the memories of him slowly came coming back, not only that but the way she had reacted, constantly abusing him physically and verbally, yet he always maintained that same goofy smile and attitude, something she respected him for. 'It seems like my host finally realises what she has to do.'

'You're right Himeji, it's clear now.'

"Are you okay?" asked the Pri-Mate, looking at Sakura closely who seemed to be in the middle of a daze.

"I'm fine Shimada," replied Sakura cheerily putting on her normal disposition, something which frightened the Pri-Mate slightly considering what had happened before she had been viciously tamed. Sakura's face twisted slightly as she added, "I'll show you tonight just how fine I am." Shimada seemed to instantly understand what Sakura was getting at and couldn't help but feel excited for when the night fell. Sakura turned her attention back to Naruto.

'Let's finish that thought now shall we,' whispered Himeji.

'I must have sex with Naruto!' proclaimed Sakura within her mind, the Parasyte within her silently agreeing with the genin, knowing that within time, when she and Sakura had become one that the blonde haired boy would become their Tamer.


"Only an hour left," said Asuma looking towards the edge of the forest, his attention quickly shifting to the five genin who had so far past the test. Three were to be expected, being heirs to their respected clans and then there was the rough shot in Naruto, the boy having been the entire reason behind the pokegirls coming into this world. Finally there was the daughter of a civilian family in Sakura, the only one apart from Shikamaru to have actually beaten their Jōnin instructor (by technicality but it was still a victory). This had come as a big surprise but he knew well enough that in the shinobi world there was no such thing as a certain victory.

What he was worried about however, was the fact that a few of the clan heirs hadn't made their return. He swallowed nervously wondering what the council would do to the shinobi society if the last Uchiha didn't come back from this journey.


Hinata walked with her legs angled together ever so slightly, the second taming session for the day nearly more than she could handle. Looking behind her, she observed her two pokegirls walking side by side chatting away as if they were the best of friends which brought a smile to her face. Her attention was brought forward however as a small white blur burst out of the foliage and jumped in front of her, yipping at a constant rate.

"Akamaru?" she said looking at the puppy, kneeling down as it came up to her whining. She began to pet it behind the ear before looking around for any sight of Kiba but even with her Byakugan she couldn't see anything.

"Is something wrong?" asked the latest addition to the group, Akeno the Littletit.

"I don't know," replied Hinata becoming worried about her fellow genin. Although as she began to remember Kiba's personality, the thought of him preferring to stay in the forest surrounded by creatures that only wanted to fuck him was something he would have enjoyed. "I'm sure everything's fine."


Meanwhile, an hour earlier elsewhere in the forest lay an exhausted Kiba. Having tried to fight for his life, he had sent Akamaru away in an attempt to save the young pup's life. Lifting his head ever so slightly, he saw himself looking at his attackers, nine of them in total yet they all looked nearly the same. Not only that, but his keen sense of smell had picked up at least another twenty scents watching the display. One thing all of the pokegirls in front of him had in common was a canine like appearance. The smaller ones looked upwards towards the tallest of them all, as if asking permission. When they got the nod of approval however, they leapt at Kiba with their claws outstretched, the genin could only close his eyes in fear.


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Harem List:

Naruto's Harem: Torch Chick (Yuuna), Boobcat (Makie)

Shikamaru's Harem: Drow-Zee (Zazie)

Hinata's Harem: Bratini (Konoka), Littletit (Akeno)

Shino's Harem: Gypsy (name not known), Butitsfree (name not known), Ladyba (name not known)

Ino's Harem: Bunnygirl (name not known)

Sasuke's Harem: unknown

Sakura's Harem: Pri-Mate (Shimada), Parasyte (Himeji, using Sakura as her host)

Chouji's Harem: We'll leave this blank for now.

Kiba's Harem:...yea...about that...

PARASYTE, the Symbiotic Pokégirl
Type: Inhumanoid
Element: Dark (hesitant classification due to its attacks)
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: strong emotions and the resultant pheromones created from said emotions, chocolate, also can eat whatever host eats
Role: Enhancing her host
Libido: Same as host, which always becomes High
Strong Vs: Psychic (near immune. Also gains strengths of host)
Weak Vs: Fire (severe normally, less so if bonded to a Fire type), sonic attacks (also shares weaknesses of host entity, be it human or Pokégirl)
Attacks: Bite, Crunch, *Acid Tongue, *Beast Rush, Fury Swipes, others same as host
Enhancements: Can double strength-level, agility-level, endurance and durability of host
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None

LITTLETIT, the Embarrassed Pokégirl

Type: Very Near Human
Element: Electric
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style, High carbs and fiber
Role: Infiltration, Power disruption
Strong Vs: Electric, Flying, Steel, Water
Weak Vs: Dragon, Ground, Plant, Rock
Libido: Average
Attacks: Thunder Shock, Agility, Thunder Wave, Spark, Rolling Spark, Electric Blade, Satellite, Mag Bomb, Zap Ring, Lesser Thunderclap, Storm Heal,* Lightning Whip*
Enhancements: Enhanced Agility (x3), Electrical affinity, Can absorb electricity, Enhanced Speed (x2)
Evolves: BoobTrio (orgasm, Delta-bond)
Evolves From: None