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It started out as a normal day in Alphabet City, but then again it's the normal days one has to look out for.

Zoom in on the top floor of the industrial loft on the corners of Avenue A and B, and there it's just like any other day….

Mark, arms full of groceries opened the door to the loft with his foot, thankful that he didn't close it all the way when he left.

"Hello? Roger? Mimi? A little help?" he called over the groceries to glare at his best friend and his girlfriend cuddling on the couch.

"Nah, Marky, it looks like you got it just fine." Roger said, leaning back farther into the beat-up-piece-of-crap couch. "Besides, watching you try and put away the food is my highlight of entertainment for the week, I'm just gonna sit here and watch the show."

"Fuck you, forget it, you are NOT getting ANY of this Captain Crunch!" Mark said, walking over to the "kitchen".

"What? Captain Crunch? This changes everything!" Roger said, bouncing up from the couch with new-found energy to help his friend unload the bags of food. He grabbed a plastic bag off the top of the pile in Marks arms and threw it into the closet; he then repeated that, throwing another bag into another closet, and another.

"Seriously Roger? Can you be any more disorganized?" Mark exclaimed. Roger picked up the remainder of the groceries and threw them into the cupboard next to the sink, grinning in satisfaction. "I didn't mean that as a challenge." the paler blonde grumbled, glaring as the rocker then located the beloved Captain Crunch from the mess and proceeded to open the box and munch on the cereal. "Don't eat it all, Were having Boho Day today remember?" he sighed "I don't know how I put up with you, never mind Mimi, who hasn't had years to get used to your complete idiocy."

"Awwww, I think it's charming!" Mimi said, standing up from the couch, wrapping her arms around Roger's waist and planting a kiss on his cheek.

"Right." Mark said sounding unconvinced.

"HEY BITCHES!" yelled a voice from outside the window, "THROW DOWN THE FUCKING KEY!"

"PLEASE!" added another, higher-pitched voice.

"Oh look, Collins and Angel!" Mark said, awkwardly to himself, running to grab the key, as Mimi and Roger were currently in the middle of a make-out session, the Captain Crunch long forgotten. "Get a room," he mumbled as he walked back, key in hand, to the window.

"HEY ANGEL! KEEP COLLINS FROM GETTING BEAT UP!" Mark yelled, throwing the keys out the window.

"WILL DO!" Angel yelled catching the keys, Collins grumbled, following her, and Mark guessed he was trying to save the little pride he had left.

Mark walked back in to the loft, seeing Roger and Mimi still kissing.

"Honestly guys, we're having company over!" Mark said, disgusted.

Mimi and Roger broke away, the later glaring at the filmmaker, as the loft door swung open to reveal Collins and Angel, as well as Maureen and Joanne, all, as Mark had been, weighed down by bags of food, but also had pillows and blankets. 'We ran in to 'em comin' in" Collins explained, gesturing to Maureen and Joanne "Happy Boho Day!"

The rest of the gang cheered, except for Joanne, she looked a bit confused. "Can you explain to me what this 'Boho Day' is? Mo isn't the best explainer."

Maureen groaned, exasperated. "Pookie!" she whined, "I told you, it's like a big party for no reason at all that we have when we feel like it."

Joanne looked to the rest of the group, eyebrows raised. Roger shrugged. "Yeah, that's pretty much it." He said.

"LET'S GET THIS STARTED!" Cried Angel, bouncing up and down with glee. Everyone cheered and unpacked the groceries, placing all the food in the middle of the floor. Angel and Mimi dragged all the cushions off the couch and chairs, grabbing pillows and blankets from the bedrooms and arranged them into a circle around the middle of the floor where the food was. Maureen and Roger light candles on every flat surface; the floor, tables and unused chairs, despite the mid-afternoon sunlight.

"YES!" Mark cried, unpacking the bags, "Collins and Angel brought the booze!"

"How much?" Mimi asked.

"Enough to get you drunk, puke, and get wasted again!" Collins said with triumph.

"Excellent." The dancer grinned.

Once everything was set up, everyone sat on the pillows in a circle on the floor.

"Are we really going to eat all this?" asked Joanne, looking interested at the boxes of cereal, packages of cookies, along with the hot casseroles, multitude of sandwiches, pies, cakes, and soups.

"Over the next few days, yeah," said Mark.

"Leftovers for everyone!" cried Angel from her seat on Collins' lap.

Everyone cheered and Mimi yelled. "Let's eat!"

"I second that motion!" Maureen yelled, reaching for the Captain Crunch.

"No!" Roger yelled, beating her too it, "My Captain Crunch!"

"Oh, it's on!" Maureen yelled, bouncing up, "Do you wanna go Blondie?"

Everyone cracked up; Joanne pulled the still pissed Maureen down on her lap.

A few hours later, everyone was still at it, getting drunker and drunker.

Maureen, whom was always the giggly drunk, was cracking up in spurts of laughter between gulps of wine. "Ya know what!" she said, "Sometimes, I think we need a bit of excitement besides this shit, don't ya think?

"No, Mo, cuz I have no idea what you're saying." Collins replied groggily, lying on his back, drunk.

"I mean," she laughed more, "that-" she gasped eyes wide, "POOKIE, LOOK! A SHOOTING STAR!" she grabbed Joanne and pointed out the window.

"Make a wish Maureen." Angel said, lying next to Collins.

"OOOOOOH. I WISH WE HAD SUPERPOWERS!" Maureen yelled, throwing her arms out wide, before collapsing on the floor, giggling. After some seconds, Roger replied, "That's lame. I'd wish for booze , SOMEONE," he said glaring pointedly at Collins, "drank it all."

"Lighten up." Mumbled the anarchist.

"Guys," Joanne said, the only one of the group who was sober, "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?" replied Mark almost passed out.

"It's a rumbling noise."

Mimi shook her head, and Joanne continued "It sounded like a-" She gasped as the loft started to shake. "EARTHQUAKE!"

There was a frenzy of stumbling, cursing and one yell of "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" via Maureen. The Bohos all somehow ended up under the table.

Slowly, the shaking subsided, and the seven friends, suddenly sobered, crawled out from under the table.

"What was with that?" Mimi spluttered, the first to speak.

"Duh," Maureen said matter-of-factly, "the earthquake gave us our superpowers."

"Yeah," Roger said sarcastically, "Sure Maureen."

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