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Mark: mind reading

Roger: fire

Mimi: shape-shift

Collins: technopath

Angel: super speed

Joanne: can make anything appear out of thin air

Maureen: fly

"Guys." Said Angel. "I think that instead of talking to the crazy landlord in a Transformer, we should RUN THE FUCK AWAY!" Then she was gone, haven taken her own advice and was running. Or more like she was already at the loft by now.

"I second that." Collins said, "my powers can't control whatever that THING is."

"We're screwed." Maureen said

"RUN!" Mark screamed.

The boho's ran. Hoping and praying that Benny hadn't seen them.

"Ok, is every still alive, all limbs intact? Good" Mark said, still wheezing from the run from the park. Why was it he couldn't go outside anymore without having to run inside?

"Don't any of you want to know how Mr. Yuppie Scum got powers too? Mimi asked, plopping on the couch.

"Yeah, what was with that?" Roger said plopping next to her.

"Duh" Maureen said matter-of-factly, "he wished on that star too."

"Never mind how,"Joanne said, "the question is what are we gonna do about it."

The Boho's stared at her. Silent.

"What?" She said "Am I speaking Greek?"

"What do you mean, 'do about it'" said Mimi.

"A few minutes ago I was yelling at you for having these powers and not doing anything with them. Then, a super villain, who just so happens to be our evil land lord, comes and says he want to take over New York. YOU GUYS! This is our chance to do something with our powers!"

"So I don't have to run a computer repair service?" Collins asked.

"What about the next ice age?" Roger asked.

"Seriously." Joanne said. "We can be like Superheroes! And," she added, "if you took out Benny you'd never have to pay rent again."

"It's not like we pay the rent now" Angel said.

Joanne glared.

"Hey, maybe this thing could be fun." Mimi said, "like he always walks all over us. Time to show him who's boss!"


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